Intangible Mirror – 13/01/2022


1. Kagami Smile-Drifting Snow

2. June Paik-Refractive

3. Romance Relic-A Figure of Us, Submerged

4. Korea Undok Group-The Spur

5. Kagami Smile-Fell From the Sky

6. Kagami Smile-Unaware of the Pelting Rain in Your Dreams

7. Kagami Smile-Your Love In All Its Glory, The Wildflowers Sing Amongst Beacons of Noise

8. Kagami Smile-Winter; Cold and Dark

9. Ojerum- Grenen På Traeet, Traeet På Bjerget

10.  Moss Harvest-Copper Arc

11. Kagami Smile-Intangible Mirror

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