Sundown Blues w/ Hilmo & Emai – 22/06/2021

No tracklist was provided.


AfterLife w/ RNST – 17/06/2021

I muvrini
Ciel – A/mouroce/n
Aeoi – C/ught up in sorrow
Corin – Hydr/ulis
Mussi – R/cing
Estoc- As Numb
G/ts(Berserk) – Hir/z/w/ Susumu
Gil- Love is / towel over shifting s/nds
Goth Tr/d – Born to know
Pnl- Luz de lun/
M/libu – One Life (Evi/n Christ remix)
Fl/g/lov/- In the Thoughts
EURROPE & Yung Home – Mess/gerie
Jenys- Being Here (Rougehotel remix)
G/rl/b/n Klub Musik- Indigeste B/rrière
Buri/l – Hiders
Loef/h ft Fudz – My G (disko rek/h voc/l)
Gr/mrcy & De Gr/ndi – Se/ in /ir
I Muvrini- Ch/nt Corse
Bleeding He/rt- The G/te h/s Op


Sundown Blues w/ Hilmo & Farhan Asyraq – 08/06/2021

收聽「Sundown Blues」! Hilmo 帶上嘉賓 Farhan Asyraq 送上下午的爵士和流行選曲!

Sundown Blues with Hilmo & guest Farhan Asyraq ! Playing bunch of jazzy to pop songs from Ronnie Foster to Grace Simon.

No tracklist was provided.


Hounds of Pamir Ruhail Qaisar invites Rana Ghose – 04/06/2021

Rana Ghose is a curator, economist, writer, and filmmaker. He steers REProduce Artists, a collective of artists, organizers, and content creators that produce interventions in non traditional spaces, engaging with music and video in modular, sequential plays – all taking advantage of the aesthetics of spaces as varied as former mills, bakeries, and hotels, while producing them into five hour embedded experiences. His doctoral research was on risk construction in a regulatory context, and the underlying dynamics of how we explore uncertainty with regards to new technologies. The theoretical framework of this research underpins his explorations within live music presentation models and how patronage and sponsorship interact within the uncertainty that pop culture engineering presents. His current focus is building and managing REProduce Live, a live streaming platform inspired by the signature event series he oversees, REProduce Listening Room. He is currently based between New Delhi, India, and Halifax, Canada.

This piece was developed in spurts between June 2019 and May 2021 – a document of an episodic distraction that would unfold while editing video for a variety of deployments and needs. Sparsely woven within are voice messages from anonymous contributors, as sourced from a call for submissions.  The request was to deliver a brief personal take on the emotional landscape of early May 2021 in India, a period that witnessed the height of the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in this country.  The choices in music both reflect and juxtapose the state of the nation over this period, as well as these voice messages.  The choices also serve to do neither.


  1. A Bôlha – Rosas 1 (Live)
  2. A$AP Rocky – LVL
  3. Aastha TV Live Video Stream (24.5.21)
  4. Ashram In Poona (Film)
  5. Bad Brains – Pay To Cum
  6. Basile – Il Tubo Dell’anno
  7. Bathory – Sacrifice
  8. Benjamin S – Digesbukin
  9. Big L – Freestyle (WKCR Radio 23.10.93)
  10. Black Sabbath – Neon Knights
  11. Boredoms – Bod
  12. Brigitte Bardot – Saint Tropez
  13. Brutal Truth – Walking Corpse
  14. Caetano Veloso – De Cara/Eu Quero Essa Mulher
  15. Cambodia, Pol Pot And The Khmer Rouge (Television Documentary)
  16. Carpenters – Superstar
  17. Cat Power – In This Hole (“The Covers Record” Version)
  18. Chamatkar Church TV – सबसे ख़तरनाक दुष्टआत्मा देखकर || हो जाएगें हैरान आप (19.9.19)
  19. Chico Magnetic Band – To Where I Belong
  20. Children Of Darkness (Television Documentary)
  21. Coachwhips – Evil Son
  22. Deerhoof – Holy Night Fever (Live)
  23. Deicide – Revocate The Agitator
  24. Dream Deceivers: The Story Behind James Vance Vs. Judas Priest (Television Documentary)
  25. Earth – Divine And Bright (Feat. Kurt Cobain & Kelly Canary)
  26. Earth – Song 4
  27. Electric Wizard – Burnout
  28. FBI No. Q 042 (Jonestown Field Recording 18.11.78)
  29. George Jones – Yearning (With Jeanette Hicks)
  30. Gescom – Le Shark
  31. Ghostface Killah – Good (Feat. Trife Da God & Mr. Maygreen)
  32. Guided By Voices – Tractor Rape Chain
  33. Guitar Wolf – Roaring Blood
  34. Hanatarash – Acid Surfin Nazimetal
  35. Hanatarash – I Like Slave
  36. Hanatarash – My No´ Is 9999999999
  37. Hanatarash – Total Retardation
  38. International Gorillay (Film)
  39. Iron Claw – Clawstrophobia
  40. Jimmy Gordon – Walter L
  41. Johnny Guitar – Bangkok By Night
  42. Julianna Barwick – Beached
  43. Mark Sultan – Three Days
  44. Meat Puppets – Teenager(s)
  45. My Bloody Valentine – Feed Me With Your Kiss
  46. Neil Young & Crazy Horse – Barstool Blues
  47. No Age – Sleeper Hold
  48. OM – On The Mountain At Dawn
  49. Pan Ron – Pros Chang Reiy
  50. Polish Air Force Flight 1549 CVR Recording (10.4.10)
  51. Rana Ghose – t1.0-9/229649_10150750346185317_1608763_n.jpg
  52. Roberto Pregadio – Iena Sequence
  53. Rustie – Your Goddezz (Demo)
  54. Saing Saing Maw – [Unknown Title]
  55. Sir Lord Baltimore – Lady Of Fire
  56. Skip Spence – All Come To Meet Her
  57. Spiritual Science Research Foundation – Speaking In Tongues/Demonic Possession (Instructional Video)
  58. Sporting Life – Badd
  59. Sroeng Santi – Pai Na Pai
  60. Story Of A Junkie (Film)
  61. Tetragrammacide – Pulsating Sudarshan Gammadion Of Aiwasstronic Fishnu
  62. Tetragrammacide – Transmutation Of The Ego And Flesh
  63. The Deep Set – That’s The Way Life Goes
  64. The Louvin Brothers – The River Of Jordan
  65. The Modern Lovers – Ride Down On The Highway (Demo)
  66. Trevor McNamara – Jackie’s Thing (From The Pop Opera “Piano”)
  67. Ubaldo Continello – Shit Sushi
  68. [Unknown Artist] – Happy Meeting
  69. Various Field Recordings of Glossolalia
  70. Various Field Recordings of Salvia Divinorum Ingestion
  71. Vic Chesnutt – Speed Racer
  72. Waipod Phetsuphan – Ding Ding Dong
  73. Will Oldham – One With The Birds (VPRO Radio 12.11.99)
  74. Yo Yo Ma – The Cello Suites (No. 1, Allemande)
  75. Your Old Droog & Wiki – We Like Ourselves (Prod. Black Milk)
  76. ยาหม่องบริบูรณ์บาล์ม (Televison Commercial)

Hounds of Pamir: Ruhail Qaisar invites MISS WORLD – 07/05/2021

MISS WORLD is the experimental audio/visual pop project from Natalie Chahal – a London-born, LA-based, Indian musician and director. She released her debut album Keeping Up With Miss World in 2018. She caught the attention of Peanut Butter Wolf with her cover of underground Public Access sensation Roye’L’s “I Found A Girl”. Since, she has collaborated with Ariel Pink, Teddy Geiger and released a duet on Stones Throw Records with NTS DJ Sofie. She is the host of ‘1-800-MISSWORLDINC’ a bi-monthly show on LA’s KCHUNG radio. After directing a slew of music videos, this year she directed her first short film entitled EAT BLOOD – an all-girl, Giallo-inspired horror movie set at the infamous American Apparel mansion in Silverlake, Los Angeles.

Miss World – I Found a Girl

Veruca Salt – Loneliness is Worse

Liz Phair – Fuck and Run

Tori Amos – Cornflake Girl

Sheryl Crow – Everyday Is a Winding Road

ESG – Erase You

Miss World – (U Watch My) Stories (But U don’t like my posts)

Julie Ruin – Apt No.5

Sonic Youth – Z) Eliminator, JR.

Madonna – Like a Prayer

Led Zeppelin – Tangerine

Veruca Salt – Museum of Broken Relationships

Aimee Mann – Save Me

Veruca Salt – The Morning Sad

Sheryl Crow – A Change Would Do You Good.

Liz Phair – Why Can’t I?


Sundown Blues w/ Hilmo & Fian – 27/04/2021

「Sundown Blues」Hilmo 邀請 Fian @fiansukun! 播放流行,groovy 的選曲,打開HKCR 沉悶的下午於一起在耳機裡起舞!

Sundown Blues w/ Hilmo & Fian @fiansukun ! Pop, Groovy for a dancy afternoon!

No tracklist was provided.


Sundown Blues w/ Hilmo & Bergas – 10/03/2021

@hilmothio 與來自雅加達的 Bergas @haryadita 合力送上今集的 Sundown Blues! 帶來精采的爵士和流行曲的選曲。

Bergas @haryadita, part of Pleasure & Zodiac Jakarta, is the guest for @hilmothio‘s this week’s ‘Sundown Blues’!

Sunny Day Pop But Jazzy

No tracklist was provided.


7th Heaven w/ Wanglianc11 – 26/02/2021

et aliae presents 7th Heaven: an hour of chaos, bliss and euphoria; serving up experimental dancefloor cuts, unknown gems and more.

Wanglianc11 ( birth name Leibing Guo), 26, is a Singapore based music producer/DJ/artist, who best describes his Wanglian project as somewhere in between folk, hip hop, and pop. He first taught himself guitar at the age of 14, and began busking from 16 through to 18. During national service, he took up jazz piano classes and his teacher, Jon Salmon, installed Logic Pro on his computer. Throughout the years, he learned more about music production and mixing from Youtube videos, whilst playing DJ sets at underground parties in the city. In 2021, he wrote, produced, mixed, and mastered his debut EP – Wanglian. Wanglian EP mainly comes from his struggles of heartbreak, and the loneliness of living in Singapore as an immigrant. He aspires to be an international producer like Calvin Harrix. His EP will be dropping in April 2021. MV for Single ‘YSL’ will be out in two weeks (5th Mar). 


Tristesa – Puto Tito
圣罗兰 – wanglianc11
You are – Gareth Emery
Not Afraid To Fall – Markus Schulz
一生有你 (REMIX) – 王小乱
No Ones Man – NVN
Mystery Lady (ChopNotSlop Remix)- Masego (DJ Candlestick,OG Ron C,Don Toliver)
Let Me Love You Like A Woman – Lana Del Ray
Bola De Cristal – P. Adrix
往后余生REMIX – 马良
三和青年2020Cypher – 歪丁WI$LDIN
Come Thru – Summer Walker
Iced Out Audemars – Pop Smoke
Alma Do Meu Pai – DJ Firmeza
Ты неси меня река(Краса) – Любэ
Seribu Tahun – Imran Ajmain
Sk8 Head – City Morgue
100 – 賈廷一BB Eight
大世界/小人物 – 王晨宇IceCraz/老胡Khufu/Sand
Jam – DJ Lycox
Lost Arps – Branko
Alhamdulilah – Too Phat
Money Stars (feat. VIKTORIA) – wanglianc11
Why Worry – Dire Straits


Songs For All w/ Tomii Chan – 25/02/2021

No tracklist was provided.


Son Lux – 19/02/2021

Ian Chang @ianyhchang (Son Lux) @son_lux 特別客席主持節目。

Ian Chang @ianyhchang of Son Lux @son_lux is with us today for a special guest mix.


  1. Lars Lucy & 8Legions – Teto
  2. Ouri – Escape
  3. Cavalier – Medicine Man
  4. Altopalo – hail (lub iii)
  5. Son Lux – Leaves
  6. Celia Hollander – Santa Ana Windburn
  7. Loraine James – mmm
  9. mmph – Tragedy
  10. Son Lux – Last Light
  11. Kalbells – Precipice 
  12. Lip Talk – Mind Games
  13. KAINA – Could Be a Curse
  14. Son Lux – Involution