CYANIDE System w/ 望月真白 – 30/11/2021

一个在卧室破坏俱乐部的怪客,用着不知道从哪儿看来奇怪的梗和meme试图博人一乐。总是自嘲听的音乐太 Clubless 被关了起来,但若有机会跑出“牢房”又会毫不犹豫大干他拿手的 Hardcore, Jungle, Jersey Club. 轰炸一切,又饱含情绪。曾在GNG/SHCR/Far Radio/DOUJiNLiFESCAFE等各大线上电台上演闹天宫,评价是寄

A geek who sabotages clubs in his bedroom, trying to amuse people with bizarre memes and memes from out of nowhere.Always laughed at himself for listening to the music too Clubless was locked up, but if there is a chance to run out of the “prison” would not hesitate to do his best Hardcore, Jungle, Jersey Club. Bomb everything. It’s full of emotion.
I have staged a great drama in GNG/SHCR/Far Radio/DOUJiNLiFESCAFE and other major online Radio stations


  1. feelingsogood – 在世
  2. REDALiCE – Into the Red
  3. Ryunosuke Kudo – LIFE LIFE LIFE
  4. Betwixt & Between – Awakening
  5. Riku – Quake (Magic In The Night)
  6. TamolaarM – Tranquilizer
  7. kors k – Melting Sun (Zekk Remix)
  8. Joulez – Farewell B-Flat~You Are Alone No More~
  9. Betwixt & Between ft.うさぎのなみ平 – Transparent
  10. Sewerslvt – Looming.Sorrow.Descent
  11. Virtual Self – Particle Arts / Ranzor Edit
  12. Nhato – The Intruder
  13. 影虎。 vs ikagura_nex – clairvoyance (siqlo vs. Aoi’s “liarvoyants” RMX)
  14. Hardcore Junkie (Douglas Remix)
  15. Rikki Arkitech – Fulla Culture (Douglas Remix)
  16. 影虎。 – samsara (Kokomochi Remix)
  17. Camellia – Dans la mer de son
  18. Hellfish vs Khaoz Engine – Crack Diet
  19. Helblinde – Alternative 00
  20. teranoid vs. Betwixt & Between – 妖 -AYAKASHI-
  21. The DJ Producer – Man Machine Step IntoTime (2013 Rework)
  22. M4tt & yoxtellar – NO PAIN NO GAIN
  23. ネオンライト feat.星宮とと(栄免建設株式会社Renovation)
  25. Kenmochi Hidefumi feat.黒鉄たま (秋奈) – いただきバベル [栄免建設Renovation]
  26. カ・ラ・ク・リ(暗黒神話edit)
  27. Qygen – Moonlight Shower (Freeform Mix Remaster)
  28. Sewerslvt – I Really Like You pt2

Double Happiness by DJ Ditto – 03/05/2021

御宅族以及銳舞文化的愛好者,旅居香港的韓國 DJ DJ Ditto sw_ditto 開始她第一集的常駐電台節目!本集內容包括她與okokok 合作的混音專輯。實體磁帶即將發售。

Otaku and rave culture lover, HK based Korean DJ DJ Ditto sw_ditto‘s first resident show on HKCR! This episode showcases her mix tape with xokokokx and the physical copy of the tape will be available on their website soon.

No tracklist was provided.