Superherohes’s Homework w/ Costa – 15/10/2021


1) OSANNA / Variazione V
2) PERIGEO / Abbiamo tutti un blues da piangere
4)KARKHANA/ Pony ride
5) ANDREA CENTAZZO / Via cassette nr.0
8)ITALIAN MASTERS // Conflitti
9)TONY ESPOSITO/ L’eroe di plastica
10)PERIGEO / Tamale
11)BRAIN STORM / Take it easy
12)Claudine Chirac / études
13)NORTH OF LORETO / Changes
14) DOC PAVLONIUM / Hour and half


Hounds of Pamir: Ruhail Qaisar invites Emma Acs – 01/10/2021

Denmark’s Emma Acs has been crafting melodious pop songs since she was 18 years old growing up within Copenhagen. Embracing the otherworld aspect of the pop realm while providing an underground sensibility to what some would deem to be a polished artform. Sparse atmospherics combined with Acs’ sultry vocals allows her to develop a style endowed with cinematic movements.

Acs released 2020’s While I Shoot From My Fortress of Delusions, an album that highlights growth within her writing. There is a darkened tone that speaks to the fading promise of youth amid a wash of sequenced synths, sorrowful saxophones, and a haunting theme of isolation. Acs explores her identity through a meld of influences that pulls from jazz to hip hop, erasing genre boundaries to build a world of her own. Her group consists of various musicians from across the Copenhagen scene, including Marching Church and Pardans – Ida Duelund (bass) Bo Høyer Hansen (guitar) Daniel Hilden Honore (saxophone) Oskar Dinesen (drums) & Nils Gröndahl (violin).  

A prolific artist, Acs continues to delve into various musical side projects such as her EBM duo Evil House Party, featuring Jacob Formann. She’s also lent her voice to recent singles for Ecstasy In Order and Darcy Baylis. Before completing her largest undertaking by composing a piece entitled Prey Upon A Symphony for a 50-piece orchestra in cooperation with bandmate Ida Duelund.

Through it all, Emma Acs connects through an adept sense of vulnerability and fragile moments that we tend to overlook amid the continued waves of turbulence that confront us daily.

Tracklist – Artist / Track

1k Flowers – You’re My Rage

Baxter Dury – I’m Not Your Dog

Johnny Labelle – AK

Marcus Whale – Two Holes

Piero Umiliani – Blue Sax

Jonathan Leandoer96, Frederik Valentin – October Poem 

Aretha Franklin – You’re Taking Up Another Man’s Place 

Duane Eddy – The Girl On Death Row

Alain Goraguer – Generique 

Jack Name – Empty Nights

Jean-Pierre Ferland – Le Chat Du Café Des Artistes

CTM – Return of the Hunters 

Lil Peep – Gym Class

Shady Nasty – PRETTYBOYZ

Night Lovell – RIP Trust

Why Be – Dragged (feat. Elias Rønnenfelt) 

Chris Isaak – Forever Blue 

Trouble – Mothers Gone

Black Country, New Road – Science Fair 


呪呪呪 -[CURSE]cube- by Cheng Daoyuan and Kyosuke Terada – 30/09/2021

本集Cheng Daoyuan邀請到好友Kyosuke Terada,除了是日本即興噪音樂團HUH主腦外,也身兼MAI MAO、THE OBEY UNIT等實驗/噪音團體成員,視覺方面他也以繪畫、拼貼、VJ及實驗影像等形式創作。”呪呪呪 -[CURSE]cube-”是以兩人喜愛的亞洲恐怖、詭譎氛圍及視覺系為主題製作的mix。

In this episode, Cheng Daoyuan invites his friend Kyosuke Terada, the head of Japanese improvise/noise duo HUH, and the member of multiple experimental/noise groups such as MAI MAO and THE OBEY UNIT. He also do paintings, collages, VJ, experimental videos and other formats in which to achieve his visual creations. The theme of the mix ”呪呪呪 -[CURSE]cube-” is based on their favorites : Asian horror, dark atmosphere and Visual-kei.

Photo credits :
model by Hahanoshikyu
photo by manimanium

Kyosuke Terada
Kyosuke Terada is a Tokyo based artist.
He is a leader and guitarist of noise impro-duo named HUH.
He has a lot of music projects, improvisation duo MAI MAO (with Mr. Shizuo Uchida),
Experimental / noise synth solo, noise synth duo THE OBEY UNIT (with DJ MEMAI), BAY CITY ROLAZ (with Kentaro Nagata),and so on.
In addition to music activities, He plays VJing for cult ambient duo as PRAYAMATE with Koki Miyabe (ENDON) or for events.
He also produces works paintings and collages, experimental video works, CD jacket, event flyer, MV etc…


————— Cheng Daoyuan —————

“オルガン / Organ” (1996)

海童道祖 – 虚霊

Deshabillz – 精神離脱者の告白~もう一人の私~

Karasyozoku [虚装束] – Fact is More Horrible Than Drama

マグダラ呪念 – ちりぬるを


J‧A‧シーザー – 俺の死~悲歌~

Aliene Ma’riage – 序章『絶命』~神々の不在

La:Sadie’s – 呪ワレタ楽園ノ影…

Madeth gray’ll – 狂死曲

Aliene Ma’riage – 呪縛鏡

Dissecting Table – 疾呼餓鬼

“怪談せむし男 / House of Terrors (1965)” – The Medium’s End (M22)

西村虚空 – 阿字観

『芥虫~三吉奇譚~』/ 廻天百眼短編映画集『屍のパレード』

DIR EN GREY – 輪郭 [Eternal Slumber Mix]

Chu Ishikawa – Depth

工藤礼子 – Lily

Merry Go Round – 毒蟲

Merry Go Round – #69

J‧A‧シーザー – 鎖につながれた奴隷たち (走れメロス) / (Reversed)

MALICE MIZER – 血塗られた果実

DIR EN GREY – Akatsuki ~暁~ (Remix)

ネガ – Muddy Cult


Missalina Rei – 欺瞞譚 ~虹色した飴玉のもたらした幸福なひと達の生誕からその顛末ま

演劇実験室◎万有引力, 2008

解体ザダン壊 – ミシンの土地、りビングデッド

Jun Konagaya – 睡り / Schlafen

“地獄 / Jigoku” (1960) Main Title – 渡邊宙明

ヘドロメルヘン – 血塗られた出入口

鬼口モモカ (廻天百眼) – 『暁のパレードⅡ』 

“ギニーピッグ2 血肉の華 / Guinea Pig 2: Flower of Flesh and Blood” (1965) – Carving The Precious Gems From Her Body

Madeth gray’ll – 「Zwei」堕胎者ト盲目ナ中絶児‧‧69日目ノ阻害

Eliphas Levi – 予感ハ呪イトトモニ

J‧A‧シーザー – 転生譚

Fiction – 毛皮のヴィーナス -Venus In Furs-

La’Mule – ウサギの罪

————— Kyosuke Terada —————

Kouji Niikura & Kaori Takazoe – Radio



三上寛 – カラス

DIR EN GREY – 鴉 -karasu-

武満徹 – Stanza II

松島庄三郎 – 雪 (地唄)

高野山真言宗 – 総礼伽陀

Tzu Ni – Mount Monk -Takaosan, JP

DIR EN GREY – Mazohyst of decadence

“富江 -Replay-” Trailer (2000)

“富江” Trailer (1999)

Kouji Niikura & Kaori Takazoe – Beginning

DIR EN GREY – [KR]cube -K.K. Vomit Mix- (SCREWED)

Kouji Niikura & Kaori Takazoe – Fear of death

Kenji Kawai – The Cursed Video

“富江 -Another Face-” (1999)

L’Arc~en~Ciel – 浸食 -lose control- (control experiment mix)

L’Arc~en~Ciel – 浸食 -lose control-



Hako Yamasaki – 呪い

蜉蝣 – Eroa

“死びとの恋わずらい / Lost Ghost” (2000)

L’Arc~en~Ciel – hole

Kouji Niikura & Kaori Takazoe – Radio


Box of Rain|Cloudy Ku feat Julian Wu – 06/09/2021

ジュリアン (Julian) – Princess Princess

Cody, Cody – Flying Burrito Brothers

Cloudy – Simon & Garfunkel

Moog Raga (Instrumental) – The Byrds

Curious George – Nate Rose

Sam’s Town (Live) – Kevin Welch & Kieran Kane

Melody – Dace Set (Little Murders)

CANDY CANDY – Kyary Pamyu Pamyu きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ

I Never Cry – Alice Cooper

Mo Gu (蘑菇) – Carsick Cars

Cloudy – Chin

I Like, I Like · Kelley Stoltz (Guiter by Julian Wu)

哺育 Feed – 鳥撞Birdstriking

Nine Beat – WHITE+

Emoshuns – Spiral Stairs

Cherrybonbon- Kyary Pamyu Pamyu きゃりーぱみゅぱみゅ

I Want You Back – Hoodoo Gurus


M E T A L | a new sphere – 03/07/2021

No tracklist was provided.


Hounds of Pamir: Ruhail Qaisar invites Hunter Auzins – 02/07/2021

Ruhail Qaisar 邀請 Hunter Auzinsn , 作家丶樂手以及悉尼樂隊 August Auzins 的結他手, 將會揀選播放心水的post punk 歌曲。

Ruhail Qaisar invites  Hunter Auzins  , a writer and multi-instrumentalist and the guitarist in post-punk outfit August Auzins based in Sydney, Australia. Tune in for his post punk selections.

Hunter Auzins is a writer and multi-instrumentalist currently based in Sydney, Australia. He’s known for his work as a guitarist in post-punk outfit City Rose and more recently as singer/songwriter for the collaborative project August Auzins. Hunter’s work attempts to find clarity in chaos through a blend of genres and poetic devices. His work shows an obsession with extremities and in particular on highlighting the connections between seemingly contradictory emotional states. 

Hunter Auzins:
I’ve chosen mostly recent post-punk tracks from bands that surround what could loosely be considered a scene here in Sydney. 

I’ve also added a few tracks from the more established Melbourne post-punk scene that I feel has informed me and others in this genre. 

Valium – Clique Petit, To The Lost – Enclave
 Are currently unreleased
Sinister – August Auzins 
Sports Authority- Party Dozen
U.L.P & Me – Cold/ Heat 
AA – Shady Nasty 
To The Lost – Enclave 
Valium – Clique Petite 
She’s Hit – The Birthday Party
Constable – The Peep Temple 
Boy – August Auzins
Not From Around Here – Horace Bones 
Soft Power – Tropical Fuck Storm 
Psychotic Episode – Royal Headache 


Absurd TRAX w/ Simon Frank – 26/05/2021

收聽 Simon Frank 接管今集 Absurd TRAX 的每月節目!分享影響他即將在廠牌專輯發行的音樂作品,以及一些最近的音樂發現!

Simon Frank is taking over Absurd TRAX‘s monthly radio show, he will be sharing music that influences his impending album ‘So Dream It’ (to be released on June 4th), among other new discoveries and recent favorites.

Private Stock – High Volt for Revolt

竇唯 – 黑色夢中

崔健 – 不是我不明白

Cabaret Voltaire – Sensoria (12″ mix)

Primitive Art – Sequrity (M.E.S.H. remix)

Jaures – TRI

Schicksal – 24 Hours

19 Gadi Pirms Sākuma – Aspekti

Moreno Ácido + Diogo – Roçados

DJ R7 – To Bolado

Mun Sing – Revenge

Sendex – Pleasure

Go Dam – Last Chance

FIT Siegel – Exist On


初夏 Late Spring| Cloudy Ku feat. Xiao Wen 小文 – 03/05/2021

鳥撞、Run Run Run和金髮愛斯基摩人的小文 @beansting 是今晚 @cloudyku.her 節目的嘉賓主持!揀選多首當地低調甚至解散的樂隊作品!

Composer, musician, member of rock outfits Birdstriking / Run Run Run / Blonde Eskimos Xiao Wen 小文 @beansting joins @cloudyku.her for her radio hour tonight! Selecting tunes by super low-key or disbanded bands from China.

I want to die in the ocean – Paris
0769 duet with 付菡-T.K.R.O
One For You – The Seefelds
白鹤 – youboyfriendsucks!
Nuclear Fusion – King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard
生之爱 – 嘎调
You Let Sunshine Pass You By – Underground LOVERS
绿色食品 – 吠马
余悸 – Run Run Run
See – Gate to Otherside
Mr.autoteller machine – Fading Horizon
I want you back – Hoodoo Gurus
情歌 – 哪吒
1234 – LateTroubles
明天 – 小红与小小红


Bedouin Records: Granule – 14/01/2021

傍晚6點收聽 @bedouinrecords 與去年9月解散的日本 post harrdcore 樂隊 Granule 的電台特輯。Granule 特別將此集節目獻給 Salem Rashid 及 Bedouin Records。

Tune in to @bedouinrecords radio hour with Japanese post harrdcore band Granule early this evening at 6P.M. HKT, who are offciailly broken up during September last year. Granule dedicated this mix to Salem Rashid & Bedouin Records.

Granule was broken up on 6th Sep, 2020. Tunes in this mix were selected by Granule. Granule dedicated this mix to Salem Rashid & Bedouin Records.

Thank you very much.



dotzio – 30/11/2020

晚上9點鍾收聽 dotzio @dotzio_rar 2020 年的最後一集電台節目,播放主持人小時候聽的歌以及其他私心收藏等。

Tune in tonight for dotzio @dotishekar ‘s final show of 2020, playing tunes she grew up listening to and other songs collection.

Heartless (cover)- The Fray
Exile-Hot Sugar, Vulax
Rain 3-Shinichi Atobe
Larme a’ gouche-Vendredi sur Mer
Don’t Really Like u- Tove Lo, Kylie Minogue
If You Won’t. prod. by Lawrence Mace—Rayana J
Pretty-Coco & Clair Clair, OKthxbb
I thought about killing you-Kanye West
The Snowman Soundtrack-Howard Blake
Cold Stares—Nosaj Thing, Chance the Rapper
Complicated-Avril Lavigne
Qui es-tu—
Another time(demo)- dotzio
I understand-Jack Stauber
They Pew (demo)- dotzio
Foo Dog (mix. Highway Man)—pinstripe Sunny
Overstay- dotzio, David Pirozzi
How simple- Hop along
Honestly so Cruel-dotzio