Blue Monarch – 21/04/2021

Mirae Arts
的節目「Blue Monarch」的最後一集,收錄主持的30分鍾個人野外錄音,11點起收聽!

Coming in soon at 11P.M. HKT (UTC+8), The last episode of Blue Monarch by Mirae Arts 30 minutes of personal field recordings by the artist.

No tracklist was provided.


Blue Monarch – 19/03/2021

@mirae_arts 送上2009 年在紐約現場的錄製混音帶!帶大家回到過去!

Back to 2009 with @mirae_arts for a mix that was recorded during the year in New York City with a pair of CDJs and DJM 707 mixer. Spring is in the air ~

(Intro) Li Yilei – SHI (Forthcoming on Mirae Arts)Lhasa De Sela – De Cara A La Pared

Cortex – La Rue

The Orchids – I Will Call You

Liquid Liquid – Cavern (B-Boy Remix)

40 Winks – One Button

Farbenklang – Cloud In The Sky

Blockhead – Carnivores Unite

Toshinori Kondo X DJ Krush – Ki-Oku

The Herbaliser – Mind In The Frame

Flipmode Squad – Hit “Em Wit Da Heat

Kool G Rap – Road To The Riches


Blue Monarch – 19/02/2021

Mirae Arts presents Blue Monarch, an auditory series focused on reflections of the swaying human emotion. Recorded by Elbert Choi. 

Cremation Lily – Lovers Against the Rock
Kiyoko – Nancy Grows Up
Dalhous – Function Curve
Michiru Aoyama – Migi Hidari Migi
Sawako – Looped Labyrinth, Decayed Voice
Naoki Ishida & Ayato – @ The Fun Fair – feat. Anton Mobin
Seraphim Rytm – Prayers By The Lake IV
Forest Management – The Blue Light Blues
Jiyoung Wi – Theresa
Acronym – Inner Conflict
Hysteric Agent – Reis
Blonde Redhead – Dr Strangeluv