Sakura Tsuruta w/ machìna – 06/12/2021


Loraine James – Random2

machìna – Traces

Alec Pace – Verso

DJ P – If You Want (You’re New Alarm)

Bambounou x Bruce – Rai

Otik – Gravel

Voiski – Context Bahama

Significant Other – Delos

machìna – Puddle

Barry Schrader – Still Life 2

Phew – Midnight Awakening

Akiko Kiyama – Newmud

Daisuke Tanabe – years ago

Evenings – Babe

Herbie Hancock – Hidden Shadows

Guy Warren, Red Saunders Orchestra – Duet

Galcher Lustwerk – Thermonics

Bambounou – Dernier Metro


Imryll – 02/12/2021


Tim hecker- Not Alone

Kazuya Nagaya – Tibetan Philosopher

Pan Daijing – The Island Within

nthng – Sudden Life

Perila – Ent I Pse

Bendik Giske – Cruising (Laurel Halo Less Remix)

Bendik Giske – Cruising (Laurel Halo Remix)

Object Blue – Fourteen Boulders, Fifteen Stones

Flora Yin-Wong – Nymph

Sabiwa – 鬼 / The Demon

Lucy Railton & Kit Downes – Lazuli

Klein – Hope Dealers

Oliver Coates – QE3.tropics

BUNGALOVV – dragon embryo

Riar Rizaldi – Istana

Mya Gomez – Permission II

Zaumne – Fantôme


R000000M – 01/12/2021

In R000000M’s new episode, she brings 30min piece of original music, mourning for the inconsistency of the memories.

No tracklist.


[ _ _ _ ] – 30/11/2021

“Three placeholders sitting in a room between empty spaces.” This is how the ensemble [ _  _  _ ] describes itself. It was founded in 2020 by the artists Shuoxin Tan, Jia Liu and Li Song, to compose music for the network. Shuoxin Tan was born in Beijing and works as a composer and sound artist in Cologne. She researches algorithmic acoustics, sound ontology and Lacanian topology. Jia Liu is a composer and computer music performer. She lives in Karlsruhe and is currently working on algorithmic music and composition for autonomous systems. Li Song is a musician and software developer based in London, his works show an interplay of acoustic instruments, electronic and improvised music. 

The three members are united by an interest in algorithmic acoustics and composition, SuperCollider and live coding. Can algorithms be collaborative? What happens when the Borromean knot is applied to network structures for collaborative algorithmic composition? [ _  _  _ ] presents two of their latest projects of network music performance in November and August 2021.

The projects are supported by Initiative Freie Musik Köln and Musikfonds (Neustart Kultur).


  1. [ _  _  _ ] – 27 November 2021 (29:48)
  2. [ _  _  _ ] – 15 August 2021 (23:48)

The Mothership Series/ Porno – 24/11/2021

Esta Pegao – Proyecto Uno (Roman & Castro edit)

Mind Blown (Arma Edit)

Ya Got!!! – Riot Code

Panagoi – Locked Club

Get Some Understanding! – Skin On Skin

Fuck The Police – Unknown Artist

Talks – Jetson G

Booty Control – Cyan85

nineohnine – Carouse

Pony – Turk Turkelton

Sesh N Stuff – MCR-T & Partiboi69

4romBone 2 Rave – DPCLD (Boneyard newschool mix)

The 212 – Unknown Artist

Alien Realm – Jensen Interceptor & Volruptus

Jax – ELO

Hipnoze Minds Muthafocking – EEBONE

Diesel Power – The Prodigy


zerrüttet w/ Racine – 17/11/2021

As our first guest, we invite Racine. We got in contact with him this year and became friends and collaborators very quickly! Enjoy his awesome mix with many undiscovered tracks and some unreleased gems!

Corporation – Unreleased track
MoL Quartetto – Zurufe
Cemetery – Yaoyorozu
Felicity Mangan – Echo Harp 4 (Hohner Echo Harp)
Claire Rousay – Smaller Pools
The Night Falls (Shenmue OST)
Loren Rush – Dans le Sable
Powell – Piano Music #1
1127 – Uvular
Christoph De Babalon – Harakiri
Jesse Osborne-Lanthier – Web MD
Aaron Dilloway – Born in a Maze
Ouri – Two
Keru Not Ever – La chambre-haute (unreleased)
Astrid Sonne – Infirmity of Temper
Racine – Cacouna
Racine – Unreleased


FRKTL – 17/11/2021

City & i.o – Desolate Revenant
Mabe Fratti – Las cosas no son suficientes + Camila Gb
Renslink – Clocked Out
ZAÄAR – Multicellularité Des Cyanobactéries
Grykë Pyje – Through the Timehole
Nick Malkin – Non Smoking Room
sea oleena – Gardens
Matthew Ryals – suitcase with a mountain in it
Motoko & Myers – Living Motif
Nazar – Them Man
Mabe Fratti – Renacuajos + Kit Schluter
QOW – Dawafer
Nick Malkin – Light Sleeper
The Flying Luttenbachers – Rise of the Iridescent Behemoth
João Pais Filipe – V
Grykë Pyje – Through the Timehole
Ecker & Meulyzer – Carbon Cycles
FRKTL – Locations For An Immaterial Essence
Aho Ssan – Simulacrum I (FRKTL Remix)


Kamil Sznajder│Stylish and Easy Radio – 15/11/2021

One hour of very stylish, smooth, groovy, funky, emotional, idyllic, bouncy tracks straight form MY HEART into YOURS, xox Kamil <3

Lofty305 – Morrowind
Shaybo x Miss Lafamilia – Bonjour Cava [kkingdomm RMX]
Steve Reich – Tehillim (Parts 1 & 2) [Nate Wieselquist RMX]
Dean Blunt – Seven Seals of Affirmation
Brian Eno – Silver Morning
Philip Glass – Floe
Lonely Drifter Karen vs Kasai Allstars – Hunting On The Moon
Lil Uzi Vert x Playboi Carti – SRT
Rihanna – Needed Me [DJ Jayhood RMX]
V’nessa – Helpless
Aphex Twin – 1 nocares
IQ ft Mdot – Got a feeling
Bass Clef x Kasai Allstars – The Incident At Mbuji-Mayi
DJ Assault – Sex On The Beach
mlody korden x cygan9 – Japonia999
Playboi Carti – Did It Again
Teezandos x Isong – Diamonds
Stefflon Don – HIT ME up
Bedroom x lloyd banks ft.keri hilson – Help


Cultivate Nothing w/ Noooodle King – 12/11/2021

Track List:

Purl – Under Isen

Arca – Electra Rex

Kizaki Ondo Preservation Society – Kizaki Ondo (1980)

Black Rave Culture – Cool It (Amal x JamesBangura)

Howie Lee – 羽毛能指 (Feather Signifier)

Ibukun Sunday – Saints and Sinners

Tzusing – Esther

Vanessa Amara, Tomo Jacobson – Double Bass

Aphex Twin – #13

Frederik Valentin – Exit

Carlos Ferreira, deer meadow – At the End, Together


Hounds of Pamir: Ruhail Qaisar invites SKYLA – 05/11/2021

Hailing from Amman, Jordan, SKYLA is a multidisciplinary producer and vocalist as of new. Her first EP, EL WA7L, debut on Xquisite Releases London last April, with the sole signature embodied as a smoky haphazard auditory mirror of the seemingly violent and dreamlike sequence of scenes from real time life or heavy memory banks, stitched together with vast plasticity in method to represent defining moments encountered, yielding both polluted ambient and feverish industrial interpretations. Her untethered space is meant to be emotionally accurate, not sensible.


Dean Blunt – Zushi 10
Cecilia – Agile ft. Bashar Suleiman
Adel Poursamadi & Tegh – Atf (EXIST unreleased)
Mica Levi – Rose
Last Few Days – Soft and Sweet
Schimpfluch – Gruppe 辱罵沼澤 / Aktion 950908 Taipei Taiwan
Bella Baguena – Hoy
Diana Azzuz – A Very Touchy Spot
Last Few Days – End It
Olivia Mutant John & Wrong Travolta – A Murder of Crows (EXIST unreleased)
Disfigured Children – Radioactive Generation (EXIST unreleased)
Digitonica – Профиль Закрыт (Chiaroscuro)
Miedo Total – BASTARD
Kaoganai – Storm
Jar Moff – Tziaitzomanasou
Matthew Revert – Prediction
Jay Glass Dubs – A New Model for Emulation (EXIST unreleased)