Cultivate Nothing w/ Noooodle King – 14/09/2021

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今集節目中我們為大家帶來了一期氛圍音樂與極簡音樂的合集,以及一首Noooodle King尚未發行的作品。

This episode we will share the music we recently loved, and a track that we recently made.

Track List:

Liila, Danielle Davis, Steven Whiteley – Appa Wú Wéi

Eydis Evensen – Bylur

Ana Roxanne, Ana Recto – Suite pour L’invisible

Morton Feldman – Rothko Chapel 5

Li Yilei – Huo / 惑

Noooodle King – We Are Sinking

Library Tapes – Another Midnight

Ulla Straus – Billow

Aix Em Klemm – The Luxury of Dirt

Lafawndah, Laurel Halo – You, at the End(Laurel Halo Version)

nthng – Only a Flash of Light

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