Glossy Sphere w/ Gisele South – 13/12/2021

 Cobrah – Tea
 Azealia Banks – The big big beat
 Zhu feat partywithray – Zhudio 54
 Tirzah – Make it up (Hackman Remix)
 Dave + Sam (feat LATASHÁ) – You da shit girl (Nick Godmode mø8b Extended Remix)
 Cakes da Killa – Luv me nots
 Endigo – Perfect Control
 Dom Dolla – Pum the brakes
 Madeaux feat Dances With White Girls – Club demons
 COBRAH – Good puss
 Kato feat New Northern – Sauce
 The Black Eyes Peas – My humps (HÄWK VIP edit)
 Only Fire – ASMR
 Shermanology – Pop that
 Duke Dumont – Runway (MikeQ Remix)
 French Fries – Yo Vogue (Original Mix)
 Zefer – Move like that
 ZDBT feat Prado and Slim Media Player – Elastic
 Azealia Banks – Nirvana
 Yaeji – Raingirl (Syviov and Ciko edit)


Cultivate Nothing w/ Noooodle King – 10/12/2021

Track List:

Madlib – Hopprock

Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith, Emile Mosseri – Moon in Your Eye

Alister Fawnwoda, Suzanne Ciani, Greg Leisz – Snow Ritual

Earl Sweatshirt – 2010

Magdy Al Hussainy – Music de Carnaval

Oneohtrix Point Never – Zebra

Arca – Bruja

Slace – mllrm

Chris Other – Sava

LORD BYRON – Ateolate

The Arteries of New York City, The Last Dinosaur, Alex Kozobolis – Cass

Ana Roxanne – Take the Thorn, Leave the Rose

Mindexxx – 无声的山


on air with yiiee – 19/10/2021



Shared Frequencies Selects: Hooligan (Sunflower Sound) – 18/10/2021

Hooligan tracklist :

Milkavelli - Sacre Bleu
Mr.Carmack - Croydon 
Whipped Cream - LUV
Hooligan - In the cut
Thelem - Analogic
Thook - Pass the chops
Hooligan -ID
Hooligan - ID
Argo - Black Thing
Ivy Lab - NASDAQ
Chef BoyarBeatz - ID
Hooligan - ID
Hooligan - ID
Hooligan - ID
Slowthai - WUT (Hooligan edit)
Alphafox - End @ 3 
Tsuruda - Siege
Mike Gao - Reloccs
Lord Genmu - Calamity
Sam Gellaitry - Games

Adults Play Radio w/ AudreyX – 08/10/2021

AudreyX is another young person who is navigating and balancing life’s struggles. She mostly designs in the 3D world looking at binaries and multiplicities, viewing the full spectrum of things, people, and experiences

Track list 

Tek lintowe – Thorned Limbs 

Tay K – Spyro

Bleed boi – Albion

Niclas – How Awake Are You? 

Roy & Chiki – Moncler (Prod. Max) 

Sienna Sleep – Fiomrokh Thazrezish 

Keigo Hoashi – Forest Kingdom 

Tek lintowe – Damp Path [&i.v]

Niclas – Every Bodies Go & waltz dis.a.pears

Moss Garden – Eys1

Hook – Yes Man 


Tek lintowe – [Hatsune Miku] Unrelenting [Teklintowe-P ft. Shotti-P]

Parsley Onuma – エゴイスト

Kensuke Ushio – Night Hawk 

Sickboyrari – TUTU

Bleed boi – tata



Deep Aztec feat. Dumama – Healing Frequencies

Sufyvn – Lovesick

Tirzah – Tectonic

Bloto – Mitomania

Denzel Himself – 10

DJ Haram – Mother_82

Sofie & Speckman – Leave

Bloto – Umiar

Horsey feat. King Krule – Seahorse

Anika – Change

Sun Ra – Nuclear War (Bassically Kick and Bass Rerub)

Little Dragon & Moses Sumney – The Other Lover (Little Dragon Vocal
Celebration Mix)

Smerz – Max

El Michels Affair – Masterclass
Damon Locks Black Monument Ensemble – The Body Is Electric


Hounds of Pamir: Ruhail Qaisar invites Emma Acs – 01/10/2021

Denmark’s Emma Acs has been crafting melodious pop songs since she was 18 years old growing up within Copenhagen. Embracing the otherworld aspect of the pop realm while providing an underground sensibility to what some would deem to be a polished artform. Sparse atmospherics combined with Acs’ sultry vocals allows her to develop a style endowed with cinematic movements.

Acs released 2020’s While I Shoot From My Fortress of Delusions, an album that highlights growth within her writing. There is a darkened tone that speaks to the fading promise of youth amid a wash of sequenced synths, sorrowful saxophones, and a haunting theme of isolation. Acs explores her identity through a meld of influences that pulls from jazz to hip hop, erasing genre boundaries to build a world of her own. Her group consists of various musicians from across the Copenhagen scene, including Marching Church and Pardans – Ida Duelund (bass) Bo Høyer Hansen (guitar) Daniel Hilden Honore (saxophone) Oskar Dinesen (drums) & Nils Gröndahl (violin).  

A prolific artist, Acs continues to delve into various musical side projects such as her EBM duo Evil House Party, featuring Jacob Formann. She’s also lent her voice to recent singles for Ecstasy In Order and Darcy Baylis. Before completing her largest undertaking by composing a piece entitled Prey Upon A Symphony for a 50-piece orchestra in cooperation with bandmate Ida Duelund.

Through it all, Emma Acs connects through an adept sense of vulnerability and fragile moments that we tend to overlook amid the continued waves of turbulence that confront us daily.

Tracklist – Artist / Track

1k Flowers – You’re My Rage

Baxter Dury – I’m Not Your Dog

Johnny Labelle – AK

Marcus Whale – Two Holes

Piero Umiliani – Blue Sax

Jonathan Leandoer96, Frederik Valentin – October Poem 

Aretha Franklin – You’re Taking Up Another Man’s Place 

Duane Eddy – The Girl On Death Row

Alain Goraguer – Generique 

Jack Name – Empty Nights

Jean-Pierre Ferland – Le Chat Du Café Des Artistes

CTM – Return of the Hunters 

Lil Peep – Gym Class

Shady Nasty – PRETTYBOYZ

Night Lovell – RIP Trust

Why Be – Dragged (feat. Elias Rønnenfelt) 

Chris Isaak – Forever Blue 

Trouble – Mothers Gone

Black Country, New Road – Science Fair 


Yiiee – 21/09/2021

No tracklist was provided.


Cambodia! w/ Kom Kom – 20/09/2021

Music from Cambodia and the diaspora – Khmer dance remixes, folk tunes, Cambodian hip hop, field recordings, pop music, and noise

Kom Kom is a British-Khmer DJ, and member of the Barang! Collective, based in Sheffield (UK).

Mirt – Khmer Radio
Reezy – Zback
PraCH – Pin Peat’s Resurrection
ឱក សុគន្ធកញ្ញា – PARTY ជូនគ្រូ
DJ Soravuth – Lil Jon Do It Yourself Remix
DJ Mey (ft. Mr Chen Da Melody & DJ SK) – Dong Herm Jong Kraoy Remix
Cambodian Space Project – Toek Thom (Professor Kinski’s Mix)
Unknown – Tro Solo
Vann Da – Queen Bee
Lafidki – Kniom Nahn
Merzbow – Loop 4
Sinora Roath – Someone New
La Cima Cartel – Romeo No Juliet (ft. Songha, All3rgy, and Rxthy)
Laura Mam – Buong Song
Kink Gong – Gong B Side
Keut Ran – Pineak Doeulang Knong Soun
Srey Leak – សារ៉ាវ៉ាន់តាលុង (ft. Ago)
Neo Geodesia – Tungsa TV
DJ Nei – Break ft. Melody Bek Remix
Khemarak Sereymon – កំលោះរោងចក្រជួបស្នេហ៍ពេលចូលឆ្នាំ
ផន ស្រីខួច – 20K
Mute Speaker – Swamp Thing
Bband (ft. Polraix) – Lightning Love
Mohori Ensemble – Modern Wedding Song
Krom Monster – Khmer Storm


Yiiee – 17/08/2021

No tracklist was provided.