五個治療你失眠的混音帶 5 HKCR Mixes to Cure Your Insomnia

我們揀選了五個可能可以治療你失眠的 HKCR 混音帶!

We picked 5 HKCR mixes that can potentially cure your insomnia !

amosphère – holbrookia – 19/10/2020
amosphère 揀選送上 「holbrookia」mix,電聲及實驗電子等的音樂選曲。

amosphère @amo.sphere presents ‘holbrookia’, sounds of electroacoustic and experiemental electronic.

AK IN KK|Geophony: – 24/09/2020

香港自然田野錄音聲音庫和網站 AK IN KK @akinkk.sound ,帶來1小時包括在薄扶林水塘、鹿巢坳和奇力山等香港自然環境錄下的純自然的環境錄音。

AK IN KK – Nature Field Recording HK (AK IN KK), website-based sound resource library of Hong Kong nature soundscape field recording, is bringing us an1 hour mix of pure nature field recording, taken at various Nature part of Hong Kong such as Pok Fu Lam Reservoir, Luk Chau Au, Mount Kellett and more.

Yanling – 21/10/2020

收聽 Yanling @yanling_______送上催眠入睡的純氛圍音樂選曲。

Yanling @yanling_______ presents a mix of abstract and hypnotic sounds with ambient music only.

Dead Inside Podcasts Presents: Sounds of a Post Apocalyptic Landscape by George Chua – 29/01/2021

Dead Inside @deadlnslde Podcasts 呈現: Sounds of a Post Apocalyptic Landscape by George Chua @khimser.

新加坡的藝術家 George Chua @khimser ,自 90 年代活躍,他並不止發展於單一的音樂類別。除了他的個人作品外,他運用即興聲音創作方式及以非傳統的手法創作劇場及電影聲樂。最新個人作品『Smokescreen』在2020年於Ujikaji Records @ujikaji 發行。

Dead Inside @deadlnslde Podcasts Presents: Sounds of a Post Apocalyptic Landscape by George Chua @khimser .

George Chua is an artist based in Singapore, active since the late nineties. As an instigator and explorer of the other worldly potential of sound, he has no interest in developing a singular style or genre of music. Apart from his solo work and performances, his collaborative interests include live improvisation with sound, unconventional strategies for soundtracks and sound design for film and theatre. A new album “Smokescreen” was released in 2020 by Ujikaji Records.

Encrypted Voicemail – 10/03/2021

 在發表新全長作品前,送上新一集的「Encrypted Voicemail」。

@brokenpillar, whose new lp to be released on 12th via Eastern Nurseries, presents the latest entry of his show Encrypted Voicemail.

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