Adults Play Radio w/ GG LONG XIA – 25/12/2020

畢業於中國美術學院油畫專業,現居北京的製作/唱作人。.在中學時期受說唱音樂和搖滾音樂的啟蒙,組建自己的樂隊並擔任主唱。從2016年起進入電子音樂場景,不僅在 All、Loopy、Oil、Zhaodai、Axis 等國內知名俱樂部留下了不可低估的表現,也曾登陸過 Boiler Room (BJ)、NTS (LDN)、A-mig、Macao Milano、Internet Public Radio 等多個國際網路平臺。在以“GG Lobster”的ID管理 FunctionLab 廠牌3年後,他受到了諸如 Glitch-core、Hyper Pop、Happy-Hardcore、Neo-Trance、Cloud Rap 等令人興奮的音樂類型的影響,決定重新拿起麥克風,研製屬於自己的另類流行 (Alternative-Pop) 音樂,他善於運用自己的高能現場挑釁一切該被挑釁的,也同時真誠地歌頌所有美好的事物。如今他正在向更偉大的目標而努力,比如完成一張“白金唱片”,和發起一場萬人合唱。

A producer/songwriter who graduated from China Academy of Art majoring in oil painting and now lives in Beijing. Enlightened by rap music and rock music in middle school, he formed his own band and served as lead singer. He has entered the electronic music scene since 2016. He not only performed live performances in well-known clubs in China such as All, Loopy, Oil, Zhaodai, Axis, etc., but also appeared on Boiler Room (BJ), NTS (LDN), A-mig, Macao Milano, Internet Public Radio And many other international platforms. After managing the FunctionLab label with the ID of “GG Lobster” for 3 years, he was influenced by exciting music genres such as Glitch-core, Hyper Pop, Happy-Hardcore, Neo-Trance, Cloud Rap, etc. and decided to picking up the microphone again and developing his own Alternative-Pop sounds, he is good at using his high energy live perfomance to provoke everything that should be provoked, and at the same time sincerely praise all beautiful things. Now he is working towards a greater goal, such as finishing a “platinum album” or launching a chorus of ten thousand people.

DJ Oguretz – Let The Music Fuck You (Gidropony Remix)
Arj0na & Ytem – Victory
Geo Balasta – Alien Lova
Alice Longyu Gao – Rich Bitch Juice
Meet Her at the Love Parade (Slick Shoota Remix)
Tohji – Goku Vibes (Helvetican Remix)
DJ Lifeline – V
GG LONG XIA – 赚钱天使 (prod. ljj555998)
Billionhappy – 对不起
YoungQueenz & Stella: P – 肋骨
ljj555998 – Untitled 1
Laenz & T5UMUT5UMU – Blue Moon
Himera – Broken Friendship Bracelet
GG LONG XIA – 盘旋 (re-pitched)
Ill Japonia – 箱庭 (feat. Roller Girl)
GG Lobster – No One Like Us
AR645 – Yoga
Food house & Gupi & Fraxiom – Pharmacy
011668 – 18 18188
Yen Tech – II (intro)
ljj555998 – Untitled 2
Dani Rev – Aether Currents
FITNESSS – Diviner
Sega Bodega & Dorian Electra – Teenage Dirtbag (cover)
Laughing Ears – Polymorphic Reality
Okzharp & Manthe Ribane – Kubona
GG LONG XIA – 酷的只是社交假象
AtomTM – My Generation (Remix)
GG LONG XIA – Your Generation (Generation X cover)
GG Lobster – 香港 Sweet Harbour

In this Q&A section we asked GG LONG XIA about transformation in his music career, and his take on the Mandarin slang ‘亚逼‘ (pronounced as ‘yà bī’) mainly used to denounce club kids in mainland China.

Adults Play Radio:之前聊到改名字是因为签了国内的经纪公司,从GGLobster到GG LONG XIA有什么在作曲/演出风格的变化? 什么启发了你做这个新的项目?

GG LONG XIA: 改名是因为我认为自己进入了全新的阶段,GG Lobster在音乐风格上代表着我对电子音乐及舞曲的探索阶段,而GG LONG XIA在某种程度上也代表着我与过往的和解。音乐风格上,我研究过的说唱音乐、摇滚乐、电子乐,都是我创作的灵感,我自己的经历就是我对现在最好的启发。

Adults Play Radio:看你最近都是在演出了,跟之前dj的时候比心理状态有什么变化吗?会影响到你每次演出的不同吗?

GG LONG XIA: 演唱形式的演出,在演出前的准备上就需要投入更多精力了,除了音乐的创作、编曲,服装造型、合作视觉、自制歌词视频、台风动作的设计等等,还有对整体气质的把控上,都需要考虑得非常仔细。简单的来说,从音乐从业者的角度来看,我变得更加专业也更加全能了,和DJ set的前期准备根本不是一个量级的。演出心态上会更加放松和享受,我享受和观众互动的感觉。

Adults Play Radio:谈谈对“亚逼”这个词的定义,看法? 或者对夜店文化,音乐的影响?我跟在国内的朋友聊天这个词会经常出现, 但是并没有很理解什么意思

GG LONG XIA: “亚逼”是个从非常狭隘的角度发展出来的概念,是对穿着打扮比较前卫的club kids的一种蔑称吧。也是年龄和圈层代沟导致的一种偏见,它从根本上把每个独立个体的差异否定了。但从学术角度上来说,它也是一个很简单的标签方式,如果你看过伯明翰大学对亚文化的理论研究的话你就可能感受到,“亚逼”这个词的诞生和普遍使用,意味着这个群体的反抗已经开始并被关注了。我觉得最终“亚逼”这个词在国语地区会成为一个严肃的

Adults Play Radio: You mentioned before in our chat, that partly because of the contract under a Chinese agency, you decided to change alias from ‘GG Lobster’ to ‘GG LONG XIA’ (GG 龙虾), can you tell us how did you shift the style of production and of performance? What’s your inspiration
about this new project?

GG LONG XIA: I chose the name ‘GG LONG XIA,’ because I see my artist persona moved into a new phase. GG Lobster was my explorational phase on electronic music and club-oriented music. While GG LONG XIA also
stands for the mediation of my earlier career. In terms of inspiration, rap, rock, electronics, all my thing. Past experiences definitely are my best inspiration source.

Adults Play Radio: I saw from instagram, you have been performing live set a lot recently, do you experience up and downs during this period of time comparing to DJing in your earlier career? Will that affect the outcome?

GG LONG XIA: Performing live set needs a lot more efforts before the show. From music production, styling, collab with visual artist, self-production of lyrics and music video, presentation on the show,management of the overall representation as GG LONG XIA, all need to be carefully considered. To keep it simple, from a music practitioner pov, I became more professional and multiskilled. The workload is way different from preparation as a DJ. The same time I’m more relaxed when performing. Interaction with the crowds is something I enjoy so much. XD

Adults Play Radio: How do you define the word ‘亚逼 ya bi’? This word frequently pops up in the convo when I talk with friends in mainland China, still not 100% sure what it stands for LOL I think it’s a slang that applies to any style of the young folks, the way they dress, behave, eat drink and peepee poopoo, anything but in a disdainful way. How does it affect the club culture?

GG LONG XIA: ‘Yabi’ developed from a very narrow-minded perspective, only to denounce club kids who dressed in-your-face edgy. It represents the biased opinion from different ages, social circles, etc. (to club kid
generation) It denies the difference from individual to individual. Theoretically, it’s only a label. If you read Birmingham School’s research on young sub/cultures, you will get the idea that the birth of ‘Yabi’, the now widely spread word actually means the social recognition of the collective rebellion. I think it will soon be a serious word for certain style in Mandarin speaking area. Because there’s no other word more accurate to describe the crowd. Just like ‘Rock.’ If someone judge you with ‘Yabi,’ take it. Culture empathy is not a vocab everyone has, after all.

Adults Play Radio: この前話したときに、マネージメントエージェンシー に所属することになったって言ってたよね、それってGG LobsterからGG LONG XIAに名義を変えたことに関係ある?作曲とパフォーマンスのとき に変わったことは?インスピレーションも教えて!

GG LONG XIA: 音楽的に新しいステージに入ったから名前を変えたよ!GG Lobsterはエレクトロニックミュージックとかダンスミュージックを探ってた時期のスタイルだったし、今のGG LONG XIAはある程度過去との和解になるのかな。音楽のインスピレーションはラップ、ロック、エレクトロ、とか全部だね笑 でもやっぱり今までのキャリアに一番影響され てるかもしれない。

Adults Play Radio: 最近ライブするのよくインスタで見るようになったけど、前DJしてたときに心の準備とか、気持ち的に変わったことある? パフォーマンスのできとかにも影響する?

GG LONG XIA: 歌うようになってから、ショーの準備とかめちゃ大変になった。音楽の制作、スタイリング、ビジュアルコラボレーション、歌詞とビデオも自分で作るし、あとパフォーマンスの流れ、全体的な印象とかも全部じっくり考えなきゃ行けない。音楽やってる身としては、もっといろんなことできてプロになったと思う。DJセットの仕事量とは大違いだね。けどライブパフォーマンスしてるときのほうがリラックスできるし、客と

Adults Play Radio: ‘Yabi’ て言葉どう思う?中国出身の友達と話すときよく会話に出てくるけど、はっきりした意味はわからない笑 でも若い人を見下してる意味合いは感じる。 クラブカルチャーにどう影響してるかな?

GG LONG XIA: すごい狭い考え方から生まれた言葉だと思うよ!エッジーな格好してるクラブキッズのことをけなしてるね。年とかコミュニティのギャップから生まれた言葉で、一人ひとりの違いを否定してると思う。インテリっぽい言葉で言うならただのレーベル。ベーミンガムスクールのヤング•サブカルチャーに対する研究を読んだことあるならわかると思うけど、この言葉があるのは、団体による抵抗が社会での存在が認識されるよう
になったってことだよね。マンダリンが共通語の地域で最終的にシリアスな形容詞になると思う。これよりうまく表現できてる言葉ないよ。ロックみたいに。だれかにyà bīていわれたらそのまま受けとめればいい、みんながみんな文化に包容的じゃないんだから。

Interview, translation by Yiqing

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