Dunia Dalam Analog | New Wave Vibes – 05/01/2022

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Bedouin Records: Chra (tribute to MV and PR) – 31/12/2021

Vienna soundartist Christina CHRA Nemec, founder of label Comfortzone. Also member of the blistering ambient/drone band Shampoo Boy (Blackest Ever Black) with Christian Schachinger and Peter Rehberg (Editions Mego)

ultravox – vienna
joy division – transmission
grauzone – eisbär
ladytron – blue jeans
finlay shakespeare – birmingham
david sylvian – a fire in the forest (fennesz)
brian eno – by this river
shampoo boy – gift
mika vainio – rasputin 3000
fennesz remix – chra abandoned house
dorninger – shutdown breakkz
chra – thunderstairs
chra – wirsindnichtwirklichhier
michaela melian – a song for europe


Box of Rain|Cloudy Ku feat Julian Wu – 06/09/2021

ジュリアン (Julian) – Princess Princess

Cody, Cody – Flying Burrito Brothers

Cloudy – Simon & Garfunkel

Moog Raga (Instrumental) – The Byrds

Curious George – Nate Rose

Sam’s Town (Live) – Kevin Welch & Kieran Kane

Melody – Dace Set (Little Murders)

CANDY CANDY – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ

I Never Cry – Alice Cooper

Mo Gu (蘑菇) – Carsick Cars

Cloudy – Chin

I Like, I Like · Kelley Stoltz (Guiter by Julian Wu)

哺育 Feed – 鳥撞Birdstriking

Nine Beat – WHITE+

Emoshuns – Spiral Stairs

Cherrybonbon- Kyary Pamyu Pamyu きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ

I Want You Back – Hoodoo Gurus


Misty Penguin – 02/02/2021

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Illsee – 23/12/2020

@illsee9119 客席主持1小時電台節目!帶來 Minimal Synth, Synth Pop, New Wave 的選曲!

Guest show with @illsee9119 ! Choice mix with selections of Minimal Synth, Synth Pop, New Wave.

Illsee,(學名:老慢) 是一種生長於長江三角洲東部城市上海的靈長目人科人屬及直立行走的物種。.與其他高等靈長類動物一樣,Illsee是社會性的動物。深受早期工業音樂的影響,擅長用80年代至今的各式流行或非流行歌曲,向其他靈長類動物表達自我、交換意見以及組織。 Illsee常在夜晚活動,因為她會捕捉迷失在街頭、有害市容、擾亂其他靈長類動物生活作息的成年男女性,所以被認為是有益的。

Illsee, scientific name 老慢, is an upright-walking primate, born and raised in the easternmost city of the Yangtze River Delta, Shanghai. Like other primates, Illsee is a social animal. She is known for her skill at using popular and non-mainstream music from the 80s to the present-day to express herself, exchange ideas and organize with other primates.  Illsee is active at night, because she is able to capture adult men and women lost in the streets, who might otherwise harm the city and disrupt the lives

Snowy Red – So Low
Nocturnal Emissions – Don’t Believe It’s Over
Svemirko – Zadnji Dan Na Obali
Dame Bonnet – Dark, Slow
Nagamatzu – Bird, Spider, Fly
Solid Space – 10th Planet
Asmodaeus – Radiation Dance
Nikolajev – 12AM Monday
Scraps – She Devil
Pink Industry – Don’t Let Go (Remix)
Junior Loves – Husk Discarnate
Adoptahighway – Spaces
The Voice Of Saturn – New September
Fiat Lux – Secrets
Cube – Bargain Water