10月節目全新主持及客席嘉賓節目公開! October New Residents + Guest Shows Announced!

加上公開招募結果和首月即時損獻系統的報告。Plus result of Open Call 2020, Live Donation System on the first month.

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HKCR 很高興宣布,在我們10月的節目中,新增了 35 個有來自不同國家、洲份和城市的新舊朋友加入我們的常駐和客席主持陣容!

另外,本季的公開招募終於完結,我們很高興總共49 個招募的申請,而經過我們亦對每一個申請也逐一回覆後,所有回覆也得到相應的節目安排。總體來說,我們自7月起新增的106個新節目中,公開招募佔了46%,而19位申請者也在 HKCR 開展成為我們的常駐主持。

而經過3個月後,我們的常駐主持陣容已經去到60個,除了26%是來自本地外,我們現在有29個不同城市的主持,來自5個不同的洲份,當中63%是來自亞洲的主持。在疾情持續的2020 年,我們希望借此,在一個比較草根的層面上,去彌補因其而停頓的文化交流。

除此之外,我們在這個月開始將會展開與其它社區電台的節目交換合作計劃包括猶的加敦 Radio Ensanyo (為期3個月)和紐約的 Montez Press Radio (暫定1次)互相分享各地的節目內容,連同上月開始正式合作的 TCR 和 SHCR ,我們現正與4個不同地區的社區電台合作中,致力加深四地間對大家的場景的認識, 穿越於地域,在大氣電波間產生即時的互動和溝通。


我們9月13日網站1.5 版本新設的即時捐獻系統( Live Donation System ) ,反應非常熱烈,在此感謝各方好友的慷慨捐贈。

即使系統只是最初版,我們總共籌得154 美元的捐助,當中約91 美元會回饋我們的主持,而剩下的約64 美元(佔總成本的14%)會幫助我們包括日常和網站開發等的開支。

‘Open Call has come to an end’

HKCR is thrilled to reveal our October programme roster, 35 nos of new resident and guest hosts from different countries, continents and cities are joining us for the month of October and onwards.

In additions, we’re super grateful that the Open Call has come to a very fruitful end with 49 participants wrote to us, we responded to everyone and those who replied to us have all received a slot to host a show on HKCR. The Open Call now accounts for 46% of the total number of 106 new shows on HKCR since our relaunch in July, of which 19 participants have now taken their own residency on HKCR

In additions, at the time of writing, we now have 60 residents (and more are still being enrolled)! Aside from 26% local hosts, regular shows are currently being hosted from 29 different other cities over 5 continents (6 if guests show are included), of which 63% are based in Asia. 

We have also established exchange programme with 3 different online radio station (SHCR, TCR & Radio Ensayo) as an ongoing endeavour to strengthen the network between the community radio stations. 

I hope this really help cultivate an organic growth of relationshipbetween the cities in the grassroot level, especially during when pandemic that were large portion of the cultural exchange, which has been heavily based on travel, is still on halt and unforeseeable to be resumed over the last quarter of the year.

‘Live Donation System’

I want to report back to you on our newly implemented Live Donation System (Update 1.5), which went live on 13th September earlier! 

I’m very pleased to report that, despite a very preliminary implementation, we have received 154.71 USD of donation, of which $91.69 (minus paypal fee) USD goes to the designated host(highest sum of donation for a single show being at $25.5) AND the donation pot for all resident hosts.

This is also very encouraging because it means that the rest of the donation $63.96 USD, accounting for 14% of the total cost (at around 4-500 USD a month), will goes to cover the running cost of HKCR plus our web development cost. 


常駐主持 New Residents :
無害 Mouhoi
Kagami Smile
Misty Penguin
Ruhail Qaisar*
Sakura Tsuruta
Hyper Culture*
Tengu Yawn
Tomii Chan
Vincent Yuen Ruiz

客席嘉賓 New Guests:
Ans M
ARS Was Taken
Dylan Price*
Hugo Lau*
Kristoffer Raasted*
IA w/ Rafael
Siri Sirasith*
Thom Mahon*
Wanton Witch

社區電台交換計劃 Community Radio Exchagne Residency Programme:
Montez Press Radio
Radio Ensanyo

*= HKCR 公開招募 2020 的參與者
*= HKCR Open Call 2020‘s Newcomer

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