Hepple – 29/12/2021

No tracklist was provided.


NSNS presents S(GBA) – 17/12/2021

S(GBA): In my previous podcasts I performed very little techno music in them as podcasting for me is not a live recording situation producing energy for the dance floor. It is a long process, where I listen to quite a few songs, artists, and genres to orchestrate a flow. It is funny that I say orchestrate because at the end it is spontaneous but holds an original nature of sound for a listening-pilgrimage that I want to take the listener on. 

“Weather we create high-art or a meal, we improvise when we move with the flow of time and with our own evolving consciousness, rather than with a preordained script or receipt”From the book: Free Play Improvisation in Life and Art by Stephen Nachmanovitch

hitectural – Architectural 03
Leftfield – Space Shanty
Boys Noize – 1010
TAAHLIAH – Transdimensional (feat. KAVARI)
Mark Fell & Gabor Lázar – Untitled 08
Temple Rat – Banyan Metropolis
STILL, ECKO BAZZ – Ntabala (Rolex Riddim)
O-Wells – Gemini
DJ Plead & Anunaku – Haze
Two Shell – Heart Piece
Nine Inch Nails – The Great Destroyer
Abdulla Rashim – Red Uprise
Gunnar Haslam – Brahmaputra


Harddance with us w/ My Cruelty – 07/12/2021


ize – Ring Ring
Tinashe – I Can see the Future
Simo Cell – Short Leg
Glimmerman – Step mode
Anonymous Club – Permission (feat. Tama Gucci)
STILL, Biga Yut & Florence – Ntwala
STILL, Biga Yut – Plupawa
iTi – As Time Passes
Cortese – Abbey Park
Marc Brauner – Your Heart
Moktar – Blue
Tinashe – X (feat. Jeremih)
DJ Crisps – Dynamic Reflections
DJ Manny – Club Gta
Bakey – Bring it back
Mark Blair – Badman Acid
Tinashe – Die a little Bit (feat. Ms Banks)
UNIQU3 – Unavailable (feat. R3LL)
Cortese – Where you at?
Bakey & Slay – Vibing Season
BE3K – Turn it up
1-800 GIRLS – I want to know (Do you want it right now?)
DJ Heartstring – Endless Desire
STILL, Biga Yut – Tukoona Nalo
D.Dan – Post Kyiv
Yung Acid – Do U Wanna Bitch
Bolam – Hype Shifter
Paul & Shark – Selectavision
C O N T X T – Rise again
Bakongo – Level Cowbell
DJ Seinfeld – Someday



No tracklist was provided.


XAN w/ Taste of Blue – 16/11/2021

Tracklist :

Solis – Night Sea 

竇靖童 – A swim in the love that you give me

Théo Muller, A Strange Wedding – Diaoul – A Strange Wedding Remix

A Hand – Wrong Asset

Jonquera – Bénédictin

Burger/ink – Flesh & Bleed

Ishome – Ken Tavr

Heavenchord – Cosmic Revalation

Andy Stott – North to South

Tamburi Neri, Hiroko – This Is the End

Teste of blue :

Raving George – Slaves (Original Mix) [Bad Life]

Sam Shure – Nandoo [Stil vor Talent]

Moonwalk – Elessar (Original Mix)

Booka Shade – Hank (Original Mix) [Suara]

Trip Olu

ANNA – When I Am Only A Dream

Acid Effect

Strange Mind

Pspiralife – Dark Energy Matters

JKS – Express Yourself [MLKL011]


YANLING: Cito Longe Tarde – 30/10/2021

CLT stands for Cito Longe Tarde “Come early, stay long, leave late.”This is an art piece produced as a public installation in the south of France in Toulouse during the  “Le Printemps de septembre“ art festival, 2021.
I’ve created 7 different drone soundscapes. Between them, you can hear snippets from selected techno tracks that feature deep pounding bass that creeps in very slowly. It gives you the feeling of being a very long distance away from the sound source of this bass. This piece is meant to remind the viewer of the quietness during the pandemic when public gatherings and music events were prohibited.

Produced in collaboration with the artist Emilie Ding

Yanling – Drone #01Batu – Zoo Hypothesis
Bas Mooy – Fantoompijn
Yanling – Drone #02
Phara – Life of Krumar
Yanling – Drone #03
Yanling – Drone #04
Lazarus – W16
Yanling – Drone #05
Deapmash – Penta (Cleric Remix)
Vladislav Delay – Raajat
Yanling – Drone #06
Kronom – Trial Behold
Yanling – Drone #07


Resistance Radio – 29/10/2021

Tracklist :

  1. No Spiritual Surrender – Intro
  2. DJ Normal 4 – Purity 0% 
  3. Escape Earth – Gravity Well 
  4. Luca Lozano – The Path Of Most Resistance 
  5. Special Request – Peak Dub 
  6. Anz – Loos In Twos (NRG)
  7. DiSKOP – Bright Past 
  8. Brame & Hamo – Dial Up 
  9. Brame & Hamo – Waves Reach 
  10. Nathan Micay- The Party We Could Have  
  11. Because of Art – Elevate (Extended Mix) 
  12. Tunnelvisions – Rain Dance 
  13. Dusky – Static 
  14. Bicep – Glue 
  15. Kev Sheridan – It’s Gonna Be Perfect 


[Berlian] 00:00 – 31:47
1) Alpha Tracks – Mind Over Mayhem
2) DJ Ibon – Prepping For Hope
3) GINA – Her Alchemy
4) Matriark – Use Your Mind
5) @pat_16120 – let there be friendship
6) DEV – A Pink Kite

[DJ Waste] 31:47 – 52:00
1) Dark0 – Shining Star
2) Varg2TM & Bladee – SHINIE
3) VTSS – Atlantyda
4) Randomer – Stigma
5) D.Dan – OOOO


Austin Lam – 27/10/2021

No tracklist was provided.


XAN w/ MileZ – 19/10/2021

Miles Woodroffe aka ‘MileZ’: illustrator/designer/DJ from London and based in Osaka, Japan.

As a self proclaimed “genreless” DJ he experiments with a wide range of genres from techno, breakbeats, UK garage to hiphop and everything in between. He is currently part of a Japan based DJ collective/event called Fullhouse which runs weekly parties in Circus Osaka. He and his has crew have supported artists the likes of Conducta, Skin on Skin, Jael, Sam Tiba, Tohji and many more. 

MileZ is also a self taught artist/designer. His influences for his art range from fashion, monotone manga, video games and pop art. He also runs a clothing brand called DLRS which incorporates his love for art and music.

Tracklist :

Diatek – Intro the XTC 

Monika Kruse – Latex

Diatek – Masochism Love

Hyper World – Layton Giordani

Sunflower – Mall Grab

One For Russ (Doubt Remix) – Lithe

Old School Calling(Original Mix) – Blicz

Still Raving- Regal

Narcotic Influence I – Empirion

Drugs – Fjaak

Stalactite Cave – GLASKIN

Ecosphere – Chontane

Superwoman feat. Sticky Icky (Original Mix) – MRD, Sticky Icky

Beta Rays – X CLUB.

Catalyst †DK048† – raël

K-1994. (original) – The BlackMailer

Skeemask (I Hate Models ‘Eternal Snow’ Remix) – Remco Beekwilder

StrictlyGangShit – Mutant Joe

Psychopath – X CLUB.

That’s Right – StacEmp