Gerpfast Records (Purple Loveless with Indonesian Noise—Experimental) – 03/11/2021

Since 1991 after Loveless album by My Bloody Valentine born,
November 4th always be the date to celebrating the album that change many perspective people around the world. Till now many tribute for Loveless that already published, like Yellow Loveless (Japan), Blue Loveless (Korea) and Purple Loveless (Indonesia). Different from Yellow and Blue Loveless, Purple Loveless is descontruction of Loveless album but not destroying it. It’s a ‘Beautiful in Decay’, noise and feedback’s a special element inside Loveless album, and then selected Indonesian Noise/Experimental artists try to express their sound inside Purple Loveless.

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Gerpfast Records: HARAM – 06/10/2021


Gerpfast Records w/ Wok The Rock – 01/09/2021

今集 Gerpfast Records 請來日惹市非牟利廠牌 Yes No Wave Music 的主理人Wok The Rock  帶來1小時的日常錄音!

Gerpfast Records invites Wok The Rock, founder of Yogyakarta, Indonesia based non-profit label Yes No Wave Music !

Wok The Rock makes events, hangouts, videos, music, design, bar, cleaning service, writings, cracker, restaurant, memes, record label, merchandise, shop, etc. Currently preparing a radio project Radio Isolasido and co-curate Nusasonic, a collaborative sound and experimental music platform in Southeast Asia, Europe, and beyond. This mix is a recording of the sounds coming from his phone activities for 1 hour.


Gerpfast Records w/ Enggohoi – 04/08/2021

巴里島的實驗音樂DJ,Collage拼貼藝術家及 Ohoi Records 主理人 ENGGOHOi 是今晚 Gerpfast Records 的電台節目嘉賓!

Bali based experimental music DJ, collage artist and runner of Ohoi Records ENGGOHOi is the guest for Gerpfast Records.

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Gerpfast Records w/ Kenya – 07/07/2021

Energyroom 的常客,  Kenya 是今晚 Gerpfast Records 的節目嘉賓!感受日惹市入夜後的聲音。

Kenya Bahana, known as Kenya, is a timeless music connoisseur.
Coming from a grass-rooted musical family, she was introduced to rhythmical music instruments since the very beginning.

Enjoying a good range of dance floor from the age of 17 help her to nurture her intuition to compose a wide lanscape of personal grooves.
Her vivid appearances in many nights catched Yogyakarta’s very own, Energyroom, interest to induce her as the young gun in Superjocks.

In this great digital era almost everyone can access good memorable tunes easily, from the ear pleasing ones to the heart pounding ones.
Kenya selections are varying from heavy lifting rhythm, chugging bassline to crispy beacon of melody.

Selected releases which describe her world of transitory musics can be found in recent podcast series by Norrm Radio, Dekadenz, and Prmtvo NTS Radio.

No tracklist was proivided.


Gerpfast Records w/ Nawang Wulan – 02/06/2021

印尼巴圖市 Powerviolence/ HCPunk 樂隊 Ravage 的主唱 Dewi Nawang Wulan  是今晚 Gerpfast Recprds 節目的嘉賓主持!

Dewi Nawang Wulan  , vocalist of Powerviolence/ HCPunk band  Ravage from Batu, Indonesia is the guest of today’s show by Gerpfast Recprds !


  1. Mind Eraser – Mandhood
  2. Go It Alone – Rapture
  3. Punch – Not Sorry
  4. Full Of Hell – Rat King
  5. Trash Talk – Monochrome / F.F.S
  6. Crossed Out – Lowlife
  7. Sial – Huru Hara
  8. Gouge Away – Uproar
  9. Cloud Rat – Losing Weight
  10. Warthog – Coward
  11. S.H.I.T – Eraser Iii
  12. Rat Cage – Snake Oil
  13. G.L.O.S.S – Line Lips And Spiked Bats
  14. Result Of Choice – Deceived
  15. Krimewatch – Dreams Of Peace
  16. Impalers – Nazi Burning Man
  17. Fuse – Poison
  18. Slant – Enemy
  19. Torso – Build And Break
  20. Mortality Rate – You Were The Gasoline
  21. Vein – Merayakan Kemunduran
  22. Outskirts – Tear It Out
  23. Siege – Conform
  24. Bib – Love, Peace, And Poetry
  25. Loma Prieta – Fly By Night
  26. Arms Race – Zealot
  27. Koteka Is The Reason – In The Name Of Mountain Gold
  28. Fluoride – Degrade
  29. Limp Wrist – Fake Fags
  30. Interadd – The Concreted
  31. The Flex – Under The Knife
  32. Cerce – Weary
  33. Outbreak – You Make Us Sick
  34. Loutspell – Agony
  35. Total Jerk – Ambisi
  36. Crucial Response – Born By Hate
  37. Karga – Construction
  38. Mr Nice Guys – Drone
  39. Nørr Frygt – Inane
  40. Big Cheese – Mad At The World
  41. Ravage – Bad Habits
  42. Wasted – Panic
  43. Peel – Samsara
  44. 1234 – Bisnis
  45. Crawl – Suffer System
  46. The Comingbacks – Int Remains The Same
  47. Hadd – The World Dezpise On You
  48. Dongker – Upaya Memaki
  49. Lumpy & The Dumpers – Im Gonna Move To Ny
  50. Gag – All This Shrimp


Gerpfast Records: ANTI #2 – 05/05/2021

Inside the ANTI(Amplified Noisy Turbulence Incident)#2 trackmix, we give you various violence high tempo music.

Enter the bath-salt dimention, sleepless prayer pill and injected super massive dirty drugs.

Meuko! Meuko! – The Temple (Dutch E Germ Remix)

Exome – Shredded Apart (Feat. Dolgener)

Peder Mannerfelt – Enter Reoccurring Disparity

Perc – Snare

VSK – Sliding Curve

Kyoka – Rollin & Tumblin

JakoJako – F22.0

Kangding Ray – On Sleepless Roads

Manni Dee – Do What They Don’t

Achat – Wisdom Of The Serpent

Tapefeed – TekoTeko


Gerpfast Records w/ TamaT – 01/04/2021

Gerpfast Records @gerpfastrecords 邀請 TamaT @erirukmanajahat !1小時Breakcore、Speedcore、 Crack Rocksteady 無間段放送!

Gerpfast Records @gerpfastrecords with Guest TamaT @erirukmanajahat ! Breakcore, speedcore, Crack Rocksteady for the hour!



  1. Hellgod – Kabut Keabadian
  2. Tamat – 8028 bertengkar di panti pijat
  3. Igorrr – Brutal swing
  4. (RI) – Teardrop (bootleg)
  5. Julian Abraham – Maldemer
  6. Venetian snares – My love is bulldozer
  7. JagaJaga – Bararia
  8. Tamat – 1525 diundang ke Tiongkok
  9. BMSKTI ft terbujurkaku – Make it Bun den (Skrillex and Damien Marley Cover)
  10. Sukkur Cs, Husen – Sampang Banjir Pole (Tamat Edit)
  11. Naik Delman – Mainin Gembot
  12. TamaT – 7527 Dahak Berdarah
  13. STNR – Blackened Speedcore War (Distorted Terror Mix)
  14. Weyheyhey!! – UP THE BUM NO BAIIIIIBEEZ
  15. Rotator – Come Get Some
  16. DJ Skull Vomit – Come what may (gizmode remix)
  17. Story of The year – until the day i die (TamaT edit)
  18. SATAN – I will destroy
  19. Drumcorps – Botch Up And Die
  20. Lesdystics – Out Of Control
  21. Dancehall Satan – Kot Couture
  22. From The Cradle To The Rave – The War Rages On
  23. TamaT – Aggressive digital idk
  24. Spongebob Squarewave – Advert Carnage
  25. Thrackh – Waste Hands
  26. Stazma – Jungle Destroyer
  27. Bong-Ra – Gwaan
  28. DJ Skull Vomit – Antigoon (Mr. Bad Monkey Remix)
  29. VOODOOM – Rituals
  30. Catnapp – I Don’t Care
  31. Spacedoker – Fatty Fatty Boom
  33. I Gor – Devil Has A Name
  34. Angerfist, Outblast feat. Mc Tha Watcher – The Voice of Mayhem
  35. Gore Tech, Enduser – Atlantic Warfare
  36. TamaT – Sahudicore
  37. Dendaomnivora – APAINFULCASE
  38. Yogiedigital – Tiger Finger

Gerpfast Records w/ Nana Furuya – 04/03/2021

Charlotte Is Mine is a solo project by Nana Furuya.

The band’s sound is unique in the indie rock category, having absorbed a variety of musical styles from US indie, alternative, dream pop, etc., and digested them with their own unique sense.

They have been selected to support US bands such as Turnover, Petal, and Into It. Over It.

Their 2nd album, “Someday in the Breakfast,” was released in December 2020.

always, ill care – Jeremy Zucker
Eats Me Up – Fickle Friends
Good Together – HONNE
Just One Day – BTS
On Hold – The xx
Road Head – Japanese Breakfast
Swim – Fickle Friends
Face Paint – Younger Me
Kelly – The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart
in your room – Charlotte is Mine
Time Off Work – Jay Som
Ageless Beauty – Stars
Tread – Now, Now
The Order of Things – Field Mouse
P R O P E R – Into It. Over It.
Breakfast – Sobs
CAKE – Charlotte is Mine
Only Love Will Save This Place (demo) – Tycho Ben Gibberd
June – Tigers Jaw


Gerpfast Records w/ Yuko Araki – 04/02/2021

擅長多樂器的作曲家 Yuko Araki @iamelectricat 是 Gerpfast Records @gerpfastrecords 第二集節目的嘉賓。

Yuko Araki is a multi-instrumentalist/composer based in Tokyo. She’s also part of the acid house duo YobKiss, of the oriental/tribal dream psych band Kuunatic and one of the founding members of the neo classical noise duo Concierto de la Familia.

In 2019 she released an EP “I” for Indonesian label Gerpfast record and her debut album “II” for Italian label Commando Vanessa, followed in 2020 by a collection of live recordings (from shows at London’s Cafe Oto and Tokyo’s Kagurane).

Yuko Araki performed across Europe, UK and Asia including Jogja Noise Bombing festival in Indonesia, DAO XUAN International festival in Vietnam, Cafe Oto in London (UK), Kiezsalon in Berlin (DE), Soup in Tokyo (JP), etc.

Meemo Comma – Tif’eret

Giant Swan – Silkworm

Government Alpha – Inscrutable Impatience

TEEN – Eternal Romance

Deftones – Pink Maggit

Kazuma Kubota – Melodie en Sous-sol

Laksa – Belly Brocka

Batida – Bazuka (DJ Marfox & DJ Leo Remix)


Ewa Justka – We Tend to Underestimate the Forces That Distort Our Imagination

Junxpunx – meifusion

Dyani – Agwe

limited toss – Br33z3r

A.k.Adrix – Hotttttttttt


scum –  IL Hallucination

YUKO ARAKI – Hainish Hinterland

preparationset – stagnant