turn inwards w/ lil rhiz0me – 16/10/2020

lil rhiz0me 的節目「turn inwards」,Nene H、 Hard Dress及 Joji 等的選曲。

lil rhiz0me presents ‘turn inwards’ with tracks of Nene H, Hard Dress, Joji and more.

tevere – trebuchet
joji + internazionale – will he (violently)
burial + yves tumor – moth (loved)
secret pyramid – quiet sky
dani rev – sky caress
head dress – i am nothing
alessandro cortini + don buchla – everything ends here
nene hatun – bach prelude&fuge BWV867
oozini – i wanna rot in your arms now
alexalfons – affection
siavash amini – nonexistent vicinities
clint mansell – final movement (feat. not at home)
scruffpuppie + internazionale – will he (violently)

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