Cheng Daoyuan | confusion, confession and conclusion – 29/12/2021

Cheng Daoyuan’s back with his latest mix, the 10th episode of his residency at HKCR.

With this mix, as a confusion, confession and conclusion of 2021, he selected some of his favorite releases, also pays tribute to those who left this year.

You might feel rage, empty or despair through this 2.5hours mix, nevertheless, it still goes on, till there’s nothing left.

In memory of Pita, Yoshi Wada, Ghédalia Tazartès, Alvin Lucier, Richard H. Kirk and Takashi Mizutani.

Photo credit /  Alysée Yin Chen (@alyseeyinchen)


Nurse With Wound – Ciconia

Pita – Two Top Five

MSYLMA & ISMAEL – The Lovers’ Creed

aya – If [redacted] Thinks He’s Having This As A Remix He Can Frankly Do One

Snog (Coluber) – +ssRNA6.2 Wave Of Awe

Opal Beau –  On the train, without a valid ticket

Les Rallizes Dénudés – Vallé de l’eau

Lanark Artefax – Voices Near The Hypocentre

Lauren Bousfield – No More Worlds Like This, No More Days Like That

Jerusalem in My Heart – Qalaq 9 (feat. mayss, Mazen Kerbaj, Sharif Sehnaoui, & Raed Yassin)

Mörder Machine – Night Is Coming. Forever

Linekraft – Electro Shkval

Ghédalia Tazartès – Un Amour Si Grand Qu’il Nie Son Objet

Mercury Ribbon – Chemsex

Rasha Nahas – Desert

Alvin Lucier – Wire III

Dave Phillips – Hope (Without)

Francisco Lopez – Köllt (Short Version)

I:gor – the Art of Distortion


Power Trip – Waiting Around to Die

Rabit – Dogsblood Redemption

Kevin Drumm – We All Get It in the End

Pendant – AAE-KZT

The Bug – The Missing (feat. Roger Robinson)

Ludgate Squatter – Low

Svartsinn – …But The Fire Burns No More

Zaumne – Éther

Tomita – Con Mortuis in Lingua Mortua

“Bisou Records – Ghédalia Tazartès – 04 – Le discours”

Mamiffer – Iron Water

Chelsea Wolfe – Carrion Flowers

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Tracing Back the Radiance

Valerio Tricoli, Thomas Ankersmit – Zwerm voor Tithonus

Sewerslvt – borderline

Slipknot – Skin Ticket

Shapednoise – Ghostly Metafiction

Asmus Tietchens – Die Nacht Aus Blei III

Thoom – This Cowardice of Mine

Vincent Ce Soir – I Hate My Soul

SPK – Internal Bleeding

Seppuku – Another Dark Age

Alberich – Snow Is Falling In The Ruins Of Stalingrad

Richard H. Kirk – The Truth Is Bad

HIDE – Fear

Exploited Body – Nothing Personal

Ugandan Methods – She Belongs To Eternity

Tomohiko Sagae – Scream In Pain

Primitive Knot – Psychopathology is Noise

Mats Erlandsson – A Holographic Sky

王和平 PEACE – 「你是我所有的前席,所有的前夕。」

Alio Die – Ollin

City & i.o – Descendant Cross (with x-o)

S280F – ​​keep precious things inside you or you will lose them

Eleh – Death Is Eternal Bliss

Oren Ambarchi, Stephen O’Malley, Randall Dunn – Sometimes

Lol Coxhill & Morgan Fisher – Que En Paz Descanse

gogoj a.k.a Sheng Jie – fragment du électromagnétic

Yoshi Wada – Off the Wall II

Pan Daijing – Moema, forever 九月

ATT Corp – Nanga Parbat

Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou – Out Of Existence

Moritz Von Oswald Trio – Pattern 2

Arnold Schoenberg – Grave / Molt Rallentando

Yair Elazar Glotman – Revelate

Peter Zinovieff & Lucy Railton – RFG Inventions for Cello and Computer

Christoph de Babalon – Hung on a String

HEALTH – Decimation

Aube – Embers II

Aaron Dilloway & Jason Lescalleet – Ewch I Gysgu, Popeth


Cheng Daoyuan w/ Jazz Szu Ying Chen – 30/07/2021

Cheng Daoyuan的第八集節目,邀請到風格冥譎幽魅的藝術家 – Jazz Szu-Ying Chen,旅歐十年後返臺,2021年入選高雄獎,正於高雄市立美術館展出中,近年也與Houndstooth, Loose Lips Records等歐美廠牌合作,擔任封面及周邊等創作。

本集是她的第一個Mix,將與Cheng Daoyuan一同帶來一小時的industrial, techno和EBM等選曲!

For Cheng Daoyuan’s eighth episode, he invites Jazz Szu-Ying Chen, an artist who specialises in creating grotesque yet ghostly beautiful paintings. Residing in Taipei after a 10 year stint in EU/UK, she is currently showing her work at Kaohsiung Fine Art Museum as one of this year’s Kaohsiung Art Award runner-ups. She recently collaborated with labels from EU/UK as cover art and merchandise design, including Houndstooth, Loose Lips Records and more.

This is also her first mix, bringing an hour of industrial, techno and EBM with Cheng Daoyuan.

cover art by Jazz Szu-Ying Chen, “The Garden of Love 2”, 2019

— Cheng Daoyuan —
Primitive Knot – Manifestations of the Outer Gods

Chu Ishikawa – Shizuka I

T V L P Æ – Adytvm I

UVB76 – Onna (feat Mari Suzuki)

Pye Corner Audio – Box In A Box

Deutsch Nepal – Ich Steh’ im Regen (Room 506 Edit)

Imperial Black Unit – God, Ceinture & Miséricorde (Club Edit)

Orphx – What Will Burn

Boy Harsher – Come Closer (Marcel Dettmann Remix)

Blakk Harbor – Moondrone

Twilight Ritual – Means Of Heath

Zoviet France – Swelled Out Downward

Luis Vasquez –  From The Drain

Sacred Lodge – Un Camino Peligroso

Anatomy – Ira Agni

Alberich – Powershock II

Scorn – Little Angel

Daughters – City Song

Ascetic Hedonism – Oblivion’s Liturgy II

Matriarchy Roots – Stereotypes

— Jazz Szu-Ying Chen —

Humanbeast – Chandelier

HEALTH – Mass Grave (ft. Soccer Mommy)

Eomac – Seashells

Akkord – Continuum

LCY – Slutty Siri

Core Self – Suspiria

Fawkes – La Ghoula

Lingua Ignota – In Tongues (Prelude)

Sightless Pit – The Ocean of Mercy

Torn Relics – Poisoned Chalice

Jazz Szu-Ying Chen

Jazz Szu-Ying Chen (b. 1990) is a Taiwanese artist residing in Taipei after a 10 year stint in EU/UK, and is currently one of the artists-in-residence at New Taipei City’s Banqiao 435 Art District. She is currently showing her work at Kaohsiung Fine Art Museum as one of 2021s’ Kaohsiung Art Award runner ups.

Jazz’s art career debut was in 2007, with solo exhibition “Karnival” at Kaohsiung, Taiwan’s Sincewell Gallery. Since then, Jazz has been consistently exhibiting in both Taiwan and the United Kingdom every year, with her commission for London’s Chelsea & Westminster Hospital A&E Wing permanently on show since 2015. Her most recent solo show was in October 2019, at Chini Gallery in Taipei,Taiwan. She also regularly collaborates with the music scene, notably with London’s Houndstooth label on their 2018 critically-acclaimed compilation “In Death’s Dream Kingdom” and most recently with Loose Lips Records for Samantha Togni’s “Expensive Taste” EP.

Jazz’s subjects of focus span over her interest in the beauty and grotesque within the field of anatomy/medical historical imageries, botanical ornaments, to Nordic/Chinese mythologies.

台灣藝術家陳思穎,來自高雄、旅歐10年後返台,現居新北市。現在進駐於新北市政府板橋435長期進駐計劃。2021 高雄獎入選,正於高雄市立美術館展出中。


藝術展覽生涯正式始於2007年於高雄新思維畫廊的個展 “Karnival”,自此,陳思穎展開每年定期的展出活動於台灣、英國兩地。最近期的個展「愛之苑」於2019年底於台北采泥畫廊發表。於2015年與倫敦 Chelsea & Westminster Hospital A&E Wing成為長期合作夥伴。2019年於台北采泥畫廊展出個展 “愛之苑”。陳思穎也定期與歐美音樂界跨界合作。例如,2018年與倫敦唱片公司 Houndstooth合作其所備受好評的專輯“In Death’s Dream Kingdom” 封面,以及最近期與Loose Lips發行的 Samantha Togni EP “Expensive Taste” 封面創作。


Cheng Daoyuan – 13/05/2021

鄭道元 clansiechengdaoyuan 回到 HKCR 的節目帶來1小時先鋒和氛圍噪音的混音集,35首個人多年來的心水作品。

In this episode Cheng clansiechengdaoyuan ’s back with an hour of avant-grade ambient noise mix, selected 35 tracks of his all time favorites, enjoy this calm and bizarre ride.

Sarah Davachi – Perfumes I

Rabit – Elevation

MMMD – Jou a syèl la louvri, tè a te sèk

Internazionale – A.o.E.

Anthony Linell – Seeking Immortality

Dave Phillips & Hiroshi Hasegawa – Hexapod Retaliation

Metgumbnerbone – Aes Sidhe

Prurient – Chosen Books

Croatian Amor – Reputation Travelled Faster Than the Body

Nima Aghiani – Attract Repulse

Romance Relic feat. Two Heavens – Chamber of Roses

Have A Nice Life – There Is No Food

Rapoon – Breathing Gold

Drew McDowall – Each Surface Of Night

Cecilia – Récital (Where Your Money Ends)

Lunus – Anus Dei

Guilt Attendant – Severe Mercy

Death Kneel – Crude Vitality

Linekraft – Cleans Chamber Pt3

Alberich – Gas Mask

Sacred Lodge – Duelo

Pan Daijing – Phenomenon 現象之間

Ramleh – Purge

DDV – I Want To Lick You Empty

Cienfuegos – Desire _ Disgust

Mercury Ribbon – Dressing Him In Plastic Garments

Grim – Check 9 Point

Etat Brut – Bruit

Abul Mogard – The Purpose Of Peace

oqbqbo – Ama Divers

Jon Gibson – Song 1

Lussuria & Alberich – Anti-Renaissance

Primitive Knot – politics here is death

Amselysen – C+arillon

Penelope Trappes – Nite Hive


Cheng Daoyuan w/ 晟 ⏆ SHENG, Live – 24/02/2021


現在起,Cheng Daoyuan @clansiechengdaoyuan 與晟 ⏆ SHENG @mazeyan0416 ,於獨角音樂進行共一小時的個人Live Set及共演。連結收聽。

Tune in now for a special live set collabration between Cheng Daoyuan and producer, sound designer and audio engineer 晟 ⏆ SHENG @mazeyan0416, recorded at 獨角音樂, Taipei.

獨角音樂 Spot Music Studio


晟 ⏆ SHENG (self-titled album)


HKCR NYE 2021|Cheng Daoyuan – 01/01/2021

One message to send to 2020

a soft dagger sliced my chaotic pain into a glimpse of eternal. 

What you looking forward to 2021.

a crooked light slightly lift my head a bit away from hope in silhouettes.

Cheng Daoyuan – ???
盛潔 gogoj a.k.a Sheng Jie – 梅本那波 Maypon Napo
Linekraft – Archaic
Torus – Chroniko
Yves Tumor, Puce Mary – Hope In Suffering (Escaping Oblivion & Overcoming Powerlessness)
Black to Comm – If Not, Not
Sightless Pit – Kingscorpse [Thrill Jockey]
The Panacea – Chiropteran
Kontain – Americana(Swarm Intelligence Remix)
‘Ramiel Screams’
Ghostemane – D(R)Ead
7038634357 – No Hate Is a Cold Star
Oneohtrix Point Never – Boring Angel
SALEM – Nightfall
Pauline Anna Strom – Marking Time
Sewerslvt – Jvnko Still Loves You
Opal Beau –  Epilogue
The Black Dog & Black Sifichi – White Feathers
Torus – Venga
Dr. Dre ft. Eminem, Skylar Grey – I Need A Doctor
Deftones – Passenger (Mike Shinoda Remix)
Significant Other – Drum Therapy
Arexibo – 교각 Bent
Demon – Cult
Emptyset – Function Vulgar Display of Power (Roly Porter Variation)
Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd – Perfect Fire
F.I.R 飛兒樂團 – 雨櫻花
ewa awe – I Don’t Want To Believe It
Arca – Riquiquí (lxiii63) ;Bronze-Instance
Audiosyntax Oroboro ft Varázsló – Pipe
G.I.S.M. – A, B, C, Weapons
Frankentek – 400 Bpm Madness (Original Mix)
Deadnoise – Suspiria
Farzzbass vs Komprex – Deadly Pale Terrorism
Womb C – Neptunean Crystal Rain
林原惠 – 翼をください
Megaptera – The Curse of the Scarecrow
Bathory – A Fine Day to Die
Test Dept. – The Crusher
Donny & Forbidden Society – Creator & Destroyer
Nico Moreno – Don’t Call Your Mom
E-Saggila – Heal Your Hurt
Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus (COBLE Edit)
Lemane – Chosen Loss
Lawrence Lek – Followers (Divas Theme)
majiko – ひび割れた世界
Mentalecho – Alice Madness V3.1
Fausto Mercier – Firmest Fine
Bratkilla & C-Netik – Corona Virus
Igorrr – ieuD
nitro251 – interruption
Rabit – Pandemic
Holy Other – We Over
Tricky – Overcome
Free The Land – The essential goal of human beings is to transcend, not dominate the biological, with a view toward bringing a new input- consciousness
FRKTL – دَفْق (Crash Blossoms)
大森靖子 – 呪いは水色
Cheng Daoyuan – ???


鄭道元 Clansie Cheng Daoyuan w/ 螐葷 Wu Hun – 13/11/2020


鄭道元 @clansiechengdaoyuan 邀請「台北最無法無天的DJ」螐葷 Wu Hun @louis_chang_yuxun 於其台北萬隆住所廚房內合演 2個半小時 Live DJ set!播放breakcore、metal、trap、nightcore等。

鄭道元 Clansie Cheng Daoyuan  @clansiechengdaoyuan invites 螐葷 Wu Hun @louis_chang_yuxun , recording a live DJ set at his kitchen in Wanlong, Taipei. Tune in for breakcore, metal, trap and nightcore.

本次邀請了台北最無法無天的DJ 螐葷 Wu Hun,一同於其台北萬隆住所廚房內錄製DJ Set, 主題從兩人年少時的音樂喜好交集出發,各自呈現包含breakcore、metal、trap、nightcore等
各式曲風, 融合演繹出當代emo。

*影片剪輯後製:螐葷 Wu Hun / 聲音混音處理:Cheng Daoyuan / 封面照片拍攝:阿翎


給妳像是天堂的懸崖,我要妳因我戒癮。 — 螐葷 Wu Hun


— Cheng Daoyuan —
Azumanga Daioh – Tsukurimashou!
Goreshit – Fifth Grade
‘Who The Fuck is Justin Bieber’
Reizoko Cj – All your base are belong to ME
Goreshit – Pirupi! Fuck!!
Ladyscraper – Chunderchunk
Job For A Cowboy – Entombment of a Machine
Bones – Oxygen
Deli Grils – loaded gun
Avril Lavigine – Wish You Were Here
Ayumi Hamasaki – Introduction
Marc Korn vs. Trusted Playaz Feat. Mel W. – Call Me (Zooland Bootleg Radio Edit)
Groove Coverage – God Is A Girl (NIGHTCORE)
Empyre One Enerdizer – Moonlight Shadow (Flashback One Bootleg Mix)
Plaxx (Axel Coon) – Dance with me
Ayumi Hamasaki – evolution (Astronomical RemixRadio Edit)
MARTYYNA – Midnight Guards
PiNkChAiN紅粉鍊人 – 病毒2020
Motionless In White – Creatures
Chelsea Grin – Recreant
Fear, and Loathing in LasVegas – In the End the Choice is All Yours
Lil Peep – OMFG
Sewerslvt – Mr. Kill Myself
Pawlowski – Bounty Hunter
Doof – Angelina (Alternate Mix)
Perfect Blue – Angel Of Love
‘I’m not Fuckin Justin Bieber’

— 螐葷 Wu Hun —
鈴木清順Seijun Suzuki《流浪者之歌Zigeunerweisen》片段’’(1980)
suspicion2 -[v1] 隨機電報信號
Syrinx – 喝著鋤頭 拖著鋤頭Ft. Akira
Drug Fuckers – 幹!
cyberbitch26 – 茱麗葉今晚死在你懷裡
TREKKIE TRAX CREW & なかむらみなみ – 令和
Charli XCX – 魔爪(A. G. Cook Edit)
Alley Catss – 破碎的時間之輪
Yona – 懷疑你
Vessel – 沙焦油人之星 (For Aurellia)
蕭瀟 – 握不住的他
Amnesia Scanner – 光滑平整的失憶掃描機 (feat. Code Orange)
mmph – 小夜曲
Bliss Signal, Mumdance, WIFE – 鎮靜藥
Kill Alters – 控制你的情緒
Steven Ellison a.k.a 飛蓮之音Flying Lotus《糞作Kuso》片段’’(2017)
Mariam Rezaei – 曲解 ft. Petronn Sphene
Inverse Phase – 哈林區百琪
Kanye West ft. Rihanna & Kid Cudi – 萬眾矚目(Irradiate Bootleg)
skyminhyuk – 陳權浩
大嘴巴 – 結果咧前奏
Siberian Meat Grinder – 捍衛家園
umbraid – 反社會建構
Gil Joseph Wolman – 巨型肺炎
潮州土狗、 leihan雷翰 – 看啥 (螐葷Wu Hun Boooootleg)
Steven Ellison a.k.a 飛蓮之音Flying Lotus《糞作Kuso》片段’’(2017)
Terrorist Kriss – 速度核心
new sylveon -最後的啦啦隊長 (最終形式)
GFOTY – 愛人
T5UMUT5UMU – 榮古德夢見嘮叨的人嗎?
ssaliva – 信徒(CDQ)
eMiLY GLASS – 小拼圖
Nekrosystem & RedOgre – 放棄世界
漂浮者 (Losing ART) – 妖言惑眾
LIGH TN ING – 黑暗防衛者
100 gecs – 提款機(HDMIRROR RMX)
wUB.Man69 – 讓Kpop偶像吃我的狗屎,而與初音一起抽個大胖子
Pay money To my Pain – 最甜蜜的複仇
Mark Luva – 從頭到尾
Uffie – 藥物(t0ni remix)
BodyHI, Binaural Beats Sleep – 等時音調療法(焦慮、過動處方)
Penguin Villa – 懼高症


鄭道元 Clansie Cheng Daoyuan ft Mong Tong – 09/10/2020

Cheng Daoyuan /w Mong Tong

本集Cheng Daoyuan邀請了好友Mong Tong,甫於Guruguru Brain發行全長黑膠專輯的臺北迷幻陰謀論三人組,一同分享在思想、音樂、美學等層面影響其創作的作品。

In this episode, Cheng Daoyuan invited his friend Mong Tong, the Taipei psychedelic conspiracy trio who just released a full-length vinyl album on Guruguru Brain, to share the works that have influenced their creation in terms of thought, music, and aesthetics.

Tracklist :
—— Cheng Daoyuan ——
Time Machines – 7-Methoxy-β-Carboline: (Telepathine)
Тальник – Ваза «Вечерняя»
Ghédalia Tazartès – Un Amour Si Grand Quil Nie Son Objet
Z’EV – Af/Uit
Maurizio Bianchi – Decadence
C.C.C.C. – I Wish
The Haxan Cloak – Mara
Puce Mary – To Possess Is To Be In Control
Lustmord – Corvus Mysterium
Chu Ishikawa – Megatron
The Body – Hail To Thee, Everlasting Pain
Mika Vainio – In Silence A Scream Takes A Heart
Prurient – Watch Silently
Fractional – Tess
Raime – Passed Over Trail
Ramleh – Squassation
JK Flesh – Earthmover
Drew McDowall – Impulse
Body Sculptures – A Body Turns To Eden
Dir En Grey – Vinushka
Cheng Daoyuan – 幽示 Divulging (feat. Mong Tong)

—— Mong Tong ——
Mong Tong – Mosik Naa
Embassador Dulgoon- The Sirius Passet
Metal Preyers – The Caller
Corum – Aquatic Medusae Racing Arena
Sun Araw – The Stakeout
Million Brazilians – Untitled II
Al Lover Meets & Cairo Liberation Front – Level 1
Young Marco – Looking Back
Cybe – Zen Zai
Ko Shin Moon – L’offrande
Kalbata ft. Tigris – Safu
Mong Tong – Mi Xin


鄭道元 Clansie Cheng Daoyuan – 11/09/2020

Tomás Urquieta – The Curtain Fall
Soft Issues – Hart Let Update
Egzotikka – Changes
Prestige Heel (Rabit & LEDEF)
Sayer – Fenrir
White Ring – IxC999
J‧A‧シーザー – 化鳥の詩
Ben Frost – All That You Love Will Be Eviscerated
Vainio & Vigroux – Luxure
Scandinavian Star – Gas Cutter
HOT WAVS – Neural Wetwork
Cocktail Party Effect – Talking To Bricks (ft. Redders)
clipping. – Knees on the Ground
裸のラリーズ – 黒い悲しみのロマンセ
Deli Girls – barriers to love
Shapednoise – Dream Within a Dream
The Soft Moon – Burn (Ansome Remix)
VELCRO – Rave Crusher
JAЁSS – Ame Perdure
Miss Hysteria & Ophidian – Nothing Waits
Shredded Nerve – Seven Hills
Plastic Tree – 記憶行き


鄭道元 Clansie Cheng Daoyuan – 14/08/2020


Clansie Cheng Daoyuan is a Taipei-based multimedia creator whose works spans experimental sound performance, installation, and visual creation.

At the core of Cheng’s art is the convergence of two distinct planes into a coherent form, striving to immerse himself in the here and now, while simultaneously, and paradoxically, seeking to exile himself in this non-existent time and space: where the true equates to the false, where to exist means to be extinguished.

God – Fucked
The Body – An Urn (Remixed by Sow Discord)
NAKED – Tear
Sektor 304 – Body Hammer
Survival Unit – One Man’s War
Die Sonne Satan – Dismal Chant
Throbbing Gristle – Betrayed
The Haxan Cloak – Consumed
Endon – Pray for Me
Berserk – Gestaltzerfall
Lustmord – Y Fair
Contagious Orgasm – Sequelae Radio
Soft Touch – Vast
DSX – Separation (feat. Jennifer Touch)
Final Cut – Burn Baby Burn
ADULT. – Everything Nothing
Hercegovina – Untitled 2
I.Corax – Hunt
Ophidian feat. EJ Grob William F DeVault – Nightfall Angel (Extended VIP)
Nosferatu – System 5601
FFH, Prurient – Abyssinian Baptist Church
戸川純 – さよならをおしえて