【首播 PREMIERE】:Otay:onii

HKCR 首播 Otay:onii。

HKCR premiering Otay:onii.

HKCR首播 Otay:onii @laneshiotayonii 30 分鍾影片,影片中 Otay:onii 以文字和個人錄像及取樣等的手法,分享一次手術後的思考,配樂為她廣受好評,於廠牌 WV Sorcerer 推出的個人專輯《冥冥 Míng Míng》的部分作品。

Otay:onii (施金豆)出生於浙江海寧,常駐紐約,她同時也是美國噪音朋克/自賞黑金屬Elizabeth Colour Wheel樂隊的主唱。Otay:onii於2016年畢業於伯克利音樂學院,曾榮獲兩屆勞瑞·安德森女性科技獎,Global Music Award的最佳女聲銅獎,與Audiovisual Arts Industrial Incubator最佳聲音金獎等。

HKCR preimering Otay:onii @laneshiotayonii‘s 30 minutes video. The video ,which has an ethereal quality to it, is loosely based on her critically acclaimed LP ‘冥冥 Míng Míng’ on France-China based label @wv_sorcerer_productions. In the video, Otay:onii uses moving pictures and texts to reflect on her pro-longed thoughts after a surgery.

Otay:onii (Lane Shi Otayonii) was born in Haining, China, and has recently been a resident of New York and Shanghai. She is also the vocalist of the punk spit heavy shoegaze band Elizabeth Colour Wheel (US). Otay:onii graduated from Berklee College of music in 2016, honored twice with “Laurie Anderson Women in Technology” awards. She has also received many other honors and accolades including a bronze prize for “Best Female Vocalist” from Global Music Awards and “Best Sound” from the Audiovisual Arts Industrial Incubator Awards.

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