ShioriyBradshaw w/ DJ Fulltono – 23/08/2021

 ShioriyBradshaw 邀請大阪以 Juke 及 Footwork 音樂著名的 DJ 及製作人 DJ Fulltono  ,上演2小時的音樂混音 mix!

ShioriyBradshaw invites Osaka based DJ/ producer  DJ Fulltono who is rekowened for his juke and footwork output on his own and as the lable owner ‘Booty Tune’.

Fulltono is a DJ/ producer based in Osaka, Japan, and he also runs a record label “Booty Tune”. While rooted in juke and footwork, his repertoire spans over ghettotech, electro, Chicago house and beyond. He pursues his own way of weaving them all together with the sensibilities of techno mixing style and the skills he has developed over decades of experience playing out in clubs. He has contributed an official promotional Japan-only label mix CDs for Planet Mu and Hyperdub in the past. His 2014 release on his own imprint ”My mind beats vol.1” EP was licensed to Orange Milk in the United States, and was later selected one of the “20 Best EDM and Electronic Albums of 2015” by Rolling Stone magazine. In 2016. he was invited to play Poland’s renowned Unsound festival, and also to the US for an extended tour which included ”Low End Theory” in LA and realized his dream of playing in Chicago. and so on..And his aim in his life playing in Chicago was achieved. Fulltono’s track was included in Burial & Kode9’s exclusive mix for Mary Anne Hobbs on BBC 6 Music last year, and he just had his latest “Before The Storm” EP released on dBridge’s EXIT Records.

大阪を拠点に活動。レーベル〈Booty Tune〉主催。2014年に発表したEP『My Mind Beats』は、シカゴのジューク・サウンドを、独自のスタイルで表現し、米国の音楽メディア『Rolling Stone』年間チャートに選出。ヨーロッパのフェス等にも出演。2019年、dBridge主催レーベルEXIT Recordsより “Before The Storm EP” をリリース。

ジューク・フットワークを、自身のルーツであるミニマルテクノ的な感性でミックス。また、CRZKNYとのプロジェクト〈Theater 1〉や、Skip Club Orchestraらとの〈Draping〉等、160BPMに拘りながら日本発進の独自スタイルを追求している。



JONQUERA – Umamami

D.K. – Going Into Trance

TSVI – Disturbo

Tzii – Violent Inequal System of Assholes

Gabber Modus Operandi – Dosa Besar

Duma – Omni

Gabber Modus Operandi – Parang

Panmella Calix – Infantile Amnesia

Crystal Energy – Liquid Child

russian.girls – Halda afram

AADJA – still wired

DJ Anunak – ZHIzN’

DJ Fucks Himself – Nobody Likes U

Partiboi69 – A$$$$HAKE

Jetson G – Swag

AMADEEZY – Broke Ass Motherfucker

Varum – Alive

Konrad Wehrmeister – Senking

Al Wootton – Sirzad

【DJ Fulltono】

01: DJ E Moe – Keep Fogetting

02: DJ Royal – ROYAL RAW SHIT 33 2009 NB

03: DJ Teekay – Track 3

04: DJ E Moe – Me And Bootsy

05: DJ Ro – Feelings

06: DJ Frankie & Elmoe – Isley Bros

07: DJ Acey – Can’t Save’em (Alcohol)

08: 808 Catz – Slow Talk (feat. GMB)

09: Elmoe – Tell Me

10: K. Locke – Dream (Remix)

11: DJ Fulltono – Afternoon Tea

12: DJ Teekay – Track 6

13: Traxman – MOVE TO SLOW………………….

14: DJ E Moe – Ooh shit my click

15: Bass Outlaws and Techmaster P.E.B. – Blown Apart

16: Traxman – Blown In Tha Wind

17: EQ-Why – Busted

18: DJ Rashad & DJ Rome – That Shit Huff 2K11

19: DJ Chap – Yee Haw

20: DLow – Party (feat. Kd Young Cocky)

21: DJ Diamond – Uh

22: Sicstyle – GFF (Gucci Flip Flops)

23: Yoshimura Gungnen – Fridge

24: DJ Roc – Ooo Baby

25: DJ Manny – Yo Ga 16

26: DJ Earl – Slatty Fwk Rmx

27: DJ Clent – You Love Me

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