Hardance with us w/ My Cruelty – 04/01/2022

Space Ghost – Afterglow
Mu Nu Leng & Flava D – Ascendance
Cakes da Killa & Proper Villains – Stoggaf
DJ Heartstring – Won’t change my soul
iTi – Saba (Axon Growth Factor Remix)
OSSX – Sigh of Relief
Tama Gucci – Challenge
DJ Heartstring – Want 2 B Loved
Point Guard – Sex Drive
Maruwa – Mindstab
Christian Dorci – Joy
Andras – River Red
Wax D – Whatever
Lee McConville – Higher Energy (feat. KAMADA)
C O N T X T – Thread Together
Stojche – Thug life
Arca – Intimate Flesh
Anz – You could be (feat. George Riley)
Dabj & Big Miz – Do the damn thing
Obskür – Pure Evil
Barker – E7-E5
Stojche – Trauma
Keita Sano – Flowers from Your grave (T2 Edit)
Arca – Joya
Cedarwood State Trax – Kit Kat
Fantastic Man – Time Apprentice
Cortese – Floaty
Tama Gucci – Show me

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