Sundown Blues w/ Hilmo & Goodit – 23/11/2021

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Sundown Blues w/ Hilmo & Nas – 14/09/2021

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Sonia Calico│Behind The Wheel Super Dance Mix – 03/08/2021

Sonia Calico 再次作為我們的客席主持,今集她會送上節目 「Behind The Wheel Super Dance Mix」,是自疫情開始關卡封鎖後,Sonia 特制的公路旅行playlist,讓你可以邊飆車邊播放的精選90 年代的舞曲和 disco 經典混音 mix!

Very excited for Sonia Calico rejoining us as guest host, she will be presenting ‘Behind The Wheel Super Dance Mix’.

“I have not been traveling since the break out of Covid, this is a mix I made for my next road trip/ vacation when things reopen again, lots of 90s dance, disco classics, songs you can sing and dance to while driving fast.” – Sonia Calico

1. Depeche Mode – Stripped
2. Crazy Baldhead – 3rd Movement – PART 1 (Aka ‘Katana Powa’ feat. BIG-O & Mlle YULIA)
4. C & C Music Factory – Gonna Make You Sweat
5. Eighth Wonder – Cross My Heart
6. Black Box – Everbody Everbody
7. Les Rythmes Digitales – Jacques Your Body (Make Me Sweat)
8. Lil Louis – French Kiss
9. 2 Unlimited – Get Ready For This
10. Freestylers – Ruffneck featuring Navigator
11. Underground Resistance – Hi-Tech Jazz
12. Double 99 – Ripgroove (Vocal Club Mix Featuring Top Cat)
13. Praxis featuring Kathy Brown – Turn Me Out (Delorme U.K. Club Edit)
14. Chic – Everybody Dance
15. Zinc – Nexx
16. Dee Patten – Who’s The Bad Man (Sound System mix)
17. Alexia – Goodbye
18. Moby – Go
19. Finn – Sometimes The Going Gets A Little Tough
20. Romy – Lifetime (anz’s Togetherness Remix)
21. Karina – Let Me Care Of You (Mabra Mix)


CrRdR.eXe: Broken Cassette w/ CRRDR – 03/03/2021

Looking for Avant-Garde Sounds, CRRDR creates atmospheres based on synths, sequencers searching for an unique sound experience envolving elements from such other genres as Hip-Hop, Latin and Electronic Music.

Music seeks to open your mind and release the stereotype of music structure with some pads, synths, and voices telling you the most twisted thoughts of the human being.

Based in Bogota, CRRDR keeps evolving and finding elements to inspire and create music, always seeking to aware people of what’s happening around, in a way to stimulate brain cells and make you doubt about what is real.

Broken Cassette

This DJ Set was made based on disco and 90’s Sounds, taking a funky vibe on an experimental way, playing tracks from the legends Thomas Bangalter and Guy Manuel de Hommen.


1. Mango – Sascha Funke

2. The Eternals – Wrath of Zeus

3. Le King Club – Troobadoor

4. Archigram – In Flight

5. Deelat – G.M.F

6. Deelat – Wet Indiez

7. Deelat – Wetness Anthem

8. Le Knight Club – Boogie

9. Le Knight Club – Chrie D’amoure

10. Le Knight Club – Coral Twist

11. Le Knight Club – Gator

12. Le Knight Club – Hysteria

13. Le Knight Club – Mirage

14. Filur – 20 Lashes

15. Le Knight Club – Tropicall

16. Le Knight Club Vs Dj Sneak – Intergalactic Disko

17. Paul Johnson – Hit it up

18. Paul Johnson – White Winds

19. Play Paul – Spaced Out

20. Räar – Sometimes I Hear Sirens

21. Raw Man – Lovers

22. Raw Man – Number Sever (Le Knight Club Remix)

23. Sedat – Feel Inside

24. Bee Gees – More Than A Woman


Sundown Blues w/ Hilmo & Banera – 26/01/2021

「Sundown Blues」 Hilmo @hilmothio 邀請節目嘉賓 Banera @purebredindon ,點選播放 City Pop, Disco, 以及 Jazz 音樂選曲。

Sundown Blues is on now with Hilmo @hilmothio and guest Banera @purebredindon , playing City Pop, Disco, and Jazz.

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The Heman – 28/12/2020


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Misty Penguin is Taking a Break from Dancing – 17/12/2020



Sundown Blues w/ Hilmo & Perdana – 02/12/2020

收聽 Hilmo @hilmothio 主持的「Sundown Blues」,邀請 Perdana @personalitydisorder_ 一起播放印尼流行和爵士樂。

Sundown Blues w/ Hilmo @@hilmothio & Perdana @personalitydisorder_ , playing Indonesian Pop and Jazz Music.

Munir – Ambon
Rafika Duri – Sabda Alam
Baz Luhman – Everybody’s Free (To Wear Sunscreen) (Edit)
Bob Marley – Is This Love (Edit)
Delly Rollies – Licik (Edit)
Sade – The Sweetest Taboo (Extended Rework Deepest Taboo Edit)
Oh Yaaro Kaun Nachdi (Instrumental)
Disco sole
Ramon Pyrme – Vacance Union (Edit)
Pablo Cikaso feat. Fariz .FM – Sinaran (Sheila Majid Cover)
Utha Likumahuwa – Sesaat Kau Hadir (Munir Remix)
We Can Love (Bergas Edit)


Breakfast with Firebano – 16/11/2020

Breakfast with DJ Firebano is a weekly Monday morning radio show cooking up classic funk, soul and disco. DJ Firebano is trying to bring back the classic sounds of the 70’s and 80’s to the Hong Kong population. Songs range from Earth, Wind and Fire, James Brown, Kool & the Gang and can include modern musicians such as Anderson Paak and Bruno Mars.


Sundown Blues w/ Hilmo & Fairvsal – 04/11/2020

「Sundown Blues」 Hilmo @hilmothio 將會邀請Fairvsal @fffairvsalll 一起 b2b ,氛圍、爵士、流行和deep house 的輕快選曲。🌇🌇

Hilmo @hilmothio going b2b with his cousin aka Fairvsal @fffairvsalll for the coming 2 hours, smooth and relaxing vibes of ambient, disco, jazz, pop mixed with deep house. 🌇🌇

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