Bedouin Records: Marwa Belhaj Youssef – 12/01/2022

A set of my favorite Bedouin records releases. I’ve been supporting this label since 2015 and am still impressioned by its work. Thank you for the experimental, hypnotic and violent sounds .

Marwa Belhaj Youssef is a Tunisia-based DJ. Her mixes are mental selections highlighting the beauty and violence of sounds. She is a resident artist atMa3azef Radio (Tunis) and Movement Radio (Athens). She works as a booker agent at LYL Radio (Lyon) where her personal goal is to support Arab artists. Marwa has been invited by Boiler Room for the system mix series and she played a number of times to share her favorite sounds on NTS Radio, Rinse FM, Noods Radio, Lyl Radio, Intergalactic FM, Radio Al Hara, Root Radio and Radio Flouka.

Corin – Manifest [Bedouin records]

Blackhaine – Saddleworth

Tzusing – Shame

Pan Daijing – Nomenklatura

Ekman – Thinking Code

AQXDM – Roam

Eomac – Same Heart, Same Breath, Same Life, Same Death

Aquarian –  Blood Sugar

Hiiro Issiki – Blurred

Xosar – A Heart Encircled by a Serpent

Zomby – Emerald

J. Tijn – Shy

Aquarian – 365 Days and Counting

Sorcery – Mirrors of Perception

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