Night Rain, Cloudy Ku feat Chen Xi 陳曦 – 04/01/2021

Chen Xi is the vocalist of Beijing based band Snapline, which has been active since 2005. His solo project Late Troubles won Abilu Music Award for most popular electronic album in 2018 for its debut Moon People. His most recent release is a single “Shinjuku” under moniker “L.O.B.I.”, a collaboration project with Xu Bo (guitarist of China based band P.K.14)

Chen currently lives in Washington state, US.

陳曦是來自北京樂隊Snapline的主唱。 Snapline樂隊從2005年開始公開表演,最近發表的專輯是2018年的《獣化》。他的個人項目 Late Troubles 在2018發表的首張專輯《Moon People》贏得當年阿比鹿音樂獎最受歡迎電子樂專輯。陳曦發布的最新作品是單曲《Shinjuku》,來自和P.K.14樂隊吉他手許波合作的樂隊項目L.O.B.I.。


01. Chara — 南海姑娘 Swallowtail Butterfly
02. L.O.B.I. — Shinjuku
03. Joanna Wang 王若琳 — Lover (Japanese Version)
04. The Flaming Lips – How??
05. Hachiku – I’ll Probably Be Asleep
06. Aldous Harding – The Barrel
07. Ń7ä — zaljum  feat.阿爆 A bao RFU
08. Late Troubles — Headache
09. YELLOW 黃宣 & 9m88 – 怪天氣 Strange Weather
10. Vince Staples – Dope Man
11. Lumi Xu 許含光 — LCL
12. SASAMI – Little Drummer Boy
13. Jan and Naomi -Heso
14. Late Troubles — Wan Chai
15. Amaya Laucirica –  Ocean Wide
16. Karen O – King
17. Oneohtrix Point Never – I Don’t Love Me Anymore
18. Annie Hardy – Train
19. Underground Lovers – Hooky

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