Weather Predictions: Cloudy Ku feat. Glenn Bennie – 03/01/2022

Glenn Bennie is the co-founder and guitarist of Melbourne band Underground Lovers. The band have been an integral part of the Australian music scene for over thirty years and have toured both locally and internationally.

Glenn’s distinct guitar style has been at the forefront of nine studio albums with Underground Lovers, which he co-wrote and co-produced.

‘Melbourne has long been the epicentre of indie and progressive music in Australia, and for much of the 1990’s and 2000’s, local band Underground Lovers pushed sonic boundaries in a manner that made them cult favourites’. (Tom Elliot 3AW)

Glenn’s other recording project, GB3, has seen him team up with Steve Kilbey from The Church. Their November 2021 release, Sakura Flower, garnered critical acclaim.

‘Sakura Flower is a shimmering piece of incandescent dream pop/shoegaze with a mesmerising ambient undercurrent…Kilbey and Bennie together is truly a magical collaboration’ (Arun Kendal Backseat Mafia Magazine)

Throughout lockdown 2020/2021, Glenn also released a series of solo ambient EP’s on Bandcamp and will continue with some music in this vein into 2022.


  1. Glenn Bennie – Mood
  2. B E N N – Shan-Yu
    3 Underground Lovers – Escalation
  3. Fishtank – meat sack
  4. Glenn Bennie – Signals V2
  5. J – 11 [bonus] yellow leaf flutters on a nail (mu tate remix)
  6. Underground Lovers – In A World Of Shit
  7. Distorted Memory – Sons of Perdition
  8. GB3 – Tripped up master
  9. Sugar Ross – In The Realm of Hungry Ghosts
  10. GB3 – Deranged_Controlled
  11. Milk Tsang – 黃色皮膚 Yellow Spirit
  12. GB3 – All for love reprise
  13. Jannah – Arp
  14. Underground Lovers – All Them Racist Ghosts Extended
  15. Bored Lor – Place For My High
  16. Underground Lovers – Riding – Rider by my side
  17. Ollie Olsen – Machine 2
  18. GB3- Compliance
  19. Underground Lovers – I was Right

Gerpfast Records (Purple Loveless with Indonesian Noise—Experimental) – 03/11/2021

Since 1991 after Loveless album by My Bloody Valentine born,
November 4th always be the date to celebrating the album that change many perspective people around the world. Till now many tribute for Loveless that already published, like Yellow Loveless (Japan), Blue Loveless (Korea) and Purple Loveless (Indonesia). Different from Yellow and Blue Loveless, Purple Loveless is descontruction of Loveless album but not destroying it. It’s a ‘Beautiful in Decay’, noise and feedback’s a special element inside Loveless album, and then selected Indonesian Noise/Experimental artists try to express their sound inside Purple Loveless.

No tracklist was provided.


Field of Dreams w/ Grasps – 14/06/2021


Varg2TM & VTSS – Miss Understanding

Otik – Night Visions

Wa?ste – Pores Open

Elysia Crampton – Fire Gut [2013]

Balam Acab – w/o

Sd Laika – Sanpaku Island [unreleased]

Bladet – egobaby

Quit Life – Mage Wind

CORIN – Hidden In Plain Sight

Pithe – In The Tube

Orchid – Focus (w/ Kiryano) [prod. ddertbag]

Ariel Zetina – Valenzetina (Emily Glass Remix)

ZeroFG – Renegade Steppa

YGG – Strikers (Bakey 140 Edit)

703 – Angel Shaving (LASER)

Alex Compton – Still Alive

ssaliva – Limp

Elysia Crampton – Clairo (w/ DJ Oner) [E DJ Edit]

My Bloody Valentine – Sometimes

Ricky Eat Acid – they say if you hold the fish in your mouth long enough it will start to swim, & for as long as it swims, the moon disappears, and for as long as the moon disappears, there is no way to feel loneliness

sentinel – hiccup

Svengali – rockstar (shoegaze mix)

bod [包家巷] – stars still shine (without me singing)

Grasps – ??? (Unreleased)


Foggy Twilight|Cloudy Ku feat. Meng Huan 孟桓 – 19/04/2021

台灣另類/ 瞪鞋樂隊 Doodle @doodlepsychout 的成員孟桓將會是今晚 @cloudyku.her 主持節目的客席嘉賓!

Meng Huan 孟桓, composer, guitarist, singer and founder of Taiwanese alternative/ shoegaze band Doodle @doodlepsychout, is the tonight’s guest of @cloudyku.her!

Dirty Three – Backwards Voyager

Air – How Does It Make You Feel

Canyon Country – Safe

Amaya Laucirica – This Morning’s Blue

Frankie Teardrop Dead – What Its All About

half-cut – Black Horse (single) – Black Horse

Zoon – Brokenhead

Caterina Barbieri – Fantas Variations – Walter Zanetti – Fantas for Electric Guitar

The Brian Jonestown Massacre – Anemone

Flavor Crystals – Night Sand Manager

Doodle – I Can’t Even (Total Feedback Version)

Floorian – The Lower Room

The Warlocks – Turn The Radio On

Psychic Ills – Mind Daze

Tomorrows Tulips – I Lay In My Bed

The Asteroid No.4 – Paint It Green

Cruyff In The Bedroom – Kanashiitte Bokuwa Waratta (Remixed By Doodle)


dotzio w/ Chococan – 26/10/2020

dotzio @dotzio_rar 邀請現居台灣的澳門製作人 Chococan 。

dotzio @dotzio_rar invites Taiwan based producer Chococan from Macau.

Haich Ber Ba—By Floras
Yumi Zouma-Berricade (matter of Fact)
c418—Subwoofer Lullaby
Kevin Krout—Intro
Kevin Krout—Opportunity
You’ll Never Get to Heaven—Beyond the Clouds
Foxes in Fiction—Antibody
Florist—Only A Prayer, Nothing More
Chococan—Speciality Rest / Another breath
Chococan& dotzio—Spacebeth
Chococan & dotzio—p˙ᴉ˙ʞ”
The Radio Department—Running Out of Love
Chococan & dotzio—Drift like this