Absurd TRAX w/ 堀池ゆめぁ & KISEWA – 03/11/2021

No tracklist was provided.


Absurd TRAX w/ Crown Shyness – 26/08/2021

WH – highlands

Pablo’s Eye – Cypher N.Y. Mix

Bruce – Ore

Moon Wheel – Sky City

Robert Leiner – Dream or Reality

Rolfe Kent – Not That Young

Frank Klepacki – Mud

Sneaker Pimps – Walking Zero

Downstairs J – Lab Rat Boogie

The Higher Intelligence Agency – Ting

Headlock – Don’t

Techno Animal – Catatonia

Helm – You Are The Database

D!ANA – entity

Ura – Shojin

Sun An – Fritto Misto

Burnt Friedman & Jaki Liebezeit – Eurydike

Mat Carter – Venting Steam

Paul Oakenfold – Speed

M.E.S.H. – Softsat Car Drum

PVAS – Day 6

Person Of Interest – In Vitro

Thoom – Eat To Taste


Absurd TRAX w/ Simon Frank – 26/05/2021

收聽 Simon Frank 接管今集 Absurd TRAX 的每月節目!分享影響他即將在廠牌專輯發行的音樂作品,以及一些最近的音樂發現!

Simon Frank is taking over Absurd TRAX‘s monthly radio show, he will be sharing music that influences his impending album ‘So Dream It’ (to be released on June 4th), among other new discoveries and recent favorites.

Private Stock – High Volt for Revolt

竇唯 – 黑色夢中

崔健 – 不是我不明白

Cabaret Voltaire – Sensoria (12″ mix)

Primitive Art – Sequrity (M.E.S.H. remix)

Jaures – TRI

Schicksal – 24 Hours

19 Gadi Pirms Sākuma – Aspekti

Moreno Ácido + Diogo – Roçados

DJ R7 – To Bolado

Mun Sing – Revenge

Sendex – Pleasure

Go Dam – Last Chance

FIT Siegel – Exist On


Absurd TRAX w/ 空蟬 (Cicada Shell) – 28/04/2021

@absurdtrax 邀請廠牌成員 @_cicadashell 作為今集的節目嘉賓!播放 30 分鍾日本民謠和氛圍等音樂!

@absurdtrax invites @_cicadashell, playing 30 minutes of Japanese Folk and Ambient music.

Cicada Shell – unreleased
Yoshimi – Water Goblin
細野晴臣- 五月雨~護摩~祈祷
Boris & Merzbow – Away from You
Blade runner 2049- Joi (Kuze Remix)
r beny – Mamiya
尾形蝶嘉 – 額田王~相聞の歌~(四弦筑前琵琶)
青葉市子 – 海辺の葬列
Torus – Pier
Cicada Shell – unreleased

POiSON GiRL FRiEND – Hardly Ever Smile (Without You)
Serial Experiments Lain – Duvet Cyberia reMIX
Doss – Strawberry
具島直子 – Angel
mmph – Elegy
alien sekula – Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore
CFCF – After the After
Y2K92 – The Magician
DJ Luck & MC Neat – A Little Bit of Luck
Yu Su – Melaleuca
Flava D – Clarity
Golin – Momoko


T0C1S – 25/03/2021

カプコン – 小粋な板前たち(From ‘MONSTER HUNTER PORTABLE 2nd’)
shushu – Emocean (prod. Vince Landois)
DJ Corpmane – ye qu grind (jay chou x neptunes)
宇多田ヒカル – DISTANCE
Elva Hsiao – 突然想起你
謝安琪 – 姿色份子
盪在空中 – ㄟ!!
YUKI – ポートレイト
Maki Kirioka – flowing destiny –Ending Theme 1
阿布 – 用钢琴杀死那个石家庄人
周杰倫 – 東風破
DJ CHARI & DJ TATSUKI – GOKU VIBES feat. Tohji, Elle Teresa, UNEDUCATED KID & Futuristic Swaver [Takaryu Remix]
Doss – Puppy
Anamanaguchi – Capsule Silence
Oklou – face B ( Defeat )
Takenobu Mitsuyoshi & Yuzo Koshiro & Takeshi Yanagawa & Osamu Murata & Ryuji Iuchi – The Sadness I Carry on My Shoulders
BORIS – にじむ残像
チャットモンチー – 真夜中遊園地


HKCR NYE 2021|Online Threat (Absurd TRAX) – 01/01/2021

One message to send to 2020:

chaos agent. bringer of psychic flux and uncertainty. despite what you were, there were many bright moments. but I’m glad we are moving on now.4.

What you looking forward to 2021:

2021: diversifying my practice and strengthening roots on this path towards enlightenment. more releases and growth <3


Absurd TRAX w/ ava* – 18/11/2020

柏林的藝術家 ava* @avalilia 加入 Absurd TRAX @absurdtrax 的今晚的每月直播節目。

Berlin based artist ava* @avalilia is joining Absurd TRAX @absurdtrax show.


500 – deliverance

thammudu & mishti – divine offering x Tswift (ava* edit)

cedric Madden & anima – crayon

after Prom x  castles in the sky (ava* edit)

yamaneko – shaped like kaleidoscopes

benassi bros. – rocket in the sky

candlelight – let you go

doon kanda – search 

ana caprix – deep chapel

mAkE mE feEL aLiiiVe (pithe 2krewell edit)

ange halliwell – where you go

omeed norouzi – shell of flight edit

september – cry for you

ange halliwell – skies hunter

gwen stefani – 4in the morning (ava* edit)

aryna – god time

tony rainwater – not real (cart edit)


晴天 – 周杰倫

Faithful – Organ Tapes

Heaven (feat. Yosuke Shimonaka) – NTsKi

時間をみつめて – 吉田美奈子

missing you – 具島直子

Summer Time – Nica

和你在一起 w/ 3bangz [2016] – Bloodz Boi

Smthin Like This (Prod. Plata) – Bad Gyal

ONY – Strange Things

Love Isn’t Easy ft. MOLDY – Rainbow Chan

白日梦蓝 – 刺猬


Absurd TRAX w/ ASJ – 14/10/2020


ASJ  主持本集 Absurd TRAX 於 HKCR 的節目,慶祝她本月初發行的新專輯《集體模像DUPLICATE COGNIZANCE》。

ASJ hosting Absurd TRAX ‘s show on HKCR , celebrating the release of her new LP “集體模像DUPLICATE COGNIZANCE” earlier this month.


Absurd TRAX | 無害 with io and fiona gurney – 17/09/2020


Caramelma4o1 – Angel (i.o remix)

Burial + Massive Attack + Hope Sandoval – Four Walls

City + i.o + Disfig – Unreleased

Lee Perry – Three in One

Power Strip – Cool Rug/ Airstrip 45 (i.o remix)

Niloufar + Dizzie Rascal – tragic (i.o remix)

Renais – Conting Dust (i.o remix)

City + i.o + x/o – Unreleased

U Bellin Hemmie – Parted and Razor Sharp (i.o remix)

Chris Corsano & Bill Orcutt – She Punched a Hole in the Moon For Me (i.o remix)

Polvo – My Kimono (i.o remix)

The Brankas – Audi

New Born Babies vs Shearing Pinx (i.o remix)

Shake the Baby Til the Love Comes Out – Growth and Healing (i.o remix)

Red Rumsey – Files (i.o remix)

Damon Che – Oh, Suzanna

Medium Weekend – Medium Weekend – 2 Day’s Ago’s Tomorrow (i.o remix)

Matron – Meet Again

Burial – In Mcdonalds


Absurd TRAX with PRINCI – 19/08/2020