XAN feat. Personalbrand – 21/12/2021

Personalbrand (@ringringkaidy)

Personalbrand is an experimental music producer and DJ, currently in the UK after 3 years in the nascent Taiwan scene. His debut EP SHARED UNREALITIES was released in 2021 on TAR, with tracks being played on NTS, Ma3azef, Rinse FM, and Crack Magazine. His productions reconstruct elements of grime, garage, and experimental club into twisted new forms, fusing feelings of anthropocenal anxiety and post-future optimism.

Previously a resident at FINAL, Taipei’s experimental music sanctum, he has shared line-ups with Palmistry, Osheyack, Sonia Calico, Qualiatik, and Air Max ’97. His DJ sets are a frenetic mix of apocalyptic club sounds and mechanised electronics, rooted in London while hyperconnected with the worldwide underground.


Osheyack – No (feat. Milky He & Michael St.Michael) 

BENN – Aura

Osheyack – The Heel

33EMYBW & Li Jianhong – Arthropods continent

Air Max ’97 – inside Outside 

Personalbrand – ROBO THUG

SIERRA -Unbroken 

Toutant, Noizinski – Seditious 

Personalbrand – FULLY AUTOMATED LU

Toutant – AMNHb

BENN – War dance

Enayet – Khalil


/pulsr_ – neurodrone

Request Lorraine – Diogenes81

KhalilH20P – 100 Tears

NAJIB – Tahrir

Galass – Naija Club

Bonaventure ft. Lala & Ce – Amen

Jackie Extreme – Bizarre Love Triangle

Undrwght – Bajo el agua

Elevenpigs – SLUG

XI-N – No Shadows

First Crimes – Something To Lose


Ancestral Vision – 925 Wage Slaves

Geostatic – MYGRL

Comastasis – Posthuman Landscapes & Automated Cargo Ships

RENEGADE ANDROiD – Elon’s Android


XAN w/ Taste of Blue – 16/11/2021

Tracklist :

Solis – Night Sea 

竇靖童 – A swim in the love that you give me

Théo Muller, A Strange Wedding – Diaoul – A Strange Wedding Remix

A Hand – Wrong Asset

Jonquera – Bénédictin

Burger/ink – Flesh & Bleed

Ishome – Ken Tavr

Heavenchord – Cosmic Revalation

Andy Stott – North to South

Tamburi Neri, Hiroko – This Is the End

Teste of blue :

Raving George – Slaves (Original Mix) [Bad Life]

Sam Shure – Nandoo [Stil vor Talent]

Moonwalk – Elessar (Original Mix)

Booka Shade – Hank (Original Mix) [Suara]

Trip Olu

ANNA – When I Am Only A Dream

Acid Effect

Strange Mind

Pspiralife – Dark Energy Matters

JKS – Express Yourself [MLKL011]


XAN w/ MileZ – 19/10/2021

Miles Woodroffe aka ‘MileZ’: illustrator/designer/DJ from London and based in Osaka, Japan.

As a self proclaimed “genreless” DJ he experiments with a wide range of genres from techno, breakbeats, UK garage to hiphop and everything in between. He is currently part of a Japan based DJ collective/event called Fullhouse which runs weekly parties in Circus Osaka. He and his has crew have supported artists the likes of Conducta, Skin on Skin, Jael, Sam Tiba, Tohji and many more. 

MileZ is also a self taught artist/designer. His influences for his art range from fashion, monotone manga, video games and pop art. He also runs a clothing brand called DLRS which incorporates his love for art and music.

Tracklist :

Diatek – Intro the XTC 

Monika Kruse – Latex

Diatek – Masochism Love

Hyper World – Layton Giordani

Sunflower – Mall Grab

One For Russ (Doubt Remix) – Lithe

Old School Calling(Original Mix) – Blicz

Still Raving- Regal

Narcotic Influence I – Empirion

Drugs – Fjaak

Stalactite Cave – GLASKIN

Ecosphere – Chontane

Superwoman feat. Sticky Icky (Original Mix) – MRD, Sticky Icky

Beta Rays – X CLUB.

Catalyst †DK048† – raël

K-1994. (original) – The BlackMailer

Skeemask (I Hate Models ‘Eternal Snow’ Remix) – Remco Beekwilder

StrictlyGangShit – Mutant Joe

Psychopath – X CLUB.

That’s Right – StacEmp


XAN – 21/09/2021

No tracklist was provided.


XAN – 17/08/2021


Seppa -Uaom

Drone – Fools Gold

Mala – Chainba

PANTyRAiD – Enter the machine

Angklic Root – Testing sound

Vibe Emissions & Nova – Alien chant

Saule – Zeroes

Abstract Sonance – Mindstate

Caspar – Neurological

Origin One – Dread & Buried

Mystic State – Tomahawk

SBK – Meaningless

Congi – Somnium

Mungk – Meditate

Monty – Righteous

Kromestar & N- Type – Bad Trip

Sepia – Tales from the crypt

Distinct Motive – Hamburg

Thing – Hooligan Dub


XAN – 20/07/2021

Pessimist – The Empty House

Dorisburg – Votiv

Ruffhouse & Clarity – Aphasia

Synth Sense – Trapped Within The Circuit

Marco Shuttle – Eris 

Grand River – Secondaria

Homemade Weapons – Conduit

Ruffhouse – Next Phase

Overlook – Nowhere else to go

Spktrm – Relevance

Overlook – All of Them Witches 

Takami Nakamoto – La Ciudad

LCP – Schwarze Aare

Pessimist – Spirals


XAN – 15/06/2021

Merkaba – sky

Juno Reactor – Conquistador (Astrix Remix)

Vini Vici & Ace Ventura – The Calling

Off Limits & Wilders – White Dwarf

Freedom Fighters & Merkaba – Moonlight Purpose

Hypogeo, Electrypnose – Cold Nebula

Ace Ventura – Altern8 Patterns (Pitch Bend Remix)

Outsiders V.S. Killerwatts – Space Travel

Avalon & Azax – Stand tall 

Pspiralife – Anicca

Astrix & Freedom Fighters – Burning Stones

Sonic Species – The Force

Astrix – Deep Jungle Walk

Killerwatts, Vini Vici – Colors

Vini Vici & Astrix – Adhana

Ghost Rider & Hyperflow – Shamanic

Talamasca, Stryker – A Brief History Of Goa-Trance X-Dream 

Hilight Tribe – Free Tibet (Vini Vici Remix)

Merkaba – Deep Waters


XAN – 18/05/2021

No tracklist was provided.


XAN – 20/04/2021

Tracklist was not provided.


XAN – 11/03/2021

Ivan Medved – Deep vibes
Weekend world – Trigger finger
Shackleton – Death is not final
Arcane15 – Brain
Hodge – Beneath two moons
Supreems Us together
Glenn Morrison – Hydrology
Dylan deck – Red eclipse
Pavane – Lechappee
Yasmine Hamdan – Cafe (Acid arab remix)
Primal code – Caimano tribe
Seb wildblood – Foreign parts
Apax – Just can’t stop
Holeane – Shadow phantoms
Furious – I’m not defeated
Timao – Constaction