Adults Play Radio w/ DEB4URA – 19/02/2021

DEB4URA’s Bio:
I’m from Switzerland, I started making beats in 2017 and was really in the trap wave.

Today I still like to make trap beats but I personally think that getting out of our comfort zone is so important to explore other genres that you wouldn’t think you would like and that can really help to shape your own style.

What inspires me everyday to create music is nature, graphic design and when two human beings connect to become one at the end of a collaboration.

Playlist: (original productions)
Green Forest x la3nip
Revelation (unreleased)
UH x f16 (unreleased)
DARK ESSENCE feat. mxthman REBOOT1111
Castle Entry x la3nip (unreleased)
New Reality
Surprise x smokkestaxkk (unreleased)
Garden of harmony (unreleased)
Lab-Oratory (unreleased)
UP – prod.salush
YHWH Quasar

Adults Play Radio : I think your tracks and visual have a dreamy-like ethereal feeling, what’s your inspiration ??

DEB4URA : When i became conscious that we are all light beings, my perception expanded and so my inspiration, where i find it in my dreams. Also when i’m alone in nature, as well as being surrounded by creative people.

Adults Play Radio : Do you have a purpose when you create whether in music or in graphic design?

DEB4URA : I do! Not long ago, I felt the urge to not only completely express myself but ask myself what can I create and how can I also help others and bring something to make life a better place on earth. Some people aren’t questioning themselves about it and yet in simply creating they are already affecting and changing the world. I now use the tools I know the best for spreading my experiences through music and graphics about what we can do to individually evolve in all aspects of ourselves in this life and collectively too.

Adults Play Radio : How do you think the new reality for the club cultures would be?

DEB4URA : Since we are restricted more than ever during this pandemic, I have hope that we will find a way to keep the club cultures alive in merging it with art spaces for example, which will help to reinvent clubs. I personally think that live shows / mixs are cool because it shows we always find a solution to make it happen but, still the aim is to get back to the physicality and not let ourselves being dehumanized.

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