ricebaby mix & picks 04 – 27/12/2021

at her open door – Jacu
Ly Trang – Po
Howie Lee – Island Birdy
Rainbow Chan – Heavy 沉重 (Chinese Version)
Nodey – Đôi Khi <3
박혜진 park hye jin – I need you
Kan Sano – My Girl
Yoshinori Hayashi – Touch
ermhoi – E -Daigo Sakuragi Remix-
Gooooose – 搂起来
Annam – Suy Tàn (Bonus Track)
Raïssa – GO FAST BABY (Mura Masa Remix)
Yaeji – PAC-TIVE
Machinedrum – The Relic
Gabber Modus Operandi – Hey Nafsu
NET GALA – Alternet
$ucc Siomai Rice – (similarobjects budots mix)
Mona Evie, Tran Uy Duc – T0MI3
Utena Kobayashi – Gonia Se IIMIIX


Sundown Blues w/ Hilmo & Goodit – 23/11/2021

No tracklist was provided.


Kamil Sznajder│Stylish and Easy Radio – 15/11/2021

One hour of very stylish, smooth, groovy, funky, emotional, idyllic, bouncy tracks straight form MY HEART into YOURS, xox Kamil <3

Lofty305 – Morrowind
Shaybo x Miss Lafamilia – Bonjour Cava [kkingdomm RMX]
Steve Reich – Tehillim (Parts 1 & 2) [Nate Wieselquist RMX]
Dean Blunt – Seven Seals of Affirmation
Brian Eno – Silver Morning
Philip Glass – Floe
Lonely Drifter Karen vs Kasai Allstars – Hunting On The Moon
Lil Uzi Vert x Playboi Carti – SRT
Rihanna – Needed Me [DJ Jayhood RMX]
V’nessa – Helpless
Aphex Twin – 1 nocares
IQ ft Mdot – Got a feeling
Bass Clef x Kasai Allstars – The Incident At Mbuji-Mayi
DJ Assault – Sex On The Beach
mlody korden x cygan9 – Japonia999
Playboi Carti – Did It Again
Teezandos x Isong – Diamonds
Stefflon Don – HIT ME up
Bedroom x lloyd banks ft.keri hilson – Help


New Work City Records w/ Opal Opal – 27/10/2021

Opal Opal presents the first episode of Peripheral Pop: a holistic selection of both sonically and geographically marginal tracks peppered with multi-lingual rants • expect talk of ghosts, death, and yes, there will be bangers.

Maria Tãnase – Lume, lume
Manja Ristiæ – Dwellers
Discombobulatrix – Ai grijã cu jucãria lui Lino
J.A.SEAZER- Guide To Boys’ Etiquette
Negurã Bunget – Vremea Locului Sortit
Bocet la Înmormântare Stupca (Ciprian Porumbescu), Suceava
fire-toolz – odd cat sanctuary
PLF – Limits Feed Plagues
KMRU & Echium – Peripheral
Teya Logos – Beki Bounce
Lighght – Tactile Love
LOFT – thank u , next [ salford girls club flip ]
Prin?esa de Aur ?i Don Genove – Aproape Aproape


Sundown Blues w/ Hilmo – 12/10/2021

Harie dea – Selamat Datang

Delly Rollies  – Symponi yg indah 

Coconuts Band – Ibu tercinta

nc. clml – Nada riang

Walau dalam mimpi

Candra Darusman & Dian Sastrowardoyo – Perjumpaan Kita

Rock n Roll Mafia ft Petra Sihombing – Intoxicated

Mona Sitompul & Yopi Item and his combo – Api Cinta

Brothers & Friends – Love me like you want 

Komodo – Shoreline Cruiser (Disco Dub Ver)

Senja dan kahlua

Wahono – Alkisah II

Harry Roesli – Jangan menangis Indonesia

Indra Lesmana – Derita Dunia

The Peanut Butter Company – The Rain

De Frank Professinals – Afe ato yen bio

Kamal Keila – Al Asafir

Don kafa – Peyk

Elias Rahbani  – Dance of maria

Kamuran Akkor – Yorgun Gozler

Itadi – Watch Your Life

Son Ca & Saigon Supersound – Khi Tinh Yeu Den

Nino Nardini, Roger Roger – Hot Flashes

Osman Ismen Orkestrasi – Nihavend Longa

Elias rahbani and his orchestra – Liza Liza

Manu Dibango – The Panther


Cambodia! w/ Kom Kom – 20/09/2021

Music from Cambodia and the diaspora – Khmer dance remixes, folk tunes, Cambodian hip hop, field recordings, pop music, and noise

Kom Kom is a British-Khmer DJ, and member of the Barang! Collective, based in Sheffield (UK).

Mirt – Khmer Radio
Reezy – Zback
PraCH – Pin Peat’s Resurrection
ឱក សុគន្ធកញ្ញា – PARTY ជូនគ្រូ
DJ Soravuth – Lil Jon Do It Yourself Remix
DJ Mey (ft. Mr Chen Da Melody & DJ SK) – Dong Herm Jong Kraoy Remix
Cambodian Space Project – Toek Thom (Professor Kinski’s Mix)
Unknown – Tro Solo
Vann Da – Queen Bee
Lafidki – Kniom Nahn
Merzbow – Loop 4
Sinora Roath – Someone New
La Cima Cartel – Romeo No Juliet (ft. Songha, All3rgy, and Rxthy)
Laura Mam – Buong Song
Kink Gong – Gong B Side
Keut Ran – Pineak Doeulang Knong Soun
Srey Leak – សារ៉ាវ៉ាន់តាលុង (ft. Ago)
Neo Geodesia – Tungsa TV
DJ Nei – Break ft. Melody Bek Remix
Khemarak Sereymon – កំលោះរោងចក្រជួបស្នេហ៍ពេលចូលឆ្នាំ
ផន ស្រីខួច – 20K
Mute Speaker – Swamp Thing
Bband (ft. Polraix) – Lightning Love
Mohori Ensemble – Modern Wedding Song
Krom Monster – Khmer Storm


Songs 歌 by Nerve – 30/08/2021

「Songs 歌」— 有人唱的就是歌?有旋律的才是歌?只有兩句歌詞的算不算是歌?以軟件取樣再重組的旋律是不是歌?今集 Nerve 為大家播放16首「歌」,其中更包括 Yikii、Bloodz Boi 血男孩、Thegn、foodman 的最新作品。

Nerve @lo4nerve presents ‘Songs 歌’, tune in soon for his monthly selections, featuring latest works by Yikii, Bloodz Boi 血男孩, Thegn, foodman.


William Basinski – O, My Daughter, O, My Sorrow
Morita Vargas – Paitice
Sarah Davachi – Play The Ghost
Appearance Over – Hiding
Cecilia – innocence
Bloodz Boi 血男孩 & Sam Tiba – Pigments
Mussi – Racing
Dame Area – Necessitá di posterioritá
Yikii – Afterimage In Ruin 廢墟残像
〜離 – マクリダシ
Hajj – Don’t Follow Me I’m Falling (Ft. Chams)
Thegn – Silver Blade
Chams & Shalt – Lost in the Frame
Arca – KLK (ft. Rosalía)
foodman – Sanhashi ft Cotto Center


Dotzio – 24/08/2021

No tracklist was provided


Sundown Blues w/ Hilmo & Yoyo – 24/08/2021

No tracklist was provided


claire rousay – 11/08/2021

我們邀請到聖安東尼奧音樂人 claire rousay 作為我們的客席嘉賓,她將會客串主持送上她的一個即場錄音的一個家務 playlist !

claire rousay :
「我於星一早上用Zoom H5 錄製了這個 mix,這張音樂清單包括了我做家務時最愛聽的音樂,而你聽見的是我現場錄製的錄音,當時我在整理我的書桌,吸塵,以及為下一趟旅程執拾行李。」

San Antonio-based musician claire rousay , whose works focuses in field recordings that zeroes in on personal emotions and the minutiae of everyday life presents her guest show for HKCR, sending us an intimate recording of a housework playlist that recorded live on a speaker in a zoom h5 while she’s at home doing the household chores.

From claire rousay:
This mix was recorded on a Zoom H5 on a Monday morning. I made a playlist of my favorite songs to do household chores to and what you hear is one hour of my morning activities in real time. I fixed my desk, vacuumed the house, scrubbed the baseboards, and packed a suitcase for an upcoming trip.

claire rousay is based in San Antonio, Texas. Her music zeroes in on personal emotions and the minutiae of everyday life — voicemails, haptics, environmental recordings, stopwatches, whispers and conversations — exploding their significance. rousay has released music on a range of labels,
most notably Astral Spirits, Second Editions, Longform Editions and American Dreams, who in 2021released a softer focus, a collaboration with visual artist Dani Toral. rousay’s music has received acclaim from NPR, which writes that rousay “enchants the ordinary,” and Pitchfork, which calls her music “quietly devastating.” rousay has presented music at Audiograft Festival, Casa Del Lago (CDMX), Issue Project Room, Rewire Festival, and Salon De Normandy (Paris), among many others, held residencies at Rhizome DC and Elastic Arts Exposure Series, and performed with musicians such as Ken Vandermark, Ingebrigt Haker-Flaten, Jacob Wick and Theodore Cale Schafer.

Lil Tracy – Halo
Aaron Cartier – Chains
Ecco2k – Big Air
Aaron Cartier – Everything Is
Caroline Polachek – Door
Ethel Cain – Crush
Bent Denim – China Doll
Ethel Cain – Michelle Pfeiffer (feat lil aaron)
Aaron Cartier – Viva Rosa
Aaron Cartier – Alone
Tami T – princess
Lil Raven & Lil Tracy 0 Oh (feat Lil Peep)
blackbear – e.z. (feat Machine Gun Kelly)
Ecco2k – In The Flesh
Kim Petras – Faded (feat lil aaron)
Devin Shaffer – Kissing in the Park