Adults Play Radio w/ monker178 & sudden star – 10/12/2021

No tracklist was provided.


Adults Play Radio w/ AudreyX – 08/10/2021

AudreyX is another young person who is navigating and balancing life’s struggles. She mostly designs in the 3D world looking at binaries and multiplicities, viewing the full spectrum of things, people, and experiences

Track list 

Tek lintowe – Thorned Limbs 

Tay K – Spyro

Bleed boi – Albion

Niclas – How Awake Are You? 

Roy & Chiki – Moncler (Prod. Max) 

Sienna Sleep – Fiomrokh Thazrezish 

Keigo Hoashi – Forest Kingdom 

Tek lintowe – Damp Path [&i.v]

Niclas – Every Bodies Go & waltz dis.a.pears

Moss Garden – Eys1

Hook – Yes Man 


Tek lintowe – [Hatsune Miku] Unrelenting [Teklintowe-P ft. Shotti-P]

Parsley Onuma – エゴイスト

Kensuke Ushio – Night Hawk 

Sickboyrari – TUTU

Bleed boi – tata


Adults Play Radio w/ tara + rina – 10/09/2021

tara + rina aka tara/rinacp

Tracklist :
infinite change (feat. Perila) – Nikolay Kozlov
Sairp Vodge – Asio otus
Evolution Clouds – nueen
for Zoya in China – Gia Margaret
Doe – Ben Bondy
my prey to punish me , soaking silk sap – Valeda
Artefacts – Onsy
Running – Babyxsosa
Dog Cafe Rioz – Shinetiac Strondy
K2 – Shinetiac Strondy
Leaving – Andy Stott
Spring Snow (feat. Alto Aria)- Croatian Amor & Scandinavian Star
Hauntology Experience – Lena Tsibizova
(Stairway) – Sanna Helena Berger
Instinct – Dedekind Cut
Confidence Boost (Harmonimix) – Trimbal
neotropic – sv1
B£E (feat. Blackhaine) – Space Afrika
hold, still, breaking, falling, down – bod [包家巷]
De Son Vrai Nom (Naguère(s)) – Racine
Economy of Freedom•Yves Tumor•Croatian Amor (djynxx bootleg)
TwoHeaded Mother – Ethel Cain


Adults Play Radio w/ Loukeman – 13/08/2021

No tracklist was provided.


Adults Play Radio w/ Baby Loci – 09/07/2021

居住於東京的 DJ 和活動搞手 Baby Loci @yyiqpi (@ether.tokio@_adultsplay_) 親自主理今集的 Adults Play Radio,揀選播放Trance, Reggaton and Ghetto Tech 的音樂選曲。

Tokyo based DJ and promoter Baby Loci @yyiqpi (@ether.tokio@_adultsplay_) in control of this episode of Adults Play Radio. Playing Trance, Reggaton and Ghetto Tech.

Baby Loci, DJ and promoter based in Tokyo, Japan. She blends bootleg/edit and ghetto electro/tekno as DJ persona. Her style has a high resolution on its straightforwardness and vigor to dance and to be exposed to ever-changing environment.. Ether is a collective she organizes w local DJ/artist speedy lee genesis and sudden star in Tokyo. Aiming to bring about a  organic structure within club landscape and to promote the idea of wellbeing yet to be explored through club culture and beyond in Japan. 


DJ Veneno666 – I Wanna Love You ( DJ Veneno666 Funk Edit ) 

LSDXOXO – Summer In The West 

Lana Del Rey – Summertime Sadness ( Imanbek Remix ) 

TYGAPAW – Run 2 U 

Ase Manual – Touch ( Bored Lord Remix ) MAFFALDA – m4n3kl__ 


KHole_Kardashian – Guaracha Cynty 

Ed Reyes – Manos Arriba ! ft Nomo 

Feat. HUSS Batalt Afham 3ala Haly 

Ren G – I Eat Boys 

TAAHLIAH – Bourgeoisie 

Bored Lord – Hit Me Ravey One More Time 

y0ta -round The World – La La La (y0ta Dance Edit )

BoredLord – Open Doors 

River Moon – ARE YOU IN THE RAVE ? 



Unknown – CANT STAND IT 

Baguettes for Faguettes – Crazy Girl ( feat Cali Rose ) 

Shygirl – JKS endora gush 


Mechatok x Rihanna – Where Have You Been All My Time (Vocal Edit)


Adults Play Radio w/ i611021 – 11/06/2021

Adults Play Radio
邀請節目嘉賓 i611021 ,或者更廣為人知的是她作為作為日本西部地區的 DYI 俱樂部再造衣店主的稱呼 @ririn_yu_rusty !她會帶來她包括日式 Hip Hop 和 Reggateton 等的俱樂部選曲!當中不乏流行K 歌以及地下酒吧舞曲等。

Adults Play Radio invite i611021, better known as ririn_yu_rusty, one of the up and coming remake-clothing shop owners in West Japanese DIY/club community. She brings her favorite clubby music from Japanese hip-pop to reggaeton, everything from karaoke top songs to basement bar dance music.

◦ twice -alcohol-free (ft.Ariana Grande)-Danniel Parses
◦ 1luv -E40
◦ wishing – casper
◦ time to begin -BoA
◦ missyou nagareboshi Remix
◦ Jet -Nadia Tehran ft. Coucou Chloe
◦ Sadness(Friso Antonov Remake) -Sync Diversity
◦ Gossip -Night cl
◦ mariposa -isabella lovestory -The Saddest angel
◦ BUMBUM(prod.King Doudou) Mi$$il
◦ Ms Nina- Rico Rico(prod.Beauty Brain)
◦ New Thang Moombahton -Dj Bekman
◦ dqnill -聖 feat Lil涙目 
◦ Gold Lamp -rirugiliyangugili
◦ CHANEL -yeha
◦ Erika De Casier what U wanna Do?(DJ G2G Club Edit) -DJ G2G
◦ Ariana Grande -Back To You (Summer mix) -Daniel pares


Adults Play Radio w/ Opal – 14/05/2021

Opal is a 19 years old from Norway and started dabbling in music production around 4 years ago, making breakcore to begin with but mostly trap beats from there on. He mainly produces beats to this day, but plan to put his focus towards creating more innovative and personal electronic music onwards.

Opal brings us some of his recent favorites, with a larger portion of the tracks in the uk/ uk garage style. Going back and forth between intrusive rhythms and ambient soundscapes, he hopes to have brought the best of both worlds.

Lokey – einfach 

Lil Uzi Vert – That’s My Rule

SpaceGhostPurrp – Diamonds And Chrystals (Amor Satyr Edit)


Chubby – Wildin – N-Money

ODJ Pirkka – Thug Hug (Zap’s Theme)

Towelboyz – Designer (Jersey Edit)

DJ IBON – Thinking [ISMVA001.3]

Instra_mental & Burial – Dark Untitled (Unreleased) 

Papa Nugs – Glama X bvdub – white clouds drift on (opal edit)

Celestial Being – Tropical Eskimo

GR – 21 LACED 

blake money & rx papi – all faxtz pt 2 remix

DJ Lostboi – Ordinary People

Bvdub – ember 2

Ana caprix – Till I Die

Darcy Baylis – No Other Dream (feat. Emma Acs)

Jump Source – Empathy Dub 3

Skee Mask – Glass Museum

Jay trench – shoegazer_(b_)

Dj RISH – 9-2-5

Hyph11E X Dj Missdevana (Amor Satyr Edit)

Young Buck (DJ Python Remix)

Dreamcast & ZDBT Time For You (DJ Sports Dub Mix)

Rhythm & Sound – Mango Drive


Opal+tuzen- unreleased 

bigdog30k + spira – vad tycker du om mig
LeeLi⭐︎ – empire
Govlink – So Grieve Frou Frou Bootleg
@Pat_16120 – ST☆RS
Kodak Black – Last Day In
Yuzuha – Mercury天使
Human Part – STROKE IT 4 ME
computer hacker – abraXasVvvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv2


Adults Play Radio w/ COUNTESS MALAISE – 23/04/2021

@_adultsplay_ 邀請 COUNTESS MALAISE @countessmalaise ,rapper 及視覺藝術家 COUNTESS MALAISE @countessmalaise ,送上客席混音「COUNTESS CHAOS MIX」!

Guest of @_adultsplay_ , rapper and visual artist COUNTESS MALAISE @countessmalaise presents COUNTESS CHAOS MIX!

Countess Malaise is a  rapper, singer, songwriter and visual artist.

With an established presence in Iceland’s underground rap scene, Countess Malaise’s high-energy performances have already gotten her the pleasure of performing at music festivals like Sónar Reykjavík, and is a welcome addition to lineups at alternative venues across Europe. Her first EP titled Hystería was released  in fall of 2019 and received critical acclaim.

Malaise’s art touches upon subjects like rap culture, sexuality, love and depression. Fearless and enigmatic, Countess Malaise’s refusal to conform and her powerful live performances make this rising talent one to watch. She will be releasing her second EP Maldita (All by Myself) summer of 2021.


nicki minaj-moment for life

purity rings – shrines

annie- heartbeat

spaceghostpurrp- suck a n**** dick 2012

bekah cc – no change

geisha cartel-xanamig

babyxsosa- everywhereigo

muddymya-cashin out ( cache + mexikodro)

453- facetime

countess malaise – bleller prod.bngrboy (alfred drexler remix)

countess malaise – oooh tits prod. femme terror + lordpusswhip


bleeding heart – cut by thornes (bulma remix)

countess malaise-yeah hoe prod.femmeterror


bree runway-atm

cookies kawaii-hit me onna gram

bjork x cardi b x megan thee stallion – WAP&Pagan Poetry (Dylan LeCroy mashup)

miss kittin – beat that bitch with a hit

countess malaise – hit it ft. Lyzza

megan thee stallion – stalli freestyle

100 gets x Chief Kerf – Love Sosa

big klit – boy bye


Adults Play Radio w/ mMega – 19/03/2021

Adults Play Radio @adultsplay 邀請節目嘉賓 mMega @archietaylor !上半段半小時 「UK Garbage」+ 下半段 emo rave 選曲的混音!

Adults Play Radio @adultsplay w/ mMega @archietaylor! First half #UK Garbage by mMega, second half #emo rave by Baby Loci + sudden star.

Show Bio:
playing you my favourite bleeps/bloops that tend to linger upon the uk spectrum but you can expect to encounter a lot of other worldwide wobble. i’m just trying to achieve headphone ecstasy until we can make the floor shake together again.

Track list:
zepplinn – gold school
playgroup – front 2 back (ft. kc flight)
doctor rockit – hi speed rockit
wiley – fire hydrant (on1 bootleg)
future wildstyle – started again
dmitra – lcn
uio loi – aaa pack
san – captivation
dopecoara – atmospheric reentry jungle
itallik – serpentine
para – knock
flextime – it goes
stevie – smokers delight (jungle dub)
billy pilgrim – remember we

This week we have mMega for the radio show. First half #UK Garbage by mMega, second half #emo rave by Baby Loci + sudden star.

Adults Play Radio: how does change in location influence your artistic expression?

mMega : I’m from the UK originally but I’d been living in the Netherlands since I was 7 so moving back to England when I was 18 really did feel like flying the nest. I was lucky enough to have support in my art from my parents and teachers throughout high school so I’ve always kind of had freedom to express myself but I don’t think I really found my feet creatively until coming to art school in England. There was obviously a weird cultural shift to begin with but it didn’t last long. I was instantly surrounded by people on the same wavelength as me so it was hard to focus on anything other than being excited about the new shit I was encountering and I kind of feel as though I’ve been flourishing upwards since then. There’s a certain inevitability about my time in the Netherlands influencing the work I create today in both art and music. Hardcore and the visual cultures that surround it kind of acted as a gateway to dance music and everything that I’m into now, harder genres are a lot more normalised in Dutch culture than in the UK despite our dance music history so going from Radio Decibel to BBC Radio 1 was a bit of a strange experience. I think I’m still working out how the switch up in cultural landscape manifests itself in my work but its hard to ignore that the majority of my interactions with culture in general take place online so its difficult to ever feel disconnected from somewhere that I’m still in such close contact with virtually.

Adults Play Radio : Can you tell us a bit about your interest in contemporary folklore ?

mMega : The idea of contemporary folklore in relation to my work is fairly new to me but it summarises the areas I enjoy working in well because it acknowledges that conspiracies, urban legends, fairy tales and memes are one and the same. I think the term folklore has a certain connotation of dragons and fantasy but I prefer to think of my work as a continuous nonsensical shitpost than magic. For me creating has always been an autopilot act of regurgitating the material I digest both online and irl to build little pockets of place that never really amount to anything, I think of each project as being a snippet of something that probably isn’t true, a bit like a vine or a viral video that lasts for six seconds and is gone. This will probably change as I progress but at the moment I’m comfortable with there being a lack of depth to the worlds I assemble because there’s no context to anything these days. I can go from peanut butter jelly time to watching steven hawking talking about black holes in literally 3 seconds so why bother pretending that what I’m doing means anything… everything is noise and I just wanna make more !!

Adults Play Radio : And the combination of raw/rough and digital in your aesthetic?

mMega : I think my visual language comes from an interest in combining the realities that surround me irl with the fictions that circulate my head and phone / computer. Its really easy for artists to slip into ceaseless digital perfection at the moment and this is something I really want to resist by incorporating more tactile diy and often naive working processes. I don’t want to seem like I’m shitting on the pixel perfect computer art people because I’m absolutely not but in my own practice I prefer to find equilibrium between things I am able to do with my hand and those that are done with my cursor as a way of fusing ideas that exist irl with those on my screen.

Adults Play Radio : Any current projects?

mMega : Yes!! A cute cloudy silly funny EP that’s been in the works for a while now coming pretty soon on seedlink+, maybe a music video with my boy babyxd, a video game soundtrack for misha notley, some more stuff with weirdcore, definitely some beatboxing. A lot of fun stuff with some really great people, watch this space.

Adults Play Radio : What are you listening to?

mMega : duppy gun, metronomy (always), poogie bear, wishmountain, saga charlotte, deadmau5, anything on seedlink+ (they are awesome) etc etc etc etc


Adults Play Radio w/ DEB4URA – 19/02/2021

DEB4URA’s Bio:
I’m from Switzerland, I started making beats in 2017 and was really in the trap wave.

Today I still like to make trap beats but I personally think that getting out of our comfort zone is so important to explore other genres that you wouldn’t think you would like and that can really help to shape your own style.

What inspires me everyday to create music is nature, graphic design and when two human beings connect to become one at the end of a collaboration.

Playlist: (original productions)
Green Forest x la3nip
Revelation (unreleased)
UH x f16 (unreleased)
DARK ESSENCE feat. mxthman REBOOT1111
Castle Entry x la3nip (unreleased)
New Reality
Surprise x smokkestaxkk (unreleased)
Garden of harmony (unreleased)
Lab-Oratory (unreleased)
UP – prod.salush
YHWH Quasar

Adults Play Radio : I think your tracks and visual have a dreamy-like ethereal feeling, what’s your inspiration ??

DEB4URA : When i became conscious that we are all light beings, my perception expanded and so my inspiration, where i find it in my dreams. Also when i’m alone in nature, as well as being surrounded by creative people.

Adults Play Radio : Do you have a purpose when you create whether in music or in graphic design?

DEB4URA : I do! Not long ago, I felt the urge to not only completely express myself but ask myself what can I create and how can I also help others and bring something to make life a better place on earth. Some people aren’t questioning themselves about it and yet in simply creating they are already affecting and changing the world. I now use the tools I know the best for spreading my experiences through music and graphics about what we can do to individually evolve in all aspects of ourselves in this life and collectively too.

Adults Play Radio : How do you think the new reality for the club cultures would be?

DEB4URA : Since we are restricted more than ever during this pandemic, I have hope that we will find a way to keep the club cultures alive in merging it with art spaces for example, which will help to reinvent clubs. I personally think that live shows / mixs are cool because it shows we always find a solution to make it happen but, still the aim is to get back to the physicality and not let ourselves being dehumanized.