Southern Oscillation|Cloudy Ku feat DJ Hoon – 02/08/2021

Cloudy Ku 邀請同城友人  𝔇𝔍 ℌ𝔬𝔬𝔫 AKA 𝔰𝔠𝔯𝔬𝔩𝔩-𝔦𝔬𝔰𝔦𝔰

Cloudy Ku invities 𝔇𝔍 ℌ𝔬𝔬𝔫 AKA 𝔰𝔠𝔯𝔬𝔩𝔩-𝔦𝔬𝔰𝔦𝔰 !

1 Pilo, Dean Grenier-Take Form
2 Luca Lozano-Atmosphere
3 Svreca, Leiras-The Bridges I Burn (Reeko Remix)
4 Luster & Beta Ever-Eternal feat. Beta Evers, Luster (Ancient Methods Autumn Mix)
5 The Horrorist, Radical G-Here Comes The Storm (Kobosil 44 Terror Mix)
6 Tommy Holohan & Casper-Hastings Subaru Impreza
7 Jensen Interceptor-Time Echo (feat. The Hacker)
8 Rebekah-Enigma
9 Шакке (Schacke)-Зацени (Check It)
10 SHDW & Obscure Shape-Der Fluch
11 Jensen Interceptor-That Acid Track
12 Wacky Kid-Acid III
13 Schwefelgelb-Durch Die Haare Die Stirn
14 Mehen-HoxA-8A1 Avalanches Of Compromise
15 Container-Remover
16 Commander Tom-Are Am Eye?
17 Isabella-Funambulist
18 EOD-Exham Priory


Weather Prediction X Happy Together – 19/07/2021

Cloudy Ku and Sugar Ross have for the month of July combined there two radio programmes ‘Weather Prediction’ and ‘Happy Together’ to bring you this completely sporadic and chaotic 3-hour vinyl mix to celebrate one year of Cloudy’s HKCR show, “Weather Predictions”.


  1. Gerhard Stempnik – Sound Piece /Too Much Pop Music On The Radio
  2. Swans- The Apostate Pt.1
  3. David Bowie and Brian Eno  – Warszawa
  4. Ryuichi Sakamoto -Before The War (From Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence Soundtrack)
  5. 斎藤京子 ‎– さんさ時雨
  6. Muslimgauze – Lion of Kandahar (Extended Remix)
  7. Memories Of Steam – Band 8: Class 5. No. 45314
  8. David Toop – Life on the Inside Pt. 2
  9. William Basinski – The Wheel of Fortune
  10. The Velvet Underground – Heroin
  11.  Mong Tong – 咒音(曲壹)Zhò Īn (Pt. 1) & 咒音(曲貳)Zhò Īn (Pt. 2)
  12. Music In Taiwan – Chin-chu( Peking Opera) Po-Men  Lou京劇「白門樓」
  13. Earth – The Bees Made Honey In The Lion Skull
  14. Miles Davis – Spanish Key
  15. Triosk Meets Jan Jelinek – Vibes/Pulse
  16. Kita – Lucent
  17. Natural Blaze – Lovely Ones
  18. Herbert ‎–It’s Only
  19. Sonic Youth – Unwind
  20. Dirty Three -Kims Dirt
  21. Jon McCallum – Chased Through The Boatyard
  22. Andrey Tarkovsky – Dedicated to Andrey Tarkovsky
  23. Snakeman Show – 正義と真実
  24. Klaus Nomi – Cold Song
  25. Croatian Amor – Towards Isa*
  26. Chinese Taoist Music – Launching the Boat
  27. Prince – The Cross
  28. Bjork – Declare Independence 
  29. Oneohtrix Point Never – Good Time
  30. The Spoken Word -Poems Read and Discussed by Graham Martin
  31. 黑名單工作室 -台北帝國 Taipei Empire
  32. Michael Jackson – Speed Demon
  33. The Beach Boys – God Only Knows
  34. Lugh – _irony, Chastity, Obedience
  35. jefre cantu-ledesma tracing back the radiance
  36. Bibio-  ivy charcoal
  37. Noahlewis’ Mahlon Taits with Tomoko Kanda ‎– Tenderly
  38. Scott Walker and Sunn O))) – Harold 2014
  39. Senyawa – Kekuasaan / Alkisah I
  40. Merzbow – A History of Self
  41. Tim Hecker – That World
  42. The Maori Of New Zealand St. Joseph’s Maori Girls Choir* Love Song – Pokarekare Ana
  43. Les Adams And His Fabulous Hawaiians ‎–Hawaiian Wedding Song
  44. Songs Of Takasagos – Taiwan Aborigines Rukais Song Of Courtship
  45. Matmos – Ultimate Care II Excerpt #1

John Coltrane – I’m Old Fashioned


Thunderstorm 雷雨|Cloudy Ku feat. Amanda Lai – 05/07/2021


1. Monolake — Lilith              

2. Aphex Twin – Xtal              

3. Moritz Von Oswald Trio – Jam    

4. The Field – It’s Up There             

5. Recondite – Stems (Into The Dew Mix)                

6. Deepchord – Cruising Towards Dawn                          

7. Martin Schulte – Researches Of Depths

8. Lory D – Sickness

9. BFC – Galaxy              

10. Porter Ricks — Port Of Call                              

11. Floorplan – Never Grow Old              

12. Surrounded By Enemies

13. Surgeon —Returning To The Purity Of Current                 

14. British Murder Boys – Don’t Give Way To Fear                         

15. Jeff Mills – The Bells 

16. DJ T-1000  – I Told Em I Was from Detroit (DJ Stingray Remix)            

17. Underworld – Pearl’s Girl  

18. Basic Channel – Phylyps Trak                            

19. Autechre—Second Bad Vilbel


Weather Prediction|Moondog & Sjazd – 21/06/2021

Cloudy Ku 送上 Weather Prediction 全新一集,邀請澳洲藝術家 Moondog 及 Sjazd 分別帶來 DJ set 及 Live set。

Weather Prediction where Cloudy Ku invites Australian artists  Moondog and  Sjazd to present a DJ set and a live set respectively.


Isabel Mooney AKA Moondog has recently relocated back to Aotearoa after calling Naarm home for many years, the place where her journey into DJing and production began. Her considered sets and productions reflect a diverse musical palate, never predictable, veering to the left, and grounded in deep bass. She has warmed up floors for the likes of Pariah, Ben UFO, Barely Legal and Pangaea to name a few, proving her ability to warm up a room, while bringing a light hearted energy behind the decks.


Sjazd is the ambient alias of Naarm producer JXTPS and Wu Kush. Ambient and experimental with a nod to techno, utilising field recordings and synths. Sjazd 2 will be his second release on local label Shadow Work out June 25, following his previous release on French label Lett Records in 2017.

Actress – Momentum
Laurel Halo – 4 [an excerpt from Erik Satie – Reverie Du Pauvre]
Vtgnike – Untitled
Seauxphi – The Beat Inside
Dre Ngozi – Cosmic Mother
Laurel Halo – 68
Earthen Sea – Sun Shadows (Saphileaum’s 7th Sky)
Moondog – Beach Birb
Carmen Villain – I Trust You
Their Master’s Voice – Sjazd [Shadow Work]

Trial Bay – Sjazd [Lett Records]

Mad Monk – Sjazd [Shadow Work]

Equinox – Sjazd [Shadow Work]

15 – unreleased jam

17 – unreleased jam

Sjazd – Sjazd [Lett Records]

Lost Coast – Sjazd [Lett Records]

Port Macquarie – Sjazd [Lett Records]

Sunken Coast – Sjazd [Lett Records]


室內溫度 Room Temperature|Cloudy Ku feat. William Wong – 07/06/2021

今夜很榮幸邀請到小白兔唱片的 William ,威黏是硬地發燒友的好朋友,他同時也是樂團 Backstabbing Debbie 成員以及台北練團/錄音空間 Debbie’s Room 的創始人之一。

For tonight’s edition, on @hkcr.line, I’m joined by @williamwongwill as we present ‘室內溫度 Room Temperature’. William Wong is a composer, guitarist, singer and founder of the Taiwanese Alternative group Backstabbing Debbie, as well as the founder of Studio in Taipei.

William has worked for one of Taipei’s most influential record stores ‘@whitewabbitrecords’ as a Manager and buyer for over a decade and his unique taste has helped many ears across Taiwan as well as worldwide find excellent music within the alternative and electronic genres. 本集的《氣象預報》,我們將以「室內溫度 Room Temperature」為題為各位帶來一小時的有點嚴肅兒的硬地 B2b 旅程,順帶一提,也有 William 所屬的 Backstabbing Debbie 歌曲喔。

Grandaddy – Jed’s Other Poem (Beautiful Ground) (Piano Version)

MM’99 – Spine

The Besnard Lakes – Blackstrap

SPELLLING – Little Deer

Chloé Feat. Ben Shemie – Recall

Moor Mother & billy woods – Maroons (ft. Imani Robinson & Amirtha Kidambi)

Lim Giong 林強 – 雨越下越大

Les Amazones d’Afrique – Love (feat. Mamani Keïta)

The Avalanches – Take Care in Your Dreaming

Alias & Doseone – The Deadener

Trees Speak – Tear Kisser

Bell Orchestre – IX: Nature That’s It That’s All

Godspeed You! Black Emperor – First of the Last Glaciers

Daniel Blumberg & Josephine Foster – The World To Come

Green! Eyes – Always Be True

Armlock – Power of a Waterfall

WE SAVE STRAWBERRIES 草莓救星 –  It’s not the end of the world

Backstabbing Debbie – February 25

Balmorhea – Night Falls In Your Left

MND009 D & The Compass – La luna



Weather Prediction|Marishiten & Vermillion – 17/05/2021

Cloudy Ku 的節目嘉賓 María E. Pérez a.k.a Vermillion 以及 Marishiten 摩利支天!帶來 Drone/doom/noise 和 ambient 音樂的現場演出!

Cloudy Ku ‘s guests for the day are María E. Pérez a.k.a Vermillion  & Marishiten 摩利支天 . Drone/doom/noise and ambient live sets.

Vermillion is a project that emerged in mid-2016 with the idea of representing landscapes and stories about various aspects of Asian and
Latin American culture. Formally, the project is composed through field recording and editing processes in DAW’s. In 2017 Vermillion made
an instrument with recycled materials, bass strings and a piezo electric (Contact mics). From there I began to focus on creating these “sounds”
through these instruments with the help of contact microphones to amplify and process them.

Vermillion – Soundscapes I
Vermillion – Itako


初夏 Late Spring| Cloudy Ku feat. Xiao Wen 小文 – 03/05/2021

鳥撞、Run Run Run和金髮愛斯基摩人的小文 @beansting 是今晚 @cloudyku.her 節目的嘉賓主持!揀選多首當地低調甚至解散的樂隊作品!

Composer, musician, member of rock outfits Birdstriking / Run Run Run / Blonde Eskimos Xiao Wen 小文 @beansting joins @cloudyku.her for her radio hour tonight! Selecting tunes by super low-key or disbanded bands from China.

I want to die in the ocean – Paris
0769 duet with 付菡-T.K.R.O
One For You – The Seefelds
白鹤 – youboyfriendsucks!
Nuclear Fusion – King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
生之爱 – 嘎调
You Let Sunshine Pass You By – Underground LOVERS
绿色食品 – 吠马
余悸 – Run Run Run
See – Gate to Otherside
Mr.autoteller machine – Fading Horizon
I want you back – Hoodoo Gurus
情歌 – 哪吒
1234 – LateTroubles
明天 – 小红与小小红


Foggy Twilight|Cloudy Ku feat. Meng Huan 孟桓 – 19/04/2021

台灣另類/ 瞪鞋樂隊 Doodle @doodlepsychout 的成員孟桓將會是今晚 @cloudyku.her 主持節目的客席嘉賓!

Meng Huan 孟桓, composer, guitarist, singer and founder of Taiwanese alternative/ shoegaze band Doodle @doodlepsychout, is the tonight’s guest of @cloudyku.her!

Dirty Three – Backwards Voyager

Air – How Does It Make You Feel

Canyon Country – Safe

Amaya Laucirica – This Morning’s Blue

Frankie Teardrop Dead – What Its All About

half-cut – Black Horse (single) – Black Horse

Zoon – Brokenhead

Caterina Barbieri – Fantas Variations – Walter Zanetti – Fantas for Electric Guitar

The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Anemone

Flavor Crystals – Night Sand Manager

Doodle – I Can’t Even (Total Feedback Version)

Floorian – The Lower Room

The Warlocks – Turn The Radio On

Psychic Ills – Mind Daze

Tomorrows Tulips – I Lay In My Bed

The Asteroid No.4 – Paint It Green

Cruyff In The Bedroom – Kanashiitte Bokuwa Waratta (Remixed By Doodle)


Yadim Hell Storm |Marishiten 摩利支天 – 05/04/2021

@cloudyku.her 邀請 摩利支天 @ryuchairo_ 送上一小時來自他錄製的氛圍金屬作品專輯 ‘Meditation’ !

@cloudyku.her ‘s guest Marishiten @ryuchairo_ presents ambient metal sound from his latest album ‘Meditation’ recording!

Welcome to the Yadim Hail Storm featuring the sounds of Marishiten courtesy of Marishiten 摩利支天 play his newest album on tonight show

Ambient Metal project is the alter ego, extension my other current Drone//noisegrind project  H.A.K.M. (火悪空水). This project wil consist of elements of drone/doom/noise/amibent music. It’s principal influence comes from the likes of NADJA/Aidan Baker, Sunn 0))) GARMR (Quad Cities Drone -Doom noise project), Moenos, Masonna, Merzbow, Lull, Final/Godflesh/JK Flesh, Bjork, Bill Laswell, Stars of the Lid, Bastard Noise, Set Fire To Flames, Godspeed You Black Emperor, Fears Fall Burning, Prurient, One Man Nation, and SPK, etc.

The progression of this project will host to what I will title each recording as a ‘Meditation.” In a dedication to the Marishiten spirit and path toward further uprising of the satori, or enlightenment.

Track list
Meditation 1
Meditation 2
Meditation 3: HIbernation
Meditation 4


Downburst 下擊暴流 | Cloudy Ku feat. INNOCENT HOOD – 15/03/2021

高雄的街頭時髦選物店 @innocenthood x @cloudyku.her 第二輯!1小時以「Downburst 下擊暴流」為題的「下集」的舞曲 B2b 旅程。連結收聽。

2nd half of @cloudyku.her x @innocenthood, a Modern Street Fashion label/store in the Taiwan city of Kaohsiung and have been widely acclaimed for their releases of excellent alternative electronic music playlist on various streaming services.

1 EAT PAINT–Chateau Marmont
2 Horse Macgyver–Trialrruunn
3 Anunaku–Teleported
4 INN–Nakasi Dope
5 BDB–Boss Rhythm
6 ascendant vierge–Où sont nos rêves ?
7 Kronos Device – Hostile Lifeform
8 Ferry Corsten–Punk (Radio Edit)
9 Versalife—Cosmic Language
10 nthng–Heitt
11 Audiodrip–Selfless (Warehouse Mix)
12 Kasper Marott–Sky Dreams (Original Mix)
13 Blawan–My Guide To Dancing On Carpet
14 Norberto Lusso–Skyra (Original mix)
15 Werfol–Your Wife (Original Mix)
16 Ultrademon–Cyber
17 Mikkel Rev–Absorbed
18 Death In Vegas–Dirge