Cheng Daoyuan | confusion, confession and conclusion – 29/12/2021

Cheng Daoyuan’s back with his latest mix, the 10th episode of his residency at HKCR.

With this mix, as a confusion, confession and conclusion of 2021, he selected some of his favorite releases, also pays tribute to those who left this year.

You might feel rage, empty or despair through this 2.5hours mix, nevertheless, it still goes on, till there’s nothing left.

In memory of Pita, Yoshi Wada, Ghédalia Tazartès, Alvin Lucier, Richard H. Kirk and Takashi Mizutani.

Photo credit /  Alysée Yin Chen (@alyseeyinchen)


Nurse With Wound – Ciconia

Pita – Two Top Five

MSYLMA & ISMAEL – The Lovers’ Creed

aya – If [redacted] Thinks He’s Having This As A Remix He Can Frankly Do One

Snog (Coluber) – +ssRNA6.2 Wave Of Awe

Opal Beau –  On the train, without a valid ticket

Les Rallizes Dénudés – Vallé de l’eau

Lanark Artefax – Voices Near The Hypocentre

Lauren Bousfield – No More Worlds Like This, No More Days Like That

Jerusalem in My Heart – Qalaq 9 (feat. mayss, Mazen Kerbaj, Sharif Sehnaoui, & Raed Yassin)

Mörder Machine – Night Is Coming. Forever

Linekraft – Electro Shkval

Ghédalia Tazartès – Un Amour Si Grand Qu’il Nie Son Objet

Mercury Ribbon – Chemsex

Rasha Nahas – Desert

Alvin Lucier – Wire III

Dave Phillips – Hope (Without)

Francisco Lopez – Köllt (Short Version)

I:gor – the Art of Distortion


Power Trip – Waiting Around to Die

Rabit – Dogsblood Redemption

Kevin Drumm – We All Get It in the End

Pendant – AAE-KZT

The Bug – The Missing (feat. Roger Robinson)

Ludgate Squatter – Low

Svartsinn – …But The Fire Burns No More

Zaumne – Éther

Tomita – Con Mortuis in Lingua Mortua

“Bisou Records – Ghédalia Tazartès – 04 – Le discours”

Mamiffer – Iron Water

Chelsea Wolfe – Carrion Flowers

Jefre Cantu-Ledesma – Tracing Back the Radiance

Valerio Tricoli, Thomas Ankersmit – Zwerm voor Tithonus

Sewerslvt – borderline

Slipknot – Skin Ticket

Shapednoise – Ghostly Metafiction

Asmus Tietchens – Die Nacht Aus Blei III

Thoom – This Cowardice of Mine

Vincent Ce Soir – I Hate My Soul

SPK – Internal Bleeding

Seppuku – Another Dark Age

Alberich – Snow Is Falling In The Ruins Of Stalingrad

Richard H. Kirk – The Truth Is Bad

HIDE – Fear

Exploited Body – Nothing Personal

Ugandan Methods – She Belongs To Eternity

Tomohiko Sagae – Scream In Pain

Primitive Knot – Psychopathology is Noise

Mats Erlandsson – A Holographic Sky

王和平 PEACE – 「你是我所有的前席,所有的前夕。」

Alio Die – Ollin

City & i.o – Descendant Cross (with x-o)

S280F – ​​keep precious things inside you or you will lose them

Eleh – Death Is Eternal Bliss

Oren Ambarchi, Stephen O’Malley, Randall Dunn – Sometimes

Lol Coxhill & Morgan Fisher – Que En Paz Descanse

gogoj a.k.a Sheng Jie – fragment du électromagnétic

Yoshi Wada – Off the Wall II

Pan Daijing – Moema, forever 九月

ATT Corp – Nanga Parbat

Emma Ruth Rundle & Thou – Out Of Existence

Moritz Von Oswald Trio – Pattern 2

Arnold Schoenberg – Grave / Molt Rallentando

Yair Elazar Glotman – Revelate

Peter Zinovieff & Lucy Railton – RFG Inventions for Cello and Computer

Christoph de Babalon – Hung on a String

HEALTH – Decimation

Aube – Embers II

Aaron Dilloway & Jason Lescalleet – Ewch I Gysgu, Popeth


zerrüttet w/ formforum – 15/12/2021


Gas – The Earth At Night
Cool Hand Luke – Plastic Jesus
Gibby-Dj – I Have Been Grinding but Still I’m Stuck Here
Treglia – If I Had Wings (extended)
Amy Winehouse – Last Performance
John Prine – Angel From Montgomery
hironori nagatsuma – Embryonal
Lee Scratch Perry Interview 7 March 1995 + RDR2 ost – Our Best Selves/Old Friends 66.6
Amselysen – Body Music
DivPro – Surge
Lorem – Super Silence
Dj bingo – I extract, therefore I am
Kindhom – scans014
adammmmmmmmmmmm – our collective adventure is multiple and ceaselesly reinvented
GY96 – Ice Cold
sdjkf – empered Gate
deskulling – steeeping -33
unitedstatesof – Wire Less
QQQQ+Elephant joy + N-PA_K3FEF_2020-12-18T23_53_09Z_9412.0kHz-44k
Laura Graham 31 – “Me Given It Big Licks With Ma New Mic Ian Got Me For Ma Bday Frm Ma Girls!!! Lol Mics A Belter;))) Xxx at At ma ma wee hoose! X” +
tftp – Hall of the Ancestors – Lift Operation
Ra Speaks
Sebastien Voerman – Supermarket + Marijohn Wilkin – My Long Black Veil (c.1960)
Adrian Corker – Supermarket
The Garbage and the Flowers – Love Comes Slowly Now
Lin2k12 – Superblue
innerfreekling – monkey love sleep
Doug Hammond – Real Deal
Rabit – IX (Regret) [d -22.2]


dumpster water – 11/12/2021

krazy ivan-grunge player
whitehouse-killing hurts give you the secrets
five star hotel-full circle
noisejit-breakcore ringtone
lanic0re-this gay witchboy will rip you apart
jacob louis buckley-uber meta
d.C-suicide forest
hatcha-the march
whitehouse-wriggle like an eel
sugnoma-my tech
no-tek + jdc- hi_lo break’in
gneele-dissociative delirium
808vision- degenerate breakbeat anthem
imogen heap-headlock


G.E.E.T.A. Wind Storm w/ Ryuchairo – 18/11/2021

@bodyvoiddoom – Phantom Limb
@maryamsirvan – Portal into the Unmanifested
@einsamkeitcr – Winternacht/Epilogue
@fenwalkersynth – Twilight Falls ‘Pon Cemetery Snow
@toulenihuern – ME Oar/Outro
@ulver_official – True North


zerrüttet w/ Racine – 17/11/2021

As our first guest, we invite Racine. We got in contact with him this year and became friends and collaborators very quickly! Enjoy his awesome mix with many undiscovered tracks and some unreleased gems!

Corporation – Unreleased track
MoL Quartetto – Zurufe
Cemetery – Yaoyorozu
Felicity Mangan – Echo Harp 4 (Hohner Echo Harp)
Claire Rousay – Smaller Pools
The Night Falls (Shenmue OST)
Loren Rush – Dans le Sable
Powell – Piano Music #1
1127 – Uvular
Christoph De Babalon – Harakiri
Jesse Osborne-Lanthier – Web MD
Aaron Dilloway – Born in a Maze
Ouri – Two
Keru Not Ever – La chambre-haute (unreleased)
Astrid Sonne – Infirmity of Temper
Racine – Cacouna
Racine – Unreleased


Hounds of Pamir: Ruhail Qaisar invites SKYLA – 05/11/2021

Hailing from Amman, Jordan, SKYLA is a multidisciplinary producer and vocalist as of new. Her first EP, EL WA7L, debut on Xquisite Releases London last April, with the sole signature embodied as a smoky haphazard auditory mirror of the seemingly violent and dreamlike sequence of scenes from real time life or heavy memory banks, stitched together with vast plasticity in method to represent defining moments encountered, yielding both polluted ambient and feverish industrial interpretations. Her untethered space is meant to be emotionally accurate, not sensible.


Dean Blunt – Zushi 10
Cecilia – Agile ft. Bashar Suleiman
Adel Poursamadi & Tegh – Atf (EXIST unreleased)
Mica Levi – Rose
Last Few Days – Soft and Sweet
Schimpfluch – Gruppe 辱罵沼澤 / Aktion 950908 Taipei Taiwan
Bella Baguena – Hoy
Diana Azzuz – A Very Touchy Spot
Last Few Days – End It
Olivia Mutant John & Wrong Travolta – A Murder of Crows (EXIST unreleased)
Disfigured Children – Radioactive Generation (EXIST unreleased)
Digitonica – Профиль Закрыт (Chiaroscuro)
Miedo Total – BASTARD
Kaoganai – Storm
Jar Moff – Tziaitzomanasou
Matthew Revert – Prediction
Jay Glass Dubs – A New Model for Emulation (EXIST unreleased)


Absurd TRAX w/ 堀池ゆめぁ & KISEWA – 03/11/2021

No tracklist was provided.


Gerpfast Records (Purple Loveless with Indonesian Noise—Experimental) – 03/11/2021

Since 1991 after Loveless album by My Bloody Valentine born,
November 4th always be the date to celebrating the album that change many perspective people around the world. Till now many tribute for Loveless that already published, like Yellow Loveless (Japan), Blue Loveless (Korea) and Purple Loveless (Indonesia). Different from Yellow and Blue Loveless, Purple Loveless is descontruction of Loveless album but not destroying it. It’s a ‘Beautiful in Decay’, noise and feedback’s a special element inside Loveless album, and then selected Indonesian Noise/Experimental artists try to express their sound inside Purple Loveless.

No tracklist was provided.


Sakura Tsuruta w/ Kinnara : Desi La – 01/11/2021

Lyra Pramuk & Valgeir Sigurðsson – Offering

Island People – Far From Shore

Max Cooper – Movement Maps ft. Samad Khan

Clarence Park – Fragment

Atsushi Izumi – Vacuum

Belief Defect – Deliverance (Telefon Tel Aviv Dub)

Island People – Stalling

Kinnara : Desi La – Above the Clouds

Kinnara : Desi La – C32-QI

Rojin Sharafi – Ghaaf Kaaf Gaaf

Zoo – Akhsyaha

Blackpink – Kick It

Gabber Modus Operandi – Goroxxx

Raja Kirik – Dor

Kinnnara : Desi La – Protect Your Joy

Lil Asaf & Khadije – Balki

DJ Diaki ^ But Show Diaki DJ

Arca – Extent

Ryoji Ikeda – Supercodex 9

Churashima Navigator – Torisashimai

33EMYBW – Tentacle Centre


New Work City Records w/ Opal Opal – 27/10/2021

Opal Opal presents the first episode of Peripheral Pop: a holistic selection of both sonically and geographically marginal tracks peppered with multi-lingual rants • expect talk of ghosts, death, and yes, there will be bangers.

Maria Tãnase – Lume, lume
Manja Ristiæ – Dwellers
Discombobulatrix – Ai grijã cu jucãria lui Lino
J.A.SEAZER- Guide To Boys’ Etiquette
Negurã Bunget – Vremea Locului Sortit
Bocet la Înmormântare Stupca (Ciprian Porumbescu), Suceava
fire-toolz – odd cat sanctuary
PLF – Limits Feed Plagues
KMRU & Echium – Peripheral
Teya Logos – Beki Bounce
Lighght – Tactile Love
LOFT – thank u , next [ salford girls club flip ]
Prin?esa de Aur ?i Don Genove – Aproape Aproape