Encrypted Voicemail w/ Apologist – 11/08/2021


Ex-Continent – “Dejú”
Zaïmph – “Underlying Structure 7”
Forest Management – “At The Pekin”
Scant – Excerpt from Side A of “Prosopagnosia”
Robert Turman – “Codex”
Savvas Metaxas – “Despairing, Confused”
Apologist – “A Joke Tattoo For The Group Chat”
Bordreuil/Rowden – “No. 1”
Peter Kris – “Materials For Impersonation”
Moss Harvest – “Ordinary Vanity (sh2)”
Dutch – “Still”
Shanna Sordahl – “The Strength of Blue”
Beautywork – “Please”
Havadine Stone – “Cream Petal”


Broken Pillar- unreleased
Romance Relic- Golden Hour, Petals Cast A Shadow
Wanderwelle & Bandhagens Musikförening- Before The Rain (Grand River Remix)
Эдуард Артемьев- Theme From Solaris
Dysassociation- Where Windows Were
Atrax Morgue- I’m Just Ignoring You
P.E. & Internazionale- Excerpt from En Serie Af Betragtninger Første Del: Portræt Af To Sovende Mænd
Andy Stott- When It Hits
Nat King Cole- A Blossom Fell

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