Morning Dew 晨露 Cloudy Ku feat Achtung B. – 05/10/2020

Achtung B.
Whitney Houston feat. Charli XCX, Christine & The Queens – I Will Be Gone (Mr.K! Mashup)
Luxury – Joy TV

Cloudy Ku
Paul Kalkbrenner – Azure
Four Tet – Pyramid
Aphex Twin – Windowlicker (Acid Edit)
Lil Silva – No Doubt (feat. Rosie Lowe)

Achtung B.
Björk, Modeselektor Remix for Girls – Dull Flame of Desire
Honey Dijon, Charles McCloud – Personal Slave
La Fleur – Stalker

Cloudy Ku
Jetone – Phoedra IV
Funkbrainer – The Life Is Out (Syap Remix)
Nina Kraviz & Luke Hess – Remember
Ahm – Ways to Say How
Ok Sure – Portals


晴時多雲偶陣雨 Mostly Cloudy with Scattered Rain|Cloudy Ku feat A Dao – 21/09/2020

CUB – Teenage Fists
Diabla Diezco – Sixth
Adam X – Rebellion In 2071

Ancient Methods – Immured In Supreme Beliefs
The Horrorist, Radical G – Here Comes The Storm (Kobosil 44 Terror Mix)
SHDW & Obscure Shape-Der Fluch (Original)
Olëka – Black Camel Kneeled (Mickey Nox Remix)

Sept – Hold The Trigger
Vlaysin – Keep It Real
Headie One x Fred again.. feat. Jamie xx – Smoke (Mall Grab Remix)

Vixen – Samodiva
Different Shades – Nasus
WBR – Revolve
Rollergirl – Dear Jessie (HyperionORBIT Rink Rash Speed Mix)(MASTER24)

X-Dream – superintelligence (Original Mix)
AnD – Strobe
BangBass vs Ling Ling – BangLing

Paul Seul & Krampf- Comme Un Fou
Melissa D’Lima – The Art of Manipulation
Araknyl- Ant
DJ Netflex- TkorelessT


風球 Typhoon|Cloudy Ku feat. 昆蟲白 insecteens – 07/09/2020

風球 Typhoon I Cloudy Ku feat 昆蟲白 insecteens Live set + DJ set

  1. 昆蟲白 insecteens – Emily (2006 demo)
  2. Sugar Ross & Cloudy Ku
  3. Solo Andata – Look For Me Here
  4. Cloudead —Bike-PT.-1
  5. 昆蟲白 insecteens – 家事伯的世界拼圖 Pt.1
  6. my little airport – 邊一個發明了返工
  7. 昆蟲白 insecteens – 家事伯的世界拼圖 Pt.2
  8. 昆蟲白 insecteens – untitled#6 (2003 demo)
  9. 我想行開下忘記左呢個世界
  10. Savage Goeden – Crash and Burn
  11. 昆蟲白 insecteens – 家事伯的世界拼圖 Pt.3
  12. Trams AM-The-Dark-Gift
  13. Fatoo – 我想行開下忘記左呢個世界
  14. LMF x tfvsjs – 揸緊中指
  15. 昆蟲白 insecteens – untitled #14 (2000 demo)
  16. 旺角黑夜 One Nite in Mongkok
  17. 昆蟲白 insecteens – mustang#2 (2010 demo)
  18. RubberBand – 阿波羅
  19. Mogwai -Heard-About-You-Last-Night
  20. 重慶森林 Chungking Express
  21. Life Was All Silence – Hide and Seek

Monsoon Season 西北雨 | Cloudy Ku feat B E N N – 18/08/2020

Hextape – Toyota (Ahm Edit)
Howie Lee – 明日不可待 Tomorrow Cannot Be Waited
Ekman – Aphasia
Antoine – Talk To
TSVI – Noflute
Cut Hands – Fire Ends the Day
T Whitfield – Permanent Change
Air Max ’97 – Bruxis _102
IVVVO – Face
ASJ – Sublimity
IVVVO – I Fucked it Up
Griffit Vigo – Come to Durban
Rudeboyz – Major Turn Up
DJ MORO – Nour
Hemlock Ladder – Love-Talker
Corin – Rivalry
ESTHER – Hedon Hack
Modeselektor feat. Flohio – Wealth (Sarah Farina Remix)
Lobby, Noire – Clubscream
B E N N – Rituals(unreleased)
Amor Satyr & Siu Mata – Tachyon Particles
Yen Tech – Acceleratus
Night Dives – Mirror 
B E N N -Rituals(unreleased)
Former – Fogweaver
B E N N – Unreleased track
111X – Puls 
Sugar – God’s Face In The Water Remix
Pixelord – Hypnorave
Ptwiggs – Trust


Goth Weather w/ Cloudy Ku Ft. Sugar Ross – 03/08/2020

When Cloudy was planning her Rainy day set, Sugar Ross asked if he could join it so here is their b2b goth weather set.

Isolation positives – finding times that wasn’t there before to be in the garden, reading books, making music and diving deeper into our record collection to create this off the cuff mixtape.

We hope that everyone is safe and healthy and that soon we can all be together again in a physical form.

Sugar Ross


Cloudy Ku

Burial – Raver
Eminem – Stan featuring Dido
美空ひばり – 大江戸いろは纏
lil b – God Kissed Me
Norman Westberg – Leviton
Jigga – Atyatabhava / Anyonyabhava
台灣の音樂 2 – 佛教于羅盆會の法要
Fateh Khan- Pūriyādhāshrī
OM – Sinai
cLOUDDEAD – The keen teen skip
Death Grips – Get Got
Wunjo – ODIN (The Unknowable)
Croatian Amor – Point Reflex Blue
Daniel Lopatin – Mohegan suite
Yamaha superstar Featuring Koichi oki – Bridge Over Troubled Water
Brian Eno – The Big Ship
Mick Turner – The Navigator Over Waves
Jefre Cantu – Ledesma – Palace of time
Jan Jelinek – Tendency
M-sage – Window+ Three Flat
Oneohtrix Point Never – Replica