Anlin – 30/10/2020

Anlin 會為大家送上1小時的古典音樂,自然錄音,朋友的詩歌朗讀以及Youtube 教育片段的聲音。

1 hour of classical music, sounds of nature, poems and educational clips from Youtube, Anlin for the next hour on HKCR.

Michael Prime – The sound of mushrooms, music from fungi
Bug reading excerpt from “Concept and Chronotope” by Mary Louise Pratt
Meredith Monk – Vessel: An Opera Epic: Epic
Erik Hall – Section VIII
Ana Roxanne – I’m Every Sparkly Woman
James Ferraro – II.
Ellas reading her own poem
A clip from Serial Experiments Lain
Drumloop – Mattress
Onyx Collective – Glad to be Unhappy
A clip from “Hannah Black on Militant Care: Limits and Horizons”
x/o – reflection lake
Carlota reading her own poem
An Gella – Zen Cell
Eartheater – Metallic Taste of Patience
A clip from “Michael Hardt on The Politics of Love and Evil”
Kelly Moran – Autowave
BLOODZ BOI 血男孩 – across the sea my dreams are born in silence (feat Tohji) [prod bod [包家巷]]